– [Narrator] NPT Reports, “Aging Matters.” – Now let’s talk about flavor, Meg, cause you got some good
examples here of flavor options. – Absolutely, and
ideally, we wanna go with whole food nutrition, so
fresh fruits and vegetables. But sometimes, that’s a little bland. So we can doll things up
with our food by using fresh, or even some of our dried, herb options. Now on the citrus; lime is phenomenal, on some of your fish,
but even just getting some dried rosemary, use this
a little bit on your food. This is gonna give it the
seasoning that it needs versus always going towards the salt. – Right, because it’s easy
to pick up the salt shaker versus to think about even fresh herbs. – [Megan] Sodium is hidden in our food. Just because an item says
“light” or “healthy” or “natural” does not mean it is good for you. So a lot of your options
that say “reduced sugar” or “light dressing” have
hidden sodium or hidden sugars. So ideally, what I try
to teach my older adults is read the labels. This is going to help you
learn what is in your food. – Meg, when you say “read the label,” that’s not the front label. – Yes
– That’s the back label. Right?
– Yes. – ‘Cause this is where
we’re getting fooled, on the front label, right? The real proof is in
the pudding on the back. – [Megan] Absolutely. (violin music fades)

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