Methew Wade

29 thoughts on “POST-GYM ROUTINE 💦How To NOT Look Like A Puddle”

  1. Does anyone know if the monsieur big mascara waterproof version is really waterproof and smudgeproof? I need a nice waterproof mascara for summer, but I’m not keen on which one to pick up, recommendations?

  2. That’s it! There you go! You’ve applied that ct blush once again. And once again it is sooo pretty. Now I can no longer control myself. I have to buy it.

  3. I’ve gotten two of the larger elf stippling brushes from target. I’m in New Mexico for reference, dunno if that makes a difference.

  4. Does going to ride that often make you end up over exercising and hurt your body? I get extra hungry when I do a lot of cardio work and not as much weight lifting. Been loving everyday may BTW!!!

  5. Your skin is looking flawless and is normally blemish free . . . But when do you occasionally get a pimple, how do you clear it up? I would love to see that video please.

  6. This is actually quiet helpful, I always hate the gym because I feel like it takes me so much time to get cute again afterwards!

  7. If the original Batiste is too dry, you should try this new one they have! It's way better for dry hair/scalp

  8. I admire your dedication for working out every day and twice a day! However, I'm trying to understand why don't you just wash your hair every day? just like washing your body 🙂 If you don't mind me asking

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