hi I'm Marco takahashi can you guess who this is yes it's me you can't believe it huh Thanks but what I want to say here is hope that anyone could do it but the point is not only to lose weight that's likely to fail important thing is for you to become strong if you can build the upper-body strength you can lift things much easier beautiful arms showing from your summer dress is not a dream that's what you want right three days a week or every other day we'll be building muscular strength that's what this video is about beauty and strength this is connected to everything in life connected to victory and happiness victory and happiness is the most important thing for everyone okay let's go pump the arms like you're in the mud shoulders down chest open tighten your stomach deep breath in deep breath out always slow and strong for more coming for read it out and three sync it up it's too now step aside outside right here no armed with armed resistance on the up good job guys we're doing a strength training now let's sit down we're going to start from the military press hold your hands up and go employ position now let's go it's up squeeze on the top and down again it's up squeeze in the top and down again again it's up squeeze in the top deep breath out again open your legs it's up squeeze and down again it's up squeeze last one down ready for action hold it up squeeze it up now get it up take it up squeeze the half and press don't touch it down don't bag it's down slow and gently put it up come look at this she's squeezing it down she's bringing it up and she's bringing it down nice control nice control and up shoulder sound and up that's it we're training a size now and up press down lift it up last one that's it face your front up up up up slow and strong down up up up up slow and strong and down thank you for joining be well

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Methew Wade

28 thoughts on “Poodle Exercise with Humans”

  1. Since I already laughed when I saw this years ago, I just realized I'm here voluntarily watching this with a completely serious look on my face.

  2. Usually DJ Cummerbund has me looking up obscure artists that he uses in his mashups. This time it's aerobic poodles.

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