we ran a poll on the last video what beginner exercise do you want to see next how to do it we did the Iron Cross and you guys voted planche a straight arm lion of the African bodyweight Savannah so planche looks like this did it and one of the reasons why people like the plant so much is because it just looks cool it defies gravity it's that push-up position it's gonna do a push-up he's gonna push up he's defying gravity perfect form let's show you what a proper one looks like how do you start it as a beginner you might think I shouldn't be doing this this is too advanced but that's not true there's a lot of different things you can do to start as a beginner and we're gonna start with the most basic there's variations to move we're starting by bringing the body weight we've got our little pea bars we're tucking right up into a ball as small as the balls your mama told you when you were young what I could maybe have a little bit of in our support and we're just leaning forward let's get a little side view of this because what's important here is that our back is straight none of this if you like super strong you might be out there I mean that's cool but that's not planche position basic is a really tight ball just like that now I have seen some people like I just said struggle to get that big bumper bump up into the air to at some ways it's too much okay if you're in this position and you can't get your butt any higher come on over here alright so what we're gonna do is get the band pull it right get the bag and put hey guys I'll wear a hat ksama band I only wear the Spencer project putting that round down yep bend over like you're giving the captain the old butcher ooh it'll just help you get that hip position I'll explain that well enough explain this for you we're struggling to do the tuck planche on our own which is the most basic position the first progression for leading towards the full planche there any beginner can incorporate into their program but if you struggle to get your butt high enough to hit that level position we can use a band around our hips that gives us some assistance so that we can what we were on our last one that we want to do is this one is a little bit more advanced but this is the exercise to work towards those planche holding those static holds so the reason why this is a bit more advanced but I still think it's a beginner exercise is because you need to have a handstand not all beginners will have the handstand but I think this is such a worthy exercise it's worth including it so we're talking about planche and negatives we're going up into a handstand tucking as tight as we can and then we're lowering through planche for our third basic beginner exercise for the planche right so we're up here make sure that you're not on a slippery surface when you do it we're just going up into our handstand try again don't fall again off enhanced and then we're going tight Paul ladies and gentlemen this is where all of me juice is happening and then from there should be in place and then you can carry that on through plenty of other examples but that wraps it up like if you want to see a tutorial

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Methew Wade

30 thoughts on “PLANCHE | Exercises for Beginners”

  1. Omg totally lost it at "THIS IS WHERE ALL THE MEAT AND JUICE IS HAPPENING!!" – Excellent tips tho going to try some of these

  2. Any tips on holding the handstand on p bars? I can hold one on the floor fairly well, but I can't seem to grasp the p bars

  3. love the tips but unfortunatelly I'm gonna unsubscribe as your humour is childish as fuck and not funny at all.

  4. Would you say that the straight arm crow has any carryover to the planche? Iโ€™m just starting to train it. Also, I would love to see a video on the back felge.

  5. One alternative for people who dont have the handstand is to do the negatives with the feet against the wall with slippery socks, i find it brutal

  6. Humourous ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿพ. Are those parallettes homemade? If so, any guidance on making your own?

  7. Have to admit I didnt manage to hold the coffee in my mouth when you did that first handstand try Xd Poor laptop

  8. I hope there were people walking by who witnessed Tyson's band hanging incident with zero context and just have to live with that for the rest of their lives.

  9. LMAOed most of the video.
    Also, not connected to the video: In July I'm moving to Sydney (would be great to have a couple of workouts together), so I wanted to ask you: is it possible to train at Quay Centre or Manly (still haven't decided where I'll share my flat) without being in a recreational gymnastics class?

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