[Music] This acute care hospital will ensure
that the residents of this community have access to quality and choice of
care close to their homes. Today, what I call a major step in our relationship
it’s to celebrate this Hampden Center and to raise the final beam which is quite
exciting and many of you know whenever you do these kind of developments this
really just puts the icing on the cake “Beam!” “Yeah put your name on it.” When he was young he had heart surgery
at Penn State Health and ever since then we’ve been going to the hospital a lot
and we were driving all the way out to Hershey and it’ll just be really nice to
have this right down the street. “One, Two, Three!” [Shutter Snaps] My wife gets her heart surgeries here at
Hershey so having the option now we can just drive less than a mile away for her
heart surgeries and you know transport time that’s it’s phenomenal for us.
[Sarah] Living locally we’ve been kind of watching the building go up and it’s
gone up so quickly we were so surprised at how fast it time went passed it’s just
it looks like it’s gonna be a beautiful hospital and campus. [Whistling and Cheering] [Sarah] There’s so many patients that in the
area that are Penn State patients and it’s life-saving to have it so close.

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Methew Wade

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