in these videos what I want to show you how to do is increase the size of your dick for you you can't really beat that the only thing that's going to cost is your time and maybe you're in some materials but you will not be paying me a single cent I'm not selling you anything I selling you anything whatsoever only thing I'm giving you is the chance of getting bigger now the thing is I'm going to be using a couple of techniques one called joking also we'll be combining my joking with pumping and also I'll be showing you a vitamin routine and so much more the thing is when it comes to enlargement they say that size is not everything but go ahead and tell that to someone who's had a bigger dick and they'll tell you that they would never forget it no matter what and every guy was to be the person that a woman or have a or another spouse or another man never forgets every single woman has that one ex that she talks about how big his dick was and you're just sitting there crying like what the heck I'm right here and I'm gonna show you how to get the size that you want now keep in mind to be 100% realistic this is not I'm not going to say oh I'm going to give you a fucking you know 12 14 inch long dick and it's gonna be this stick around and all that stuff no this is a 100% based off of your effort the time you put into it and everything that you want to achieve now this will take time this is not a pill this is not a quick one – you know you're not gonna get two inches in a week all those bullshit advertisements you see on like all pornhub and other websites this is going to take some time but in the end you will notice a massive massive difference and with that being said like I said you wouldn't be seeing my face Lee will be seeing my dick so hope you used to that part but everything I'm going to be saying it's 100% free to you I'm not gonna be holding back any information I plan on seeing how these videos do and I will see judge that based on how much to upload you'll be able to find me on TSG org and also via Gmail if you ever have any questions things along those lines I'll show you all the products I use so far none of this will be sponsored by anyone and if we ever have a sponsor just know that I will be testing out every single product because they're dealing with your manhood you do not need to try to find things that might work and when they don't work you're going to mess with you junk and you don't want that so I will be the guinea pig you're welcome now first off I want to say I am NOT new to gentlemen I've done it before I did it for many years and it gave me some permanent size with that being said I think it's time for me to get back into it for the simple fact that one I want to be bigger there's nothing wrong with being bigger when you're already pretty big and when I first started off joking I was around maybe six six and a half inches and I'm not going to measure for quite some time well you all visually see the differences between the size of what I am now and then over time growing and growing growing and hopefully you're doing the exact same thing that is the overall goal of these videos I want you to succeed I want your feedback I want your comments I want you to tell me now here we go now this is me soft morph semi soft it's a little bit cold in here whenever I'm cold my dick for some reason wants to start getting hard as you can see I'm no mandingo or anything along those lines but pretty damn sizable now the thing is to when I get fully hard I get much bigger I'm not really concern about showing you the fully hardness right now like so there's a semi soft eventually I want to show you to the point where you know freaking massive and I want you to be able to do the same now when it comes to these tutorials I'm going to show you a step by step guide for one pubic hair it needs to go we're going to be using a penis pump sometimes and we have all this hair here only thing it does is interfere with the fact that you know you can't get proper suction I'm going to show you what type of oils to use when it comes to actually doing the technique the pressure you want to use you know everything now this is just an introduction video when we start getting into more videos I will show you every single step by step technique I will show you every step by step way of doing things and not how not to do them and when we go from there like I said I will figure out my upload schedule so for right now just subscribe to this channel and then once I start uploading start asking questions I will sit go from there peace out alright guys once again I'm back it's time for the actual tutorial no introduction or one – I'm going to show you exactly what you need to do in order to go from what you are to what you want to become to who you know is even bigger than what you want to be so let's get started for one always told you this is a hundred percent free no money to me but the thing is with these each words you're running out to buy some things yourself and one of the things you're going to need is baby oil now with this you want to get the Jill not the liquid when it comes to the gel I've noticed that it actually has a lot more lubricant that lasts a little bit longer it seems as if it doesn't dry out as quickly because the thing is once you're tugging you don't want it to draw because then you're going like a slight Indian bird but honestly if you get Indian burn you shouldn't be tugging that hard if it is your dick so calm down well yes you want the gel baby oil I'm not going to show all to see the brand you can go to Kroger and find it yourself and then also you're going to need just a standardized penis pump nothing crazy you don't need one of those giganta's you don't need anything fancy you don't need anything crazy just a standard penis pump I'm actually going to go over quite a bit when it comes to the pump itself because a lot of guys I feel overuse the penis pump I barely use it in terms of you know after you know my sessions I've had this pump for actually a few years I had to clean it wash up it was sitting there kind of dusty I cut out the bottom of this one of two reasons one once I got a little bit bigger it was a little difficult to stay inside the pump because trying to get in it was just grabbing on so much and – you don't want too much of a grip on there you're not trying to use it as a dickering so let's get started on the actual tutorial itself now here's the part where I show my dick so you're on pornhub you're on a porn site you've seen dick a hundred times but here we go so starting off this is me a hundred percent flaccid a little floppy to it whenever you joke or any form of pee you don't want to be rock solid hard if you're sticking up you know fully hard you're gonna hurt yourself doing it you want to be semi hard and now that you can touch my dick it's like oh fuck we got to beat it off with live sets going on now with this being semi-hard like this that's not a problem when you start actually doing PE you'll notice that it'll start softening up a little bit you'll start feeling more are engorged I guess you could say but as you do your routine you'll notice they'll start getting softer now when it comes to jumping like I said baby oil is your friend you want you just you don't really need to lather up to the point where it's just dripping everywhere just a minimal amount will do just a simple line like this now of course lather it on and when it comes to actually doing the joke itself you don't you're not trying to rip your cock you're not trying to rip it off you're not trying to stretch it and pull it like its tappy you need to be very gentle it's very easy process very simple to do now what I also like to do with this baby oil is I'll get a little bit in the crevices of my hands here and then you take one hand like this if you if you've been thinking about joking you've probably seen this routine before I want to show you a lot more to it so you'll take one hand like this right here grip it now when I say grip I don't mean you're not trying to keep every single ounce of blood in there just enough grip where it's firm then you take your other hand and simply go like this now you'll notice as you're joking if you're doing it correctly you'll you actually kind of heal things moving in a little bit now with this routine it's very very simple you just want to slowly go up so you should spend no more than maybe three seconds doing it so from base one two three and you want to keep holding a bottom one two three one two three one two three and make sure you stay semi soft or even almost flaccid if you find yourself getting rock hard stop let yourself calm down for a minute and keep trying it again this is going to take a little bit discipline it took me quite some time to be able to get that down to make sure I wasn't fully erect trying to do this method right now I'm about going into a lot more semi-soft if I start getting too hard I'm going to edit it out and start all over again now I'm going to do 15 gels and then I'm going to follow up by what I call a single howling joke and a small stretch followed by few kegels and then I'm going to show you what you do with your penis pump and then we're going to redo the entire process so once again we're at the base make sure as much dick as you can is out home more tightly so so in 15 all right now I'm going to relax for a second remember your dick isn't truly a actual muscle like your bicep for anything along those lines it does have tissue that we're acts as a muscle in terms of getting engorged a engorge you can firm it up you can help it grow I've done that but same time you're this is not you're not the gentleman oh this is one of the situations where no pain no gain is total bullshit you have pain you're not going to gain you're going to regret it so now we're going to go on to the single hand joke which is basically instead of you know ripping here and then doing here let's just start from the base and go down with you 15 so in there so after I do my 15 single hand joke I'm going to go back to doing 15 with regular joke and then 15 single-handed joke so you're going to be doing 60 with two hands and 60 with one hand we're going to be doing 30 with two hands and then 30 with one hand so we're going to go back to it and as you can see the veins and everything else on my deck are starting to pop out a little bit it just means I'm getting off more blood flow going through there so back to two hands so grab the base like a ring and as you can see I'm still not fully hard still semi-soft still have a lot of flexibility to it so oh yeah all right now going to the one-handed so one two and 15 now as you can see penis is still semi soft it's a little bit more engorged just a little bit the veins are starting to come through now what I like to do when it comes to actually using a penis pump when it comes to joking is that I like to try to increase the blood flow a little bit and when I do that Maya the whole goal for penis pump is not to engorge it to the point where it's all bloated you're not trying to make it swell up you're trying to actually just eat it a little bit in terms of keeping blood flow down and it's more of a rest period in a sense as well too a lot of guys when they use a penis pump they try to fill the entire pump and that's not what you want to do when it comes to this method you're trying to aid your growth not try to make it grow because the thing is when you use a hole a big pump and you if you don't have the correct size if you are trying to just engorge the entire pump you're actually not increasing your penis size you're just filling it with a liquid basically and that's what causes all the puffiness a lot of times guys will get like a doughnut ring around here all that is is just fluid you're not actually doing anything in terms of increasing the actual size which are you have three chambers here here and here they're not doing anything to aid those you're just filling us all with fluid and the thing is too if you're new to penis pump you're going to actually put a lot of stress in your dick and eventually what you're going to notice you'll go from wrong car to when you're trying to have sex you're like doing something like this because over time here your dick has gotten so worn out from such excessive use of a pump that it can't stay fully hard now with this pump like I said it's a little bit older pump it goes all the way up to 8 inches I've never tried to pack this pump I never probably will it's not really a goal of mine my goal is to actually naturally help myself grow and the pump is just like said at age so with this pump like I said semi-soft go ahead and just stick it in and make sure that you're you don't have to be baby-smooth shaved but just trim it down so that way you can actually get suction on and then you don't have to worry about it everything because if you don't have power or suction you're sucking in air and they're gonna be wasting your time now with a pump I like to go until you can feel a small bit of tightness and what I mean by that is I'm not trying to – you know pump pump pump pump pump up I don't want to get a full erection I want to feel a little bit of tightness going on that way I know that hey one there's proper suction around but to that it's kind of pulling in my penis a little bit grabbing some of the blood and actually helping it engorge so right about there now a lot of guys you can get a gauge on your pumps I've never really used a gauge before I've always kind of went I guess you could say gauge elasaur free-handed with that being said if a gauge is better for you you can get it but I mean this pump is 20 bucks I've had it for quite some time and I really haven't had any issues with it so with the pump I'm actually going to leave it on for one minute and I can say you want to feel a load of tightness going through your not trying you're not don't if you find yourself just pumping and pumping and pumping and pumping you're doing it wrong so I'm going to leave it on for one minute and I'll be back alright I'm back down when it comes to actually taking off your pump you don't want whenever you have yep every pump has this valve here or have one on the handle or vice versa you never want to just fully just grab it and let all the air pop out and then you just take it off because what you're doing if you think about it almost like a balloon if you just let all the air out of the balloon it's kind of puts a lot of stress on the balloon in a sense that leaves behind like wrinkles and ripples and ya think if you are holding in you know blood three off your penis here and then you just let it all out at once it kind of puts a lot of stress in terms of how fast it constricts so what I like to do is I will grab the valve here ever so gently I mean you want to basically hear the air just just a little whisper of it coming out and then I slowly just pull it off I never just allow it to fully just blow right on off so here we go you can just barely hear an air coming out and how's it air coming out and it's slowly cool and almost off and there and as you can see I've had the pump on for an entire minute light pressure camp my tech basically saying you might be thinking well aren't you trying to make it swell up and swell up yes I am but I want to do it more in terms of joking than I do the actual penis pump because like I said if you pump up too much you're just filling up your debt with fluid and you're not really accomplishing anything so I'm going to repeat the process of the 2-handed joke one-handed joke and then the pump one more time basically you want to repeat those steps three times very very simple and you want to do it once a day starting off don't get too happy where you're just like oh okay you know if I pump and joke in and do everything you know three four times a day it's going to double my results no it's not it's no different if you went to the gym three or four times in a single day one you need to get a job if you're doing something like that but two you're going to wear yourself out very very quickly and like I said this is your dick we're talking about here we're not trying to you know overwork it all those you know if you do this in two weeks still get gained three inches is bullshit this is going to take some time if you don't have the dedication for it this is the wrong video for you it's gonna be the wrong channel for you all together because I'm gonna actually show you every week my steps I'm doing and then my next video I'm actually going to measure myself and show you the results I'm gaining maybe every I'll say every three weeks I will measure myself so the next video will actually be a measurement video so here we go so like I said we're a base here relatively burn and go from your hand to head 1 2 3 4 fifteen and then fifteen now here's another thing too if you're watching closely you see when I'm pulling or tugging or joking whichever way you want to say it you don't see me trying to just stretch my dick into oblivion basically it's a simple just like pool like that no different then maybe you like such as pulling just pulling light too happy I guess if you ever done that thing you know what I'm talking about but you don't you're not trying to yank it and stretch as far as you can no you're it's just a simple gentle light pool you'll feel the actual stretching as you're doing it and you're not trying to you're not trying to to stretch as far as you can there should be no force no pressure in this it should be a simple pool just like this and then when you're all slicks that when you're holding stick right here put it around it and just a simple light pool if you're feeling any form of overstressing any pain one calm down it's your dick you're not beating off you're not trying to give yourself an Indian bird here you just need to be gentle and pull the same thing when it comes to a single hand now with this baby oil you might notice they might get a little bit dry but there's still quite a bit of lubrication going on here you want to if you need to reuse some just make sure next time you put on a little bit more you're going to repeat like I said these processes three times so you want to make sure you're fully lubricated you don't want to go to pool and you go like that that's why I'm feeling you don't want to have it hurts like hell I've done it one time one time only and that's the last time I'll ever do that ever so that's about it like I said you want to repeat this one time a day one routine a day you're not trying don't overdo it don't more stress me and don't message me saying well I did it six times and now I dick us off don't do that be very smart about this and just use your head remember it's your dick you don't you only got one don't mess it up so guys if you have any questions for me please inbox me if you need me to go over stuff better gee toros let me know I'm actually still working on how the subject is going to go what type of you know content that is need to be posted if you have any suggestions let me know how to make it better how to improve this is all my second video on here I want to do this as much as I can show you my growth process and I really don't want to look at dicks all day but you know show me what you've been working with and your progress so guys that's it with Joker 9 peace out

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