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Methew Wade

40 thoughts on “Party Food Ideas | Top 10 Amazing Party Recipes | Quick and Easy Recipes by So Yummy”

  1. Me:
    I'm going to make brownies (5 seconds later burns down house )

    So yummy:I'm going to make brownies (5 seconds later all done)

  2. süper çok güzel beğendim aboneniz oldum lütfen sizde beni destekler abonem olurmusunuz teşekkürler

  3. 4:55 2 hours in the oven. Or 5 minutes in the microwave, turn and again 5 minutes. This works with potatoes.

  4. Made the pinwheel using beef, onion, pepper and provolone. HUGE FAIL… maybe too wet? Currently cranking up to 400 to try and save. BUMMER

  5. Cooked avocados taste like crap.  Something about heating them turns them bitter.  They get that flavor that old stringy avocados have and they are GRoSS!  I could see making a poached egg with sliced avocado on muffin bread and grated cheese or something.  No cooked avocados for me though.

  6. Well I made puff pastry following the video. It was quite bland. I will modify a little bit next time. Great idea and easy to prepare. Thanks

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