it has been a bit of a dictatorship here with fur and our you know it's either her way or not her way Miranda is a control freak she is involved in everything she will not release a relinquish control ever she's not a people person she has no people skills she just screams out demand and she's very rude at times now there is such a turnover what staff that I don't even know their names in eight months I've probably seen over 50 people go some people come in for one shift and they listen to her for five minutes and they roll right out the door I wish I had two clones of me and believe me this place would be happy I feel that Brooke might have to become like the laughingstock of Midtown so the repetition around town is that you know no non so they called me the crazy lady which is fine to me you know what if I'm crazy because I'm trying to save the business so be it I think we're at that point blur this is really our last chance if we don't figure something out it's either solid get rid of it because we can't sustain it before I came to town I heard that brick hotel had a high turnover rate so I had my team reach out to former employees so I can get some information before checking in first of all good morning I've never met such a large team of ex employees this is a small showing oh yeah what there's more how much turnover is there with staff I've been through almost 15 managers 15 50 50 miles 50 and the biggest problem with the place is what Virender she's been affordable I watched her and she's she's mean and she can be a bully in I've seen her reduced people to tears wow that's terrible you know there's so much neglect between not only the staff through managers but her customers as well seriously I couldn't take it anymore I worked the holiday season and it was kind of like the last straw for me I won't paid you quit I worked all of those parties through the whole month of December I was lucky to receive some payback like in February with your tips yeah she'll cut you a check in six weeks when she feels like it she wouldn't let you go pick up your paycheck she's calling the cops on you you said she called the cops on you seriously call the police because you wanted your money yes you're ready yeah seriously I mean it sounds like a dictatorship as opposed to a boss that's there to support people loves it there it was very homey the opposite of now all the locals came we had a booming hotel business Wow it was such a great place and then the quality just steadily went downhill and I think she had a complete lack of respect for the staff and didn't understand that your staff is a huge asset what a mess please have you met her I know at least I just arrived I'm curious just by the way you were speaking because I thought he hasn't met her yet has he no no no so calling the cops you know high staff turnover standards dropping I haven't got much confidence however I'm gonna tackle it head-on we don't look very optimistic dude thank you wish me luck thank you take care

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Methew Wade

34 thoughts on “Owner Calls POLICE ON STAFF For Asking For Their Paychecks! | Hotel Hell”

  1. WOW.. WHY DO THE EMPLOYEES LET THIS HAPPENNED? THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE… India or Pakistan customs. traditions should apply to or in the USA?

  2. I love when people take comments of people calling them crazy and spin it into something positive.
    "Well they can call me crazy that's fine. I guess I'm crazy for being a better worker than everyone else and saving the restaurant"

  3. This stupid bitch and the gay dude with his imagined 8 trillion dollars worth of paintings and antiques, that turned out to be worth like 5 dollars, have to be at the top of people I hated the most from Hotel Hell. No idea how either of them weren't murdered by a member of their staff at some point.

  4. A running theme with all these episodes… the owner's are fucking mental and need to be locked away.

  5. I'd be waiting for the cops I'd tell them she wont pay me see her get put down by the cops what a cunt

  6. If modi was a woman and ran a restaurant instead of a country. Hope India doesn’t vote for that criminal

  7. Indian peasant scum. One of the most racist group of people on the planet that view none-Indian's as being beneath them. Much like the jews do. Goyim.

  8. She said she wanted to get her a clone of herself I was wondering who would be in control then …. and the both of them would kill each other

  9. 0:40 – Good on them for leaving. They saw the writing on the wall and knew they wanted none of that.

  10. I'd end up in jail within the hour. I will not be screamed at by anybody. Especially someone I do not know.

  11. Cunt give me my money or i will give you something to call the fucking police for you worthless shit eating cunt bag. Thats what she would hear from me if i was ever dumb enough to work more than 5 minutes for a cunt like this.

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