hi everybody and welcome back with Joe and Penn today we're talking about calm balls today I'm going to be showing you a lot of good things about the Kahn ball the calm ball is a versatile type toy that you can play with your dog you can use it for brain stimulation you can put treats inside it's got a nice little hole underneath that you'd stuff stuff inside there and you can play rough with it it's a tough good toy I've you know pens the German Shepherd he's gonna be tough on that ball but he hasn't destroyed it in two years so I'm gonna show you the cotton ball and the reason I got into the freezer is because we use peanut butter we take peanut butter and we put it on the inside of the hole that you see here basically what happens is I take the knife and I spread about a tablespoon of peanut butter inside all around and then I throw it in the freezer the reason I throw it in the freezer is because once you give your dog this toy and it's got fresh smooth warm peanut butter inside he's gonna learn to take his tongue cup it once he gets inside there and scoop that peanut butter out and within 10 minutes fun time is over but if you freeze it for about an hour before you give it to them they have to sit there and continuously go in and out with their tongues trying to get all that peanut butter out it's great for brain stimulation for your dog it's great for protein oils from the peanuts everything you think about for skin and coat you get from the peanut butter it's full of protein it's gonna really help your dog and it's gonna give some do at the end of the day when you're kinda tired and your dog still a little rambunctious throw them the combo packed with peanut butter and for the next half hour 45 minutes depending on the dog of course he's gonna lay it into this thing he's gonna be leaving everybody alone and brain stimulation is physically tiring by the time he's done he'll be more relaxed ready to kick back so you and your friends could sit back and play your games and watch movies all right so that's the con ball now for brain stimulation there's a lot of toys on the market out there and you can really get crazy doing stuff but whenever I buy a toy for my dog make sure it's something that'll do some brain stimulation like this ball basically all it is is above it on snaps here like this you put about a half a cup of kibble inside it you cover it up like that and as the dog moves about he pushes this with his nose and the ball spins and the food falls out of here I'm gonna be doing a brain stimulation video coming up real soon and I'll include all these things in there don't forget to Like and subscribe I'm Joe the dog trainer this is Pam the dog we'll see you soon if you guys are interested in any of the items we mentioned in this video I'll put some links down in the bottom of the description for you and you can check it out some quality peanut butter Kong about all kinds of good stuff well until next time this is Joe the dog trainer and pan the dog and we'll be bringing you more tips real soon thanks

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