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Methew Wade

100 thoughts on “Olive Oil and Artery Function”

  1. It's good to know that if you are eating a lot of raw vegetables that those antioxidants will neutralize the negative effect of olive oil on the arteries. I use Balsamic vinegar on my salads, and all balsamic vinegar has olive oil. However, I try to keep it to a minimum when I pour the salad dressing on. My salads are always huge. Then I cook with just a little bit of olive oil sometimes. So, if you keep it to a minimum your vegan diet should protect you. correct me if I am wrong. This is what I get out of the video.

  2. you've got to be kidding?? boy,after watching all these video s seems like there is nothing to eat that won't kill me!!

  3. on nutritionfacts.org, i found no information whatsoever on canola oil, do you have a link about this ?

  4. What about Canola oil? Please do a video on canola oil! I checked out the studies you represented here and in one they said that canola oil is healthy, olive oil is not.

  5. The Vogel studies he cites showed that adding vitamin C and E either immediately before the olive oil consumption, or chronically, completely eliminated the reduction in artery function as assessed by flow mediated dilation. These Vogel papers also just use one technique, in one arm artery, on 10-20 subjects.

  6. This guy's verbal communication skills are awful…sounds like he's afraid to open his mouth. And hey, periods and commas apply when speaking, too! Very annoying. Geesh.

  7. My high fat meal (with olive oil) is my big salad at Lunch.  If there is no Olive oil on Salad, what do other people do make the Greens/spinach taste good?   Does the vinegar mixed with oil negate the bad effects?  Just curious if anyone has any ideas.

  8. Your right . I say keep total oil and salt low and your golden . Use oil if you want judiciously 😀 like you say minimally ….

  9. Given that Olive Oil is the most counterfeited oil in the world it should come as no surprise that certain results are negative. If you are going to use "studies" which are not necessarily equivalent to the hard facts of laboratory statistics and then imply with words like "perhaps" that when positive results are found that it may be due to the vegetable and fruit consumption then you should also specify that that is speculation. Speculation is arbitrary and not necessarily scientific. We could just as easily "speculate" that there are other still undiscovered substances in Olive Oil that make it favourable or not and that the result of that is accountable to things that the "studies" have not factored in as of yet. The facts are that there are "studies" conducted by intelligent and reputable scientists that contradict each other and that alone should give us cause to doubt and not take everything as unimpeachable truth. As long as there are outliers and statistical anomalies with these "studies" and presumably known "unknowns" then I err on the side of tradition. I personally believe that "genetics" and "ancestry" play a huge role in what is good for you or not and I doubt that these "studies" have taken that into account.

  10. eat what the F**K you want to eat.Being so anxious and worried about whats getting into your body may do you even more harm than the thing itself WHY THE FUCK CANT EVERYONE JUST CHILL AND PEEEEAAACEEEEE freaking INTERNET HAS TURNED US INTO FUCKING MUPPETS PEACE and out bros

  11. oils are not good. But if you have to use one oil then choose olive oil. It has better resistance in heat and more nutrisients

  12. So what the hell do I eat!  Everything is bad for you!  I'll just eat air.  Wait, that causes gas.  I'll just starve.   Wait starvation causes death!  I can't win!!!  :- l

  13. When it comes to olive oil, extra virgin high phenolic is the best substance you can offer to your body regarding your cardiovascular health, and protection from chronic inflammation, cancer, diabetes and alzheimers – tons of recent studies support this!

  14. This guy is a joke. Anyone can read studies by other people, but only this guy can do it and sound like a complete jerk.

  15. So when the f–k did anyone ever suggest to eat olive oil alone ???. Of course you're going to have olive oil with a green raw salad, with an acid( lemon, lime or cider vinegar). On would cancel out the other.

  16. Life expectancy is much higher here in Spain than in other vegan countries like India. And that's because we consume a bit of everything; meat, healthy fats, and vegetables.

    Start from there instead of making a biased vegan propaganda video.

  17. Keep in mind that the addition of fat (like olive oil) to your salad or greens helps absorb some vitamins (liposoluble: ADEK) and antioxidants.

  18. There's some thing called common sense, and you need to start using it. For one, get clues from historical trends, and see that moderate amounts of good olive oil in a good balanced, diversified diet are not bad for you.
    Secondly, try to understand how statistics works. Proving even an obvious statement can be extremely challenging. Conversely, there are several tools to make bogus facts look real to the unexperienced eye. Let's make 2 examples to prove to you the following statements.
    1. It took decades to ''prove'' that cigarette smoking causes cancer. Why? because although any researcher or any person with common sense knows it, how do you prove it? How can you isolate a set of people, and subject them to only cigarette smoke? there are always other factors, and you can never say with 100% certainty that it is the cigarette smoke that caused that cancer. Even if it's obvious. Statistics means gathering a bunch of data, making a model where you assume 1 or 2 or few more relevant factors, and run a regression. In reality of course, there are an infinity of factors. So it's really really hard to prove things that are even completely obvious in front of you.
    2. It's very easy to make bogus correlation. One important principle of statistics is, statistics doesn't mean jack sh it by itself. It doesn't prove anything. It does not, at all, imply casuality. That is the first thing you will learn if you study statistics. Even if you find 2 factors have an almost 100% correlation, it does not mean they cause each other. One textbook example? The increase in divorce cases is almost perfectly negatively correlated with the decrease in murders in most given areas. So, by bogus anectodal thinking, you would conclude they must be related. But they are not. The reality is obvious, as we have progressed, we are not stuck into having to live forever with the same person… we have the choice of divorcing. On the other hand, increased welfare from our progress has lead to a general decrease in murder cases. However, as you can see, it is not that the divorce cases are directly related to the decrease in murders.. although the correlation function might suggest so.

    One of the main lessons in statistics is that you must use your common sense. Some studies may show 99% correlation between two factors, and they really mean nothing. Others may show 5% correlation, and you may truly infer a 5% effect of one factor on another. By itself, a statistic means 0.

  19. i find it hard to believe that deep fried was no different than fresh olive oil * !!!!!!!! study was dodgy

  20. Do these studies take into account the food the olive oil is served with which could have a big impact on the outcome of the study? The first chart you showed indicated white bread was served with the olive oil. Might it not be that the bread is impacting the results? I think a study showing a green salad served with lemon and cold pressed organic olive oil dressing versus the same salad being consumed with "regular" oilve oil vs a third served without any dressing would be a more credible study of the impact of olive oil on health.

  21. We have our own olive trees and every year we make oil and soap from them, 100% natural, I rarely use it now as a food and it feels better, I am wondering about topical use of it, is it bad?

    Still there are many other uses for it, and I hear olive leaves tea is good

  22. What about natural peanut butter then? It has peanut oil. Is that unhealthy?(edit): Peanut butter is healthy in small uptakes. (2 tbsp)

  23. What is the best oil to use? I'm sure Dr. Gregor has a video on this, can someone point me to it? Thanks!

  24. 2:43
    [….] derivatives such as vinegar, and omega-3-rich fish and canola oils. deleted from conclusion. Agenda much?

  25. OK, so in conjunction with other healthy foods, it appears at worst that there is a neutral effect to using a nominal amount of extra virgin olive oil. Is anyone chugging extra virgin in hopes of improving their health?

  26. Dr. Greger! Thanks for this. At some point, could you address whether these studies on olive oil differentiate between using the olive oil in it's raw extra virgin state, which as you suggested, might be protective due to it's closer proximity to plants compared to refined products. Some people who teach about the volatility of oils under heat conditions argue that these extra virgin oils are volatile and not for cooking is because they contain chlorophyll, which is very heat sensitive and can take what could be neutral or less harmful than refined oils and transform it into a highly risky form. In these studies, as in many cultural cuisines, is there any differentiation? The meditteranean diet also seems like it might be more olive oil in it's raw food form, whereas Italians might incorporate it a lot more into cooking etc, as a cultural norm. Curious to see if this has ever been empirically studied!

  27. Why are people saying this specific video is vegan propaganda? I thought olive oil was vegan so how is this vegan propaganda? lol

  28. Endothelial function is not impaired by oil. What you are calling dysfunction is nothing more than the normal physiological response to eating fat. The arteries open wide after eating a high sugar candy bar meal. Does that mean that candy bars improve endothelial function? No it doesn't. That opening of the arteries is the normal physiological response to eating high carb meals. The body is trying desperately to dump out as much glucose as possible since high levels are damaging to the body.

  29. If you listen to this guy you won’t eat anything at all. I know guys that have smoked worked in a factory and ate Bologna sandwiches every day of their life and live to be 90. While the vegan dies at 40. Enjoy life, it’s too short. 40 or 90.

  30. If you listen to this guy you won’t eat anything at all. I know guys that have smoked worked in a factory and ate Bologna sandwiches every day of their life and live to be 90. While the vegan dies at 40. Enjoy life, it’s too short. 40 or 90.

  31. Hello Doctor Greger, how about this study that came a month after your video? Would love to hear your thoughts on this, maybe an idea for a future video https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4586551/ with conclusion "The present systematic reviews provides some evidence that olive oil might exert beneficial effects on markers of inflammation and endothelial function. Since improvements in these parameters have been described in individuals adhering to a Mediterranean diet, olive oil might represent a key ingredient of this dietary pattern"

  32. Protective effect of olive oil and its phenolic compounds against low density lipoprotein oxidation

    The Protective Effect of the Olive Oil Polyphenol (3,4-Dihydroxyphenyl)- ethanol Counteracts Reactive Oxygen Metabolite–Induced Cytotoxicity in Caco-2 Cells

  33. Someone please elaborate on perilla oil and arterial function. It's the highest source of alpha linolenic acid so does it thin the blood or thicken the blood?

  34. I use the extra virgin olive oil cautiously. A bit on my buckwheat or salad for taste. Still sucks that it's not the best choice, though 🙁

  35. I never really understand what he is saying und would like to have alsways a short explanation for dummies and what I consequently should do or stop to do. 🙂

  36. Olive oil has no taste! Just try tasting it alone you'll see…..it only adds fat to your body, is highly processed, and it does not make food taste better.

  37. Dude all of these studies what the hell do you do you give people a cup of olive oil to drink or whatever? If not how do you know if it's the actual olive oil that does the damage and not other ingredients in that meal?? And ever heard of MODERATION?? If I eat 1 kg of broccoli won't I have digestive issues ?? 50 g of olive oil per day is what should be consumed max according to Drs in S. Europe!! You overload those patients with oil and then oooh olive oil is the devil!! Veggies neutralise the damage but you even bitch about adding extra virgin olive oil in SALADS in the whole food plant based diet ?? Mediterran diets are rich in WHOLE grains ??? Have you even been to Italy or Greece?? Whole grain pizza, carbonara and gyros anyone? And let's not forget brown rice risotto, huh? You'd invent pretty much everything to prove you're right!

  38. people swearing by vegan-ism… if Vitamin K (sourced from plants) is used in the body for clotting blood and you move to a diet in constant excess of this surely this puts a higher risk of heart disease?…. also the sun is the source of all life, surely we could just rely on the suns energy? no..why? because we dont have the mechanisms for converting that energy, plants do but specifically in a way for plants (not brains/complex systems)….. travelling animals eat these plants vastley and have body systems designed to convert and engineer the incoming energy for supporting say the classifications of a mammal…. this process from sun to the mammal chemically takes a lot of work/converting that the human body is not sufficient/unable in doing therefore to rely on plants is stupid…. and to state that in ancient times we wouldnt have access to this and that and who the fucks waiting months on a cabbage?….. there wernt no b12 supplements then…. and in the course of evolution our bodys have adapted to dealing with these diets of complex intakes meat and plant alike… it is the artificial changes to food that brings problems and plant foods are not exempt from these changes

  39. Olive oil is the most fraudulent oil on the market! Why don't you do a video on what type of olive oil is real olive oil! Cold-pressed and virgin! That would help us more

  40. does impair endothelial function mean the same thing as it clogs arteries. I'm concerned if olive oil, more specifically EVOO, will contribute to clogging of the arteries.

  41. Sharp blood vessel constriction can injure the inner lining of blood vessels, according to Vogel. After a meal containing canola oil, the arteries constricted slightly, reducing blood flow by 11%. After a meal with olive oil and bread, however, blood flow plummeted 34% — exactly the effect that Vogel had seen in previous research after volunteers ate a Big Mac with fries https://www.webmd.com/food-recipes/features/say-no-to-olive-oil#1

  42. Your studies are bogus and fake! Look who funds the study… people against olive oil.

    A better study would be to find out if olive oil is real or not since alot of it is diluted with other vegetable oils which is probably what there using in these studies.

  43. This is shocking. Olives are very good for us, so naturally I thought that olive oil would be fine, especially as a supplement.

  44. What about medium chain triglycerides, doc? Butyrate or butyric acid (C-4) produced by good gut bacteria from the fibers we consume has been know to be beneficial to health; so does C-8 (caprylic acid) beneficial in similar ways? You said that a bit of added oil is needed to guide the oil soluble nutrients from vegetables into the blood to protect the arteries; so would MCT oil on salads do the same?

  45. A very important piece of information is missing from this video….Vogel tested the effects of three different meals on a group of 10 volunteers who had normal cholesterol levels. One meal consisted of canola oil and bread. Another was olive oil and bread. The third meal was a piece of salmon. All three meals contained 50 grams of fat. The arteries didn't constrict much after the salmon meal. After the meal containing canola oil, they constricted slightly, reducing blood flow by 11%. After the olive oil and bread combination, however, blood flow plummeted 34% — exactly the effect that Vogel had seen in previous research after volunteers ate a Big Mac with fries. HOWEVER ….Vogel's own research, in fact, has shown that when olive oil is combined with foods rich in antioxidants, such as vegetables, the vessel-constricting effect disappears. All you have to do is combine olive oil with red wine vinegar, which is loaded with the same antioxidants found in wine, and it appears you can prevent the deleterious effect on blood vessels.

    Plus other results indicate an overall risk reduction of all-cause mortality (11%), cardiovascular mortality (12%), cardiovascular events (9%), and stroke (17%) when comparing the top versus bottom third of MUFA, olive oil, oleic acid, and MUFA:SFA ratio. MUFA of mixed animal and vegetable sources per se did not yield any significant effects on these outcome parameters. However, only olive oil seems to be associated with reduced risk

  46. I have some concern with the value of this "endothelia function" test because after eating, blood is naturally shunted to the gut while digestion is occurring and the heart works harder during this process.https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/10095388

  47. This is why everyone should experiment on their own and run serum cholesterol test to determine the results over time. Heal thyself

  48. He never once mentions olive oil is a fat bomb. Liquid fat. You want to see the results look at all the fat balding Italian and Greek grannies who have to shave their moustache. There's your future if you drown your food in this liquid fat.

  49. Dr Garth Davis just said on instgram that olive oil is good for you and that vegans saying it's bad is hurting veganism because of misinformation. Im beginning to think the guys a joke

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