calcium is one of the main components of bones and teeth but it's also a vital mineral in every cell in our body without calcium we wouldn't be able to move our muscles or send signals through our nerves our hearts couldn't beat without calcium calcium is found in most fruits vegetables seeds and legumes but it's especially concentrated in dark leafy greens can also be found in fortified milks such as soy and almond milk although calcium is found in animal products the acidic nature of animal protein tends to pull the calcium from our muscles leading to muscle wasting as we age cultures that eat in little to no calcium are still able to maintain their bone health this is because our bodies are very efficient with calcium if we need more we will absorb it from our diet but if we don't need it then we absorb very little except for rare circumstances there is no need to take a calcium supplement to be sure check with your doctor

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Methew Wade

4 thoughts on “Nutrition in a Nutshell | Calcium”

  1. Great information. I didn't know that dairy removes calcium from your muscles too, as well as your bones. (constructive criticism I can barely hear you. I had to crank up my volume, then was blasted at the end with the music.) I want to share this on facebook, but I'm not going to because of the audio quality.

  2. If tests are showing that you are low in calcium and vit D (which I understand you need to absorb calcium) then you WOULD need a supplement right ? I assume you have to say that for legal reasons but there is no point asking doctors generally, and that I can afford to see – they don't know anything about most of the issues I have. eg I was told to eat meat to cure 'IBS'. I turned out to be gluten intolerant. For calcium I was encouraged to …yep you guessed it, take up dairy again ! Turned out I was vit D deficient, so now I take a vegan D3 and calcium supplements.

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