What if you could use your creativity
and imagination to study nutrition? Nutrition Genius is an online school
that shows future dietitians how to tap into their creativity and imagination to
excel as Registered Dietitians. We teach students and interns how to bridge the
gap between theory to practice in every area of dietetics, with four principles.
Hard skills. Using the skills every dietitian needs, we show you how to use
memory techniques, to be faster and more confident everyday. Art and science.
Using whole brain thinking, we’ll show you use your creativity and make it practical
with learning strategies, like visual storytelling and metaphors – which spark your memory and boost your imagination. You’ll explore why how you see
yourself as an important key to realizing your dreams. Especially as a dietitian. And finally
connection, means everything is connected to nutrition. We use nature and metaphors of life to
explain the science. And with the speed of creativity and imagination, you’ll learn how
to use these philosophies to think and act like a dietitian. Nutrition Genius has
created a variety of online courses that cover major skills and topics in dietetics, and each class is built on strong research in neuroscience and
successful learning and includes practice to help you with grow. With registered dietitian and founder of nutrition genius you’ll learn step-by-step how to use this knowledge in your life. And with video lectures, cooking demos, audio notes, worksheets – and other study supplements – you’ll get all the tools that you need to succeed. We love nutrition and we’re crazy about it. We’re Nutrition Genius. And we’re here to inspire YOU to be the best dietitian you can be! Find out how you can excel in nutrition, improve your memory, and change your life. Go to iamnutritiongenius.com and sign up for a free video lesson today!

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Methew Wade

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