it can cause joint pain swelling and stiffness arthritis is really common and it's really uncomfortable and it's something that people experience and live with daily personal health advocate Carrie bloomer says there are natural things patients can do to minimize the pain without taking medication the foods we eat can increase the inflammation levels in our body so therefore if we are able to follow an anti-inflammatory diet with more antioxidants we can help control some of the symptoms of arthritis or inflammation antioxidants lower levels of inflammation throughout the body the goal is to minimize the overall symptoms so they ate and the pain from arthritis so therefore yes they may have a lower dependency on some of the medications foods that are high in antioxidants like blueberries grapes and greens can help with joint inflammation but foods that are processed high in fat and high in sugar can keep your joints inflamed not only do we need our blues and our purples we need red yellow orange and green nutrients so plant-based materials every day to a regular healthy diet can help with day to day pain and swelling eating blueberries one time isn't going to make your knee feel better it's your habit of including a healthy diet high in antioxidants low in inflammatory foods like high fatty processed meats or high sugar foods that overtime is going to help lower the inflammation in your body in addition to fruits and vegetables health experts also recommend patients maintain an active lifestyle to help prevent joint stiffness for lean health I'm Lindsey fry

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24 thoughts on “Nutrition for Inflammation and Arthritis”

  1. Hello doctor. I have narrow space in my hip joint. Please help me in case with nutrition and medicine .l can not walk properly i have severe pain in my hip joint. Please suggest me and lead me please

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  7. Golden milk, homemade almond milk, and juicing need to be your best friends! I started juicing and cut sugar and felt the results in two days.

  8. Very good information but you need also some exercises to keep up with the pain not coming back. Follow this program:

  9. I have arthritis mainly in my thumbs and sometimes have a difficult time holding onto things or I`ve got trouble selecting things up. Given that I`ve been making use of this arthritis treatment method my range of motion is much better and I also do not find myself sucking in my breath.

  10. Good foods for arthritis are chicken feet, and necks, which contain tendons, ligaments, cartilage, bone, synovial fluid etc, and also bone broth either retail bone broth like "best of the bone broth concentrate" in Australia or buy bones from butchers/supermarkets and cook in water in pressure cooker until all the stuff stuck to the side dissolves off then eat, and store in fridge to eat the rest in future.

  11. Homeopathy remedies are best in controlling joint pain with no issues of side effects the symptoms are relieved by resolving the core issues.
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  13. Inflammation is most frequently in response to bad bacteria. They are either in you food supply or you are haboring them in you body (usually colon).

  14. I simply cut out refined sugars, processed foods and Dairy. Literally within 2 days I started feeling better. Inflammation almost completely gone. Psoriosis clearing up.

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