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nutrition facts of carp fish crab are various species of oily freshwater
fishes from the family of serenity the length of this fish is forty to eighty
centimeters this group of fish native to Europe and Asia these fishes are
commonly found in lake garda the lifespan of tarps are bald twenty years
the average mass weight of this fish is two to 25 kilograms nutrients are
calculated per 100 grams calories 127 saturated fat 1.1 grams poly unsaturated
fat 1.4 grams mono-unsaturated fat 2.3 gram cholesterol 66 milligrams sodium 49
milligram potassium 333 milligrams fiber nil sugar Anil calcium 4% vitamin D two
hundred forty seven percent vitamin b12 25 percent vitamin C two percent iron
six percent vitamin b6 ten percent magnesium seven percent these values are
based on a 2,000 calorie diet thanks for watching don’t forget to subscribe
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