hey guys today I'm going to show you how to do cardio at home with no jumping the secret this ten-minute no jumping cardio workout now I know it can be hard to do cardio if we live in an apartment or we cannot jump so this workout is perfect for you to do to get the heart rate up and burn those calories so let's jump straight in okay guys and welcome to your workout we're doing 20 seconds on 10 second rest per exercise so it lets into the first one hit the floor sighs so all I want you to do is step up to the side do it a little shuffle and touch the floor make sure to keep those knees bent keep the navel sucked into the spine and stop 10 second rest here before we repeat that all over again and guys are sighs that's it step out to the side make sure you keep those knees bent touch the floor excellent job the next markup of coming into is a month so you're gonna step back into a first lunge and we're gonna stay on one leg first so step back and lunge down come up make sure when you're coming up you're really us wheezing your glutes and your legs muscles keep that naval sucked into the spine excellent now we're just going to take that over to the other side now 20 seconds again size keep going down and up well done guys the mixer we're going into is front kicks foot bath so all I want you to do is kick forward and then touch the boys you go back so forward back now with this exercise you really want to be using some force here imagine that you really are trying to kick something out away keep yourself up keep balance and that core sucked in really use some force then let's take it over to the other leg now remember 20 seconds per one guys this is a great workout to get the heart rate up and also challenge your balance come on 10 second rest here now the next step of going into is a modified bucket so all I want you to do is step to the side kick that leg back but also use your hands to throw the back at the same time so in this move is going to be really good at engaging your arm muscles your shoulders and it's also going to help to tone up those legs and birds and calories so make sure you really are getting that foot as close to the bum as possible that's it come on pick up the pace excellent your next fib is going to be walking burpees so you're literally just going to go down step out step in and come back up again out out in in up make sure to squeeze that glute as you come up keep that core sucked in the entire time down down keep going excellent now we're going to go back to those modified buckets take a breather and let's go come on pull those arms back get that foot to us close to the bum as possible come on twenty seconds remember it's not long we're having fun here come on dance excellent let's go back to those walking burpees now go able to squeeze the glute that should come up excellent okay the next we're going into is slow outside skated so you're going to do a skater move where you're going to step to the side put the leg behind you and you're just going to step out nice and slowly remember you want to land softly see what that foot at the back to go in an attitude like position just behind your foot but we want to pick up the pace you can get your hands involved like I'm doing machen you're skating they come up excellent now we're going to repeat that again now okay when I've done 10 second dress now the next thing was one of my favorites you're all you're going to do is drive that knee towards the hand we're going to film one side only and it's switch to the other so really drive that knee up as high as you can bring that hand down keep the core sucked in and remember to breathe come on excellent let's take it over to the other side now after our break and go guzzle that's it keep going exercise the next move you're now going into is before wide Springs now I love this one so you're gonna do is in a wide start you're going to run five feet as soon as you can turn to the left face me turn to the right face me move left move right move back move forward come on and stop we're gonna repeat that again I mean you want to go as fast as you can here listen to my cues let's go then the hands out come on sent the left turn to me turn to the right come on that's it turn to me move to the side move to the other side move back move forward excellent job guys and let's move on to the floor we're going to be doing mountain climbers because why not we want to get the heart rate up third way so high plank position and run move those knees as close to the chest as possible and move those feet as quick as you can imagine that you're really trying to get up to the top of announcements okay just take a minute to breathe here got Mitch be a minute ten seconds and let's go come on this is your last cardio workup the next one we're going into it's not cardio that's it that's it that's it your final exercise of the entire circuit now is squats because Reiner who does on a nice bum so get its position and let's go squat down squeeze up and the twenty second pair 10 second break you've got one more to do with this you are finished so come on finish strong let's go squeeze down squeeze think about the bum yes fantastic work guys new art darkness if you like this workout then be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel just click on the subscribe button below and if you want exclusive weight loss tips and be sure to head over to Holly joking calm right now to sign up it's free now I want to turn it over to you which one of these exercises did you like the most let me know in the comments below

Methew Wade

26 thoughts on “No Jumping Cardio Workout”

  1. This can be quite helpful for owopkr like me (I'm a patient of rheumatoid arthritis, and jumping, planks and etc are not an option

  2. Oh mon Dieu. No jumping ! that's for me ( both feet destroyed) I thought to myself. But I did not expect this kind of cardio ! whaou ! I need a rest, longer rest. Thanks a lot. Bonjour de France 🙂

  3. I appreciate this, I have a bad back and have to modify the jump twist on your 15 minute vid. Thanks!

  4. Love your workouts babe, this is so motivating haha!! I just started making fitness videos ❤️

  5. Después de hacer estos ejercicios voy a quedar en el suelo pero igual los voy hacer gracias holly 🙌🙌

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