It’s me, Zubin Damania. Check it out. Fake news. It’s actually not fake. What they do in fake news is they take data and they cherry pick it, and they turn the statistics to say whatever it is
they’re trying to say. And when you look at nutritional studies and nutritional reporting and documentaries like this newest one, The Game Changers, about how going vegan, having a vegan diet is
the way to get ripped, that it’s got Arnold
Schwarzenegger on there. “Ever since I cut out meat, look at me I’m so swoll!” Ah think twice. The way people interpret
nutritional studies, and the way the press does it is truly fake news. And this is why. Let’s take a look at the vegan thing. In this documentary, they talk about all
these different studies. And my friend Peter Attia has written extensively about this. I’ll link out to it. The problem with these studies, when you’re comparing a vegan diet, which is, hey look it’s a great diet, but it’s an elimination diet. You’re taking stuff out of the diet. What are you comparing it to typically? The Standard American Diet or SAD. And we know what’s in that. Yeah there’s meat, but there’s also gooey dairy deserts. There’s also McDonald’s. There’s hella McRib in the
Standard American Diet. So you’re comparing what is pretty much universally acknowledged as the worst diet in the history of mankind… And the reason we know that is we have an “epidemiologic study” of 300 and some odd million Americans whoa are fatter, sicker, more diabetic, and are dying, and any time we export this diet to the rest of the world they die too. You’re welcome world. America number one. Iran (spitting sound effect). So the truth is when you
compare that crappy diet to a vegan diet, who’s gonna win every time? It’s gonna be the vegan diet, assuming you even do a
study that makes any sense. And this is the second problem. Any time you compare vegans, say, or anyone on a very restrictive diet to the rest of the world, you have something called
the healthy user effect or healthy user bias. Vegans are some of the most health conscious
people on the planet. They care about he environment. They care about what
they put in their bodies. They care about their yoga. They meditate. They’re woke, right? At least that’s what they’ll
tell you to your face every time at the party to try to make themselves
feel bigger than you. And it works. So the truth is, when you’re comparing
this really healthy group to a standard group, there’s a ton of biases. Some of them you can adjust for in the multivariate analysis. And some of them you can’t. And even when you can adjust, it’s hard to do. There’s a lot of bias you don’t even see. There’s less smoking. There’s more exercise. There’s more meditation. All these other things
make it really, really darn near impossible to tease these out unless you do a randomized control trial, where you put one group
into just eating vegetables and vegan stuff, and the other group into
eating whatever diet you’re comparing it to. And it’s very hard to do that because you have to put people in cages and control
everything they eat for years. And when we look at nutritional data, most of it is not
randomized control trials, it’s these observational
epidemiologic studies where you follow one group and you follow another group. You ask them questions. What did you eat over these years, and what happened? And then let’s look at the relative risk of dying, say. And here’s an example. So soft drinks. With soft drinks they did
this big study in Europe, like 400 odd thousands Europeans, and at the beginning of a 16-year study they said hey, how many soft drinks
do you drink per year? And how many of them have sugar, and how many of them don’t? And they got that data at the beginning of this trial. And at the end of the trial, they assumed that people drank the same number of soft drinks, that they were truthful and actually remember how many soft drinks they drank in the beginning. And then they did an analysis and said oh look, the group that drank
artificially sweetened beverages, so like Diet Coke, had a, I don’t know 20% greater risk of dying than the group that drank say no beverages. And let’s say it was a
10% greater risk of dying than the group that drank
sugary soft drinks like Coke. And of course it’s all over the news. Diet drinks more deadly
than sugary drinks, that are more deadly than no drinks. And it made massive news. But then you look at
how the trial was done. First of all they asked this question at the beginning of a 16 year trial and never really followed
up to did this stuff change. How are people, I can’t remember what I
ate yesterday, people. How are people in these trials gonna remember anything. Okay, so that’s problem number one. Problem number two is you cannot adjust for all the confounders. So people who are drinking diet drinks, are they dying because
they’re drinking diet drinks or are they dying more because
they’re drinking diet drinks because there was already something wrong. They were overweight, they had other health problems, etc. There’s a million potential confounders. Now here’s the craziest part. So this relative risk of say, let’s say 20%, so it’s 20% more likely you’re gonna die if you drink diet drinks
over a 16 year period. Okay, that’s a relative risk. In these studies, you need
to look at absolute risk. So how many people actually died in the normal group versus the
group that you’re studying, and what’s the difference in
absolute numbers of deaths. And it turns out, well if you have, let’s say we have a 50%
increased relative risk of dying, in the first group, out of a million people 10 people died. And in the second group, out of a million people, 15 people died. That’s like 50% increased
relative risk of dying. But the absolute risk
of dying is still tiny, and the difference between the groups is five people per a million. And then you start to go wait a minute, could that be explained by
these confounding effects that we’re not measuring? And the answer is almost assuredly. So immediately you can kind of throw out most traditional studies, most of the stuff you read about. Now by comparison, remember
they never did randomized control trials on cigarette smoking. They figured it out this way. They did the same thing. They asked people questions. Do you smoke? Do you not smoke? And look what happened. But guess what the differences were there. A relative risk of dying of 10,000% when you smoke, and an absolute risk of dying of like 1,000 versus like one. So that’s pretty powerful kind of correlation. Enough that you can kind
of assume causation. But that’s not what we
see in most other studies. So guys, when you’re
watching the fake news, when you’re reading garbage in print or you’re watching a documentary like Game Changers that was really well done, and if you wanna save animals and help the environment, that’s all wonderful and great, but if you’re trying to be healthier by saying that only a vegan diet or only a keto diet or only whatever diet’s gonna help you, you’re absolutely
misunderstanding the science and you’re cherry picking it and you’re creating fake news. The best thing you can do is to understand look, the standard American diet is probably garbage. And if you find a diet that works for you, talk to a professional, a nutritionist, a doctor, do the best you can for
your personal beliefs, genetics, and sort of
behavioral tendencies and something that’s sustainable. And that’s the best we can do right now because honestly we just
don’t have enough good data to say more than that. So that is the take home. Share this. I love you vegans. Namaste. Also I love you keto guys ’cause I like that fat. And I don’t know if Tom Hinueber you wanna go get like Mickey D’s or you wanna hit Burger King or In n’ Out, what’s up? – Epstein didn’t kill himself. – He was suicided by the Clinton’s. That’s one thing, there’s no, that’s a fact. – That’s not fake news. – That’s not fake news. – That’s real. That’s real as balls. – I see you Bill. I saw a deer on the street the other day and it was dead. It was almost dead and in it’s dying breath I listened to it, and I was like what’s up fam? And he goes let me tell
you what the Clinton’s did. And then you heard this
(blowing sound effect) and then nothing. Nothing. Fake news. – Suicided.

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Methew Wade

56 thoughts on “Netflix Food Documentaries Are Lying To You | A Doctor Debunks Bad Nutrition Science”

  1. I was with you until you suggested going to a registered dietician. From my experience, Many or most RDs would point to Game Changers as a hallmark of Medical Science. Harvard School of Public Health has poisoned the water of Nutrition Science for decades past and the foreseeable future.

  2. The unfortunate part is the first 15 seconds of your message can be applied to pretty much anything health related. All data has been massaged, tweaked, adjusted .

  3. Thank you for speaking truth as always! And, billionaire pedophile / convicted sex Jeffrey Epstein was 100% absolutely “suicided” a.k.a. murdered by the Clinton Mafia — who didn’t want the names of those who had raped children on his plane (the Lolita Express) or on his pedophile island to be revealed. Keep dropping those facts, ZDogg!

  4. I fail to see how telling people on SAD to increase plant based foods an issue. Can you comment on the big China study on the same subject, doc?

  5. Vegan diets can be just as crappy as a SAD. I just had an impossible whopper yesterday. I also eat oreos from time to time. Talk about zero nutritional value.

  6. Watching a YouTube video about diets while eating cookies and making baked spaghetti…. I have nothing to contribute here….

  7. Mmmmmm relative, absolute what about what the statins do? Absolutely nothing.
    Keto yeah plenty, loooads of info, testimonials, books and research, it works. Vegans, not even long enough time to tell what the lack of nutrients will do to them, and hospital nutrition is a shambles (margerine, veg oils, kitchen salt, diet sodas , sandwiches, sandwiches, sandwiches, shambles, shambles) try to speak with the catering managers, words to the wind…

  8. THANK YOU for this. It’s disturbing how many in my BSN program can’t critically look at information and studies. This was a good vid about interpreting results in general.

  9. Eat to live don’t live to eat and what’s best for your health becomes much easier. On another note, why is it that some people feel the need to mock anyone who questions the obvious and dubious circumstances surrounding the death of Mr. Epstein? Such unwavering faith in authority or that of the media is just a bit ironic coming from a video claiming that Netflix diet documentaries are lying to you.

  10. I lost most of my weight prior to being vegan… Once I became vegan, I was stressed out. I knew vegans who were beautiful, looked amazing, skin glowing, very intelligent…but unfortunate all dead/sterile prior to age 35 due to that vegan propaganda. You gotta find what works for you.

  11. I so wish you would address that "experiment" they did on the show with the doctor in the white lab coat and the three guys eating bean or meat burritos one day, and then looking at their plasma. Does that really change the transparency of plasma? And if so, is that even a bad thing? Seems they went with the unspoken premise that clear is somehow better. Good thing they didn't test engine oils!

  12. Making some great points Z. From a science standpoint it's really hard to say "Eat this diet because it's proven to be the best diet to eat". We know that doing an actual diet experiment with a meaningful group size is nearly impossible. Even when we do complete these experiments often the only people who are really able to stick to a controlled specific diet are people who are already very disciplined about their health and diet which skews the results. In addition to this we also have to account for genetics which we know play a role in how well certain types of food are tolerated by the body. However one other massive issue is a lack of general education regarding diet. Even among healthcare professionals on the clinical side of things I have found a massive deficit in very basic dietary knowledge. Not to call out my coworkers but the majority of physicians and nurses I know are woefully undereducated in regards to diet. A simple macro nutrient and calorie count break down for an average patient is something that would be beyond the ability of most clinicians. Yeah, that patient can go see a nutritionist but do we really need to send them to a specialist to deal with such a basic adl? It's ridiculous to elevate the problem to that extent without out the presence of other serious dietary restrictions. The proof of this is in the hospital diet. I don't care what it is, Ada, cardiac, low fat, whatever. We give our patients meals that are 75% carbohydrates 15% protein and 10% fat etc. This is shameful and the fact that were giving them this stuff as an example of a healthy well balanced meal makes it even worse. The thing is, I don't see anyone standing up and protesting. We go into our patients rooms and tell them they need to lose weight, and then we hand them a menu with french fries, pizza, burgers, and soda on it. So are these documentaries bullshit, well yeah they are, but we're shoveling shit just like the people who make those films are.

  13. My wife and I have been whole-foods plant based for 8 years, we cook and eat an amazing diversity of real food all home made with ease.
    It’s not hard , we don’t see what the big deal is.
    We usually choose to not talk about it because it’s as controversial as politics and religion, so to each his own.
    But if you want double blind placebo controlled studies then you should Check out
    Dr. Michael Greger
    Maybe you should interview Dr. Greger.

  14. So much wrong with vegan arguments. First is similar to the relative risk vs absolute risk in this video. The MOST environmentally friendly agriculture is extremely limited because food optimally grows only well in very specific climates and soils, a tomato grown in a hothouse in california is terrible for the environment. Also the "circle of life" food cycle is the most efficient, because that is how the environment evolved. You need animals to eat the plant matter that we can't eat and break it down into fertilizer. Thus the most environmentally friendly, energy efficient agriculture/diet is going to be a mix of vegetable and animal. But that is not how to make money so no one is going to do that. Which brings up the second biggest hole in vegan arguments. The personal effect you have. If you stop "participating" in the market for meat, the demand goes down, the volume doesn't, so the price goes down. This hurts the economics of the entire industry but mostly the primary creators. Everyone along the chain takes a small hit and all those small hits add up to a big hit on the farmers. So what do the farmers do? Do they throw away everything and change their business? No. They industrialize, they use all the tricks available to lower costs to keep their profits up. This means more factory farms, MORE animals, and expanding to new markets. Can't sell that cow here? Try a developing nation. Try fancy pet food. You want the animals to live longer happier lives? Spend money on meat that is ethically grown, that provides the motivation and market for better treatment of animals.

  15. I'm an RN. I used to work at a nursing home with several centerian residents. None were on a special diet and said they had bacon,eggs,and coffee for breakfast their whole lives. They also had a great outlook on life

  16. You're right on. Healthcare 3.0 must be about preventative care, nutrition / diet and all the above. But turning data into information and then – information into actual knowledge is where the cogs of the political machine, interest groups and industry interfere.

    We must change our politics first. I know how to start. I suspect you do too Dr. Z. Let's start their.

  17. Please google Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine for high quality evidence demonstrating superior mortality benefit with Whole Food Plant Based diet.

  18. Important topic and we're all glad you brought it to our attention, thank you for this. However I'm sorry but I have to call you out, tired of the medical community skipping over this real medical and health care issue… Transgenders, I'm not someone against any groups of people so please don't feel like I'm taking shots at anyone. I'm simply saying that like modern wave feminism, there's transgenders more dangerous then even the most out spoken feminist. Normally I'd leave these topics alone but there's a clear string of negatives to this entire transgender non sense. I'll list what I can at the end but I wanted your take on this crisis as this very much threatens your profession the most. Let's all be honest here there's no such thing as a transgender, the only ones able to claim this spot is those born with both sexual organs but even they're over shadowed and silenced but these pretenders. Everything from your job is at risk for not using the right pronun which yes, many doctors have been fired, our biological study as a feild is currently at risk of being removed entirely (Google that), medical practices and medicine is also being pressured and forced to bow down to demands and worst of all… Children are being taught by parents, school teachers and some doctors that they can pick their gender which is heavily dangerous, because there's a law for you doctors which says your unable to disagree once a child states he is a she, or she is a he… If the parents ask for therapeutic practices you have no choice but to under go this horrific legal human experimention which destroys the development of a child under the age of 15 when they shouldn't be allowed to make such a decision. Here's a static…. Over 98% of those cases of children who go through the delusion of believing they are the opposite gender grow out of that phrase by age 17…that means parents are literally killing any chance of a normal up bringing, and those who undergo hormonal, chemical and or surgical procedures develop depression/suicidal practices by nearly 48% before the age 15,that in turn is higher then most social groups who deal with depression and suicidal practices by nearly 15%…and that's before age 15 imagine as they age what that number looks like. Dr how are we not discussing this issue. It's not complicated or hard to talk about, this is a wildfire attacking our children… These new medical terms and treatments are effecting our children so much that doctors actually lie to the families by stating these procedures are reversalable meanwhile not one study exists but more and more studies show case the harms of transiting children and adults as most adults who transition report suicidal practices after one year of completely their therapy. Also that 98% of children growing out of that phrase also suggests that most adult transgenders are lying about feeling like their born in another body, I'm not saying there is not one account which I'm sure many really do, but I believe the vast majority have heard somewhere about the idea of feeling trapped in another body and simply adopted that for sympathy reasons. Lastly, gender dysphoria as a treatment choice is also being threaten to shut down. There's no positives to becoming transgender and it's destroying us badly. Please talk about this

  19. Get Game Changers out ya mouth son. Yes the media does bogus stuff like coffee is good for you, coffees bad for you etc. I follow and listen to what you say and how you teach it. Huge no yellow gown guy here. But game changers tells people to eat vegetables instead of meat. So if everyone did that, the world is healthier, and people are healthier…..yeah they cherry picked some stuff….whats wrong with that if it saves the world, like what you are trying to do with health care. They don't distort science. They give you evidence as to what you can do on a certain diet and why you shouldn't be afraid to at least cut back on meet and eat healthier.

  20. Just open your eyes, you know most of what you eat is not good for you. Cattle in dirt with no grass, Chicks in a cage there whole life. Cut open a tomato if it's not red its not ripe but that's what you will find in the store. Find better food!

  21. Look at the leaders in nutrition for this nation. Not a scientist on one of their boards and you want to point at the documentary that says, look you don't need to eat steaks to get ripped? Come on Z

  22. Spot on!
    With everyone become a self-certified nutrition guru these days, it honestly puts doctors in a fix (especially since as you mentioned in your interview with Dr. Ronesh Sinha, us doctors are barely given any training in nutrition studies during med school)
    Similar content by Medlife crisis (Dr. Rohin) on a great video about the red meat research, and some more on biases in medical research.
    Would recommend if anyone's interested!

  23. I was with you right up until the Clinton thing, then all your credibility went out the window. Your hypocrisy is disgusting.

  24. I follow a plant based diet and I agree with you on many of these points, specifically the quality of studies out there right now. However, we do have significant data that tells us eating plants and Whole Foods is healthier than eating processed meats, dairy, sugar, etc. Putting a vegan or plant based diet label on a person doesn’t mean anything about their health unless you actually look at what they’re putting in their mouths (I.e Oreos or bananas 🙂 )

  25. I don't know why vegans want to put a gun to our heads and force us to go vegan. It is my body and test buds mehn! I identify as a meat lover. I deserve some respect, you bigots!

  26. Hahahaha umm what? Since when do vegans care about their health, meditate, and do yoga? Get your head out of your ass. Are you here to make stereotypes based on your own opinion, or make actual fact backed points?

  27. Almost choked on my VEGAN PIZZA watching this 😂😂😂 Did he say all vegans eat healthy, do yoga and mediate, or did I drink too much beer for tonight?

  28. Since when are doctors trained nutritionists ?? Also, are you going to ignore the fact that a study claiming veganism is the healthiest diet that regenerates cells, which won a NOBEL AWARD, is also fake news?

  29. But the two studies that showed reversal of cardiovascular disease were plant strong, much closer to whole food vegan than SAD. So until we have a study showing meat strong diet reversing cardiovascular disease or other diseases the plant strong holds strong in the literature, also if people don’t find meals that are all plant based they enjoy having the likelihood of them getting adequate fruit, veggie, legume, and whole grains that we know have positive effects are much slimmer.

  30. 2nd year internal medicine resident here. I really appreciate your videos. They are motivating because it makes me realize even more so that there are sincere doctors out there like you. I love caring for my patients. Primary care is where much of change can occur in helping better our healthcare.

  31. You’re a fake Doctor. I have the best of the doctors at MD Anderson, they are one of the BEST EXPERTS ON COLON CANCER IN THE WORLD. EVERY DOCTOR HAS TOLD ME TO STAY AWAY FROM RED MEAT AND PROCESSED MEAT (cold cuts) because it causes COLON CANCER!! STOP LYING TO PEOPLE. YOU HAVE BLOOD ON YOUR HANDS BY SPREADING THESE LIES. Peer reviewed studies are NOT FAKE NEWS. MULTIPLE studies from around the world have suggested that a high consumption of meat is linked to an increased risk of colon cancer. In some studies, fresh meat appears culpable; in others, it's processed, cured, or salted meat — but in all cases the worry is confined to red meat, not chicken.
    The best evidence comes from a pair of large 2005 studies, one from Europe, the other from the United States. The European research tracked 478,000 men and women who were free of cancer when the study began. During nearly five years of follow-up, 1,329 people were diagnosed with colon cancer. The people who ate the most red meat (about 5 ounces a day or more) were about a third more likely to develop colon cancer than those who ate the least red meat (less than an ounce a day on average). Their consumption of chicken did not influence risk one way or the other, but a high consumption of fish appeared to reduce the risk of colon cancer by about a third. The effects of red meat and fish held up after the results were adjusted for other potential colon cancer risk factors, including body weight, caloric consumption, alcohol consumption, smoking, physical exercise, dietary fiber, and vitamins.

    The U.S. study, sponsored by the American Cancer Society, added important information about the effects of long-term meat consumption. The subjects were 148,610 people between the ages of 50 and 74. Each person reported on his or her dietary patterns and health habits when the study began in 1982 and again, 10 to 11 years later. A high consumption of red and processed meats at both dates was linked with a substantial increase in the risk of cancer in the lower colon and rectum. Conversely, the long-term consumption of large amounts of fish and poultry appeared protective.

    These two studies are impressive, and they don't stand alone. A meta-analysis of 29 studies of meat consumption and colon cancer concluded that a high consumption of red meat increases risk by 28%, and a high consumption of processed meat increases risk by 20%.

  32. 1:57, BS this was tested in the California vegan study, it is NOT healthy user bias!

    They compared identical groups that both worked out, similar age, same location, same religion, stop lying!

  33. So, essentially, a news article about nutrition is about as accurate and predictive of reality as any conversation with an economist lol

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