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Methew Wade

44 thoughts on “My Opinion Of Home Gyms, Bowflex, Total Gym, etc…”

  1. Total gym is good. Especially when you use the weight bar with it, and you don't need a spotter.

  2. My wife brought the total gym new. But she doesn't use it. So I started using it this week. Not sure if that is half off but will give it a good run for its money.

  3. The total gym has different qualities of models using the glide board and body weight restiance. The high end models are made from steel instead of aluminum type of alloys. Go used to save money, but by pass the Walmart prototypes of you want quality. Also, know that folding the Totalgym you have to be careful not to crush or pinch your hands, an easy thing to do.

  4. Buying used equipment is a great idea. Have used a total gym for 20? yrs. Do recommend that line of machines. So my total gym is just about perfect for me. BMI 20. It's great for flexibility.

  5. I love my home gym. It holds 1pair of pants, 4 shirts and a coat. My treadmill doesnt hold as much though.

  6. I got my Total Gym for FREE off of Craigslist…I paid $20.00 to have the people deliver it…I've had it for almost 10 years…I love it….

  7. Thanks, Lee! Sort of in your used commentary… The problem with buying a used Bowflex is that it might be difficult to tell if the bands were taken care of and or at the end of their cycle. It might also be difficult to tell if the cables and pulleys are in good working order as well because you have nothing to compare them to, particularly if you know nothing about home gyms. If you know something about the machines, buying used might be the way to go, but I'm shying away because I don't want to buy used only to turn around to spend another $350 on new rods, etc.

  8. Offer up, facebook marketplace, craigslist, flea market. The only places i would ever buy exercuse stuff from. Absolutely no point buying new.

  9. Even my friends Mr T and Hulk Hogan can use Bowflex and Total Gym. They feel stronger using them no matter how old they are.

  10. Bought a total gym ultra off Craigslist the other day for $20 dollars. If I actually use and like it I will splurge and buy a nicer one for $250 later on.

  11. I have both a Bowlex Ultimate and a Total Gym 1400. If you're a lifter then I doubt you'd like either as a primary machine but as a sublimate to free weights both have their place. The Bowflex offers more traditional exercises and contrary to other comments can get a nice burn if you're smart about it. IE" More reps less weight type of training. The one thing the Bowflex is great at that can be difficult with free weights is really slow reps that get the slow-twitch muscles really firing. Because of that the Bowflex is great for recovery weeks.
    That being said I prefer the Total Gym for a home machine. It's more aerobic than the Bowflex and is great to get the muscles stretched out and the blood flowing in the morning. It's like Pilates meets weight training.

    The buying used advice is words to live by. I bought both used, paid $10 for the Total Gym at a share shop and about $100 for the Bowflex at a local auction.

  12. Had two total gyms, never buy one again. Wheels crapped out on me over time, and the negative force just feels off to me. The positive and negative ratio is not balanced in my opinion.

  13. Does the total gym build muscle and other..do I have to go to a actual gym after I buy the total gym?

  14. Good video man thank you.

    I personally own a set of Bowflex select text and I absolutely love them the drawback is you cannot drop them okay no biggie but that's why variation is the key to working out nobody owns just a kick bag they also own like a speed bag as well. When it comes to Home Gyms you have to remember that's exactly what they are Home Gyms if you have a big enough room for proper equipment please do not invest in the Bowflex they are absolute BS as far as the price I got to Revolutions on Craigslist for only five hundred bucks I like it but it has some terrible flaws to it but I did need a machine for rowing and for doing some squatting so it does just fine and I didn't have to pay full price never pay full amount for Bowflex they are not worth the price.

  15. Have a bowflex don't like it tbh but it is usable and I feel would be a better alternative if you are lacking space haven't used the other home gyms just that but I would prefer traditional bench/squat rack combined with a space for dead lift and power cling

  16. Thanks for the review. You look like you know what you are doing. It's good to hear someone say something good about a different system. I had too many back aches with weights since college, so I tried the Total Gym. The only aches I get there are from muscle soreness. It works for me. I had a salesmen for another machine tell me "They all work. You just have to use them.' Sounded like good advice. Thanks again for the video.

  17. I saw the title, and was "afraid" to watch thinking you might say my Total Gym (made by TG but a lower end model) was junk, and ONLY Free Weights work!. So thanks for giving them some credit. I bought mine new (I think $400) because I always wanted one, and I love it. I use free weights also though. My draw back is, there are "only" 12 levels. The Tg has a version, where you can add weights, but thats too expensive for me. I found a way around this though. I do a Rest Pause version sets, ie, go to fail (6-20 reps depending on exercise),,count to 10 add a few more reps , count 10 ect until can't do any more (usually just 3 rest pauses.,,,limited on Leg exercises though, only sigle leg squats (leg press) worthwhile. But great for Pull ups, rows, curls, Pullovers are awesome! I can do Dips which are great Those are my main exercises with it—goes well along side regular free weights.

  18. All i got for a home gym right now is 2 standard dumbell handles and 250 lbs of 1" weight plates. I dont even have a bench i use my matress for bench press and my couch for military presses and tricep extensions.

  19. When I was in college I had a Bowflex (back in early 2000), I also pay for the upgrade to an extra 50lbs rod on each side which brought it to a total of 150lbs rod which I believe is equivalent to 150lbs plates. What I can tell you is that I also when to the gym and did plates. I was able to bench press 315lbs plates 1 time/rep and when I loaded the Bowflex with it's total capacity of 300lbs rod (adding 150lbs rod for each side), I was able to do about 1.5 rep. In my opinion you can build muscle with Bowflex as long as you get extra weight upgrade and always push yourself.
    My old Bowflex got dirty and I lost some parts because after college I moved to 4 different states for worked and I had to stored it with my mom for a while when I joined the military.
    Now, at 35 year old and married with a stable job and home am planning to get a new Bowflex to get back to benching at least 225lbs 8 times/reps.

  20. I own a POWERTEC MULTISTATION WORKBENCH has no pulleys uses plates and I love it best investment I ever made

  21. How do I use free weights and a total gym? Can I use them on the same days? Can do chest and shoulders with free weights in the AM, and then chest and shoulders wth total gym in the evening?

  22. Just bought the Total Gym Fit a couple of months ago and it's awesome! 85 exercises. And you can add a plate bar for more resistance. It's not cheap but it will save money on gym memberships in the long run. Put it in my living room by the window and I also have an adjustable bench in the bedroom and have two 75 and two 45 pound dumbbells.

  23. Great advice!
    Ebay has some fantastic deals on fitness equipment. I've seen equipment for sale that the seller stated that it was only used a few times, or someone was moving and had to sell their gently used equipment.

  24. i bought my bowflex xtreme2 off of craigslist for $300 and i literaly found a eliptical in the trash outside of my apartment building. #winning#

  25. Been using a Total Gym for over a year now, i lost 26 pounds slimed down to 185. I feel better, stronger and have more energy.The Total gym is excellent when space is limited and switching to different exerises is simple and way faster than changing plates. I did however added free weights to my routine this week.

  26. I've been using the Bowflex for a year now, it's a great machine for staying in good shape but that's about it. Sorry to say the Bowflex is terrible for body building and strength training. I cannot stress this enough, no matter how hard I used the Bowflex it NEVER made me sore like you feel when you're pushing real weights. I'd stay away from the Bowflex if body building and strength training is your thing.

    I enjoy using the Bowflex when I'm bored and want to take it easy, it's a fun machine. When it's time to get serious and build real muscle I use my gold's gym olympic workout bench, hex bar, and my pullup/dip bar.

  27. I go to the a gym but I walk and I love in Brooklyn NYC and it gets really fucking cold at times so I have bought some of those cheap ass dumbbells that have the plastic plates honestly if you work hard enough and find a way to actually have to work and make sure your use the best form you can with what ever you have when I was a teenager me and my brother would use fucking any thing we could we would do prison style work outs that our dad taught us like we would lay on each other's back while doing push ups and sit on each other's shoulders for squats and we actually found some dumbbells that were in an abandoned house were actually saving money to get a weight set and we collecting scrap metal and and we actually ended up finding about 400$ in an abandoned apartment complex when we were visiting our cousins in New Jersey and then we had enough money to basically get every thing we needed. But just doing prison style work outs we got big bigger I was the biggest kid in my high school

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