okay next what we're gonna be doing is your girl Mercedes back in the coat with another video for you guys today this video you get tips and tricks and what I do so all these products I'll be showing you guys are going to be you all under $10 and these are inexpensive products and yeah I'm gonna just put the price on the screen no first the first thing that we're gonna the first category now we're gonna start with well and I don't know if you guys can tell them I got my braces off no more brace piece for me I got memory stuff like about oh it's almost about to be a month everything that my Brazil oh yeah so the first kind of worried that we're going to start with is skincare and how I keep my skin cleared and how I do not have acne and I get pimples every once in a while but like the knowledge I have a full face acne with dark spots and pimples I use mean I use not seemly deep Pore Cleanser okay this is the cleanser the face cleanser that I use it's kind of like a lengthy metallic silver color and I got this from Dollar General in a Dollar General warmer so yeah I use this as my face cruncher I use it morning and night like in the morning when I'm getting ready and go to Pitt I like to wash my face the same day and now for my face mask usually like what I advise if you have if you have a skincare routine I advise that you have a cleanser and either a mask have a cleanser and then a mask that you do like every week so the masks I used I have two different ones I barely used this right I like to use the freemen feeling little food for juvenile in cucumber and pink salt clean masks and this is just a tempest I use the cleanser every day I used the mask once a week and I use this sometimes like when I just want to oh and this one's a gel mask in a scrub so this is a face plate and it's also a wash off I got this from Marshalls it was about $7.99 and a lot of people recommend like rosewater it's a if you don't know what rosewater is it hydrates your face and it's a hydrating face mist so if you have like dry skin or you know you just want to get that glow to your skin rosewater skeet don't also you can use rosewater to like as a setting spray for your makeup so like finger makeup won't smudge won't come off throughout the day you can spray this over your makeup or before you put on makeup wait is it before you put on moisturizer on your skin so that's why you see so next we're gonna be going into is body hair and what I use for my skin so since I have sensitive skin and I do have eczema here behind my knees basically all my friend just a lot on my arms my legs that's smart getting along so some lotion that i used some lotion was that I used I used I like to do that by saline cocoa rating and cocoa butter and this is you know heels dry skin ever feel this natural glow so I look he how dry skin and you know is how's your skin glowing that's why you should use it so it's very dislike this for sensitive skin so I have sensitive skin and I personally like to use cocoa butter on my skin because it's like a good moisturizer it's rich in his cream coconut oil some people who are against coconut oil but I personally like coconut oil because it gives you like it just gives you a glow a sign you can use it on your body for cooking for your hair anything anything and this is 100% organic coconut oil expeller press extra virgin oil from fresh coconut so you want to get the the most work in it coconut oil now you can find okay dude I can't no kind of we're gaining fifty percent working and doing it all for the in it go so coconut oil and it also has like a really good smell to it and I don't like my some people like the coconut oil Matt's melted you can see is either okay but just has a good smell next for body wash this is still in the same category for body care oh and I got this like the Arabic stories this was like about four to five dollars and I also got this from so next what I use I used to just a basically a washcloth just like a bright ones washcloth I got a pack of 24 for about five dollars at Dollar General and I use these I used this for about like I use when I use a washcloth I use it for about two weeks I recommend using it for like about a week or two and then put it like in the dirty basket whatever you where you put your towels and stuff in and then throw it away and I use it got so funny because I was just like my soul so what I recommend also if you have a sensitive skin or you have eczema use does because does sensitive sensitive so can use me for sensitive skin so I use the Dove cream oil this is not the original when clay it has it's kind of just like the original ones I said they have Moroccan and I can't wiggle it still this one so I kind of like a moisturizing one and so this is also free ice also helps it has like a really good thing and I like to put like my parcel and like a travel things in here once I like to take out the Box you know can we give you a proper demonstration okay so you take your rag okay don't use your hands class this nasty I'm gonna take around pop this so you won't run it under some water and while it's under the water won't scrub it so a lot you want scrub scrub you're gonna keep scrubbing okay get a lot of soap we took is really soapy release OB okay put it back here we're gonna close it and you're gonna take it and you're gonna go while I like to do a light so go for my neck first for my neck little from them back and gonna scrub all that sweat that dirt from binding you're gonna go for my arms all that excess the other neck for another lotion I only used by somebody wears lotion for one of those days like when I'm gonna smell like I don't want to smell fresh fresh we want to smell fresh fresh like extra fresh fresh that's when we want to use about the body that's one bad my body works comes in handy okay now everybody's back somebody works cuz some people some people's skin can't take whatever you know all the extra perfumes and all that stuff in it so I'm gonna use this once in a while you know I'm a little being here anyways I also use this like if I use the lotion then I use the body wash I also have a vanilla bean Noel body wash whatever but I didn't breaking is my reward we've got a pretty good for this video so yeah next week is gonna be going into saving but I used to see so those people if you having a hard time you know we want to wear shorts or whatever about this summer no wear your shorts little booty shorts a little biker shorts you want to wear the little tank tops or whatever so do arm say Harry that's when the air comes in okay that's when there comes a handy so there is basically a shaving cream so you don't have to shave it's basically a cream that you put wherever you wanted to cut the hair and it basically you keep it all for like under 10 minutes I usually keep my going for 46 minutes and then I I do myself the shower so like let's say like I'm about to get in the shower so like before I get in the shower I like to put it on wait for those four to six minutes identity in the shower so when I'm putting it on in my shower water doesn't get on the cretan and then some of the cream keeps off wait it comes off so basically I got this one Family Dollar and I got this for five dollars and basically you can use it on I use on my legs and my arms that's basically I don't use anywhere hours so yeah you know you want to show your legs and your arms so next next next next just to give you like that extra that extra set for you to smell but that's for set some perfume okay I like these little body sprays open up here of perfume from listens this is basically a lingerie store I believe yeah it is it's kind of just like pink but yeah basically like pink like pink and lizards or like cousins or sisters but basically they have to deal where you get two of these either two of these perfumes or two of the many lotions you can mix and match them for five dollars so what I usually do is I get like a mini and Mini of body mist and a little you know lotion on the colosi or you can either get two of the body mist or tool to lotions so these are five dollars and you know and also on me so you guys something if you guys do not put on deodorant and you want to go straight so putting on person perfume doesn't do nothing like if you already smell musty and they want to add your drink with your dirty okay I'm sorry bitch you're dirty if no one told you I'm gonna be the first one to tell you deodorants the body spray perfume body mist whatever you want to call it doesn't cover up the same it just makes you stink okay what image like loves is nasty and could smell to get there okay so if you already stink and then you try to put perfume over it is this gonna you're not gonna it's not gonna break this you're just gonna stink you stink sis you stink okay just take a shower you know possum do you hold her ain't you know put on some lotion you know next we're gonna do we're gonna do what I use to keep my teeth white and good since I have my got my braces off or whatever and you know I've got my braces off and my teeth were low-key cuddy yellow so if you suffer from like yellow teeth or either you want to whiten your teeth more that's why I wouldn't do that want to whiten my teeth more since they were already like a whitish color by we needed to make it even more way use your Colgate optic wait okay this stuff works okay I'm gonna use this once I just bought this like yesterday so like I'm gonna use this one so why am I even saying it worse but um yeah clean prep is key okay you don't want to be going up to somebody and they're like they push you away or they won't know good your breath stink okay no do it okay just brush your teeth will you brush your teeth okay brush your tongue okay get all that waste of all in brush Italy's pink okay next I like to swap a know basically my favorite deodorant I like to choose is I like unit of this bright light does spray the deodorant spray because I said it works it's a 48 hour long lasting do dream but you know they didn't have that in stock when I went yesterday to go kitty don't want to go stock up one more hygiene products and it habits so I'm just okay Swami it works just as good it's a 24-hour presenting its invisible solid and I have to Wow cherry blossom and they'll also be like it smells good like you know is what I got for now yeah mum cycle okay like you're cycling like wearing your cycling stuff like that you know you're on e or whatever and do not like make sure you got some baby wipes okay jumbo okay are up to date or your hygiene while you're on your cycle and like you just let that blood sit there okay on that patty huge toilet honestly there's no problem using toilet paper I just prefer Huggies pure wipes okay because it works way better because it has like a light say image natural and natural fibers so I would say it has natural fibers in like it's moist so it's going to wipe all that like nasty junk and blood and all that stuff out because toilet paper is just like a dry cloth so it's not really gonna pick up anything so that's why I just prefer you know I prefer huggy you know I also preferred like while I'm choosing pads or whatever I prefer the ultra things the thick ones they so many diapers and I really don't prefer them because they're very uncomfortable I don't know where those like you know for sleeping purposes or whatever so I don't have to like get up and keep changing them so that's why I recommend the ultra thin throughout the day or whatever and have you pure natural fiber way okay so that is all for my summer hiking summer hygiene video okay don't forget to like to like comment and subscribe to my channel and if it gets a comment of their video idea thank guys have don't forget to follow me on my social and don't forget to share this video you know like come and subscribe and ie

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