hey guys let's go come welcome back to my channel today we're doing episode two of loving myself challenge don't know what I'm calling it yeah I just wanted to start off by saying a big ol thank you for all the love and support that you gave me on my last video honestly I can last for kind of people to be watching my videos yeah you will just made me feel so much better about myself and less alone I mean that's pretty crazy but it's true so yeah thank you so much for that as you can tell I'm feeling much better already it's working and I've only been doing it for like a week now that the thank yous are awesome done this video it's all about my new workout routine and also just a few of my tips to be fit and healthy but in like a really fun way if you want to skip to the part just about my routine and I'll put like a little time stamp on the screen so you can skip ahead but right now I just want to give a little background into my thoughts about working out just you can kind of get to know where I'm coming from so lucky of me my parents are super fit and healthy people they've both done fine men races before triathlons stuff like that so from a young age I've also been really into sports and fitness that has been great for me you don't help wise but also not so great probably more mentally I've been like super strong since I was like six because I did gymnastics it did cause me to be very self conscious because I didn't look like other girls all of my friends are super tall and lean and long whereas my muscles are more on the larger side just because you have to be so powerful in gymnastics and athletics so yeah it naturally makes your muscles bigger and especially because I was so much bigger than all of the boys in my year at school until like sick form pretty much that also made me feel a little bit shitty about myself because I was like I'm supposed to be a really cute small tiny girl and I'm not I'm bigger than the boys thinking about it now it's done there's no right or wrong body shape for any boy or any girl so it's messed up but since I was about 11 when I started having these thoughts that's when I started to get very unhealthy in the way that I thought about exercise I started thinking exercise was just a way to lose weight rather than stay happy and healthy but now I am trying to think in a more positive way I want to do exercise because I love it because I want to be healthy and strong it's all great now try to be positive that's kind of the background to my fitness lifestyle so I guess I'm just gonna tell you about my new routine which is way more fun I'm now running three times a week doesn't matter if it's Monday Wednesday Friday really doesn't matter and then on the other three days I will do lower body upper body and full body and then I will have one rest day on the days that I run I've actually been using this app called couch to 5k basically it's just someone talking in your ear saying walk run walk run and it gets harder and harder every week and I really enjoy this because it's a bit of a challenge and you've got a set goal at the end it's really easy to motivate yourself which I need I will leave the link to that app in the description box if you want to check that out and then on the days that I don't run and I do a certain area of my body I will actually just use youtube videos because they're really good and that looks so great personally gyms don't really work out for me because I spend the money and then I don't go and I will also link those videos in the description box play around give it a look see what is good for you and then I will have one day a week where I do absolutely nothing I think it's really important to have a rest day do not push yourself too far because people just end up injuring yourself I've done that many a time I'm gonna put a example week on the screen if you want to follow that go ahead but yeah the only other thing that is different to my routine is that I've decided I want to stop weighing myself the reason for this is because how much you weigh and the way that you look don't always match up you could weigh 120 pounds or whatever but you could still have so much more fat on you than someone who waits more but has less fat and that's because muscle weighs more than fat so yeah just because you weigh less doesn't mean that you're healthy I'm trying not to weigh myself anymore because it also got me into a very bad state of mind where I was like I have to be this weight and then I'll be happy whereas that's not true I know that I'll be happy in myself if I see strong muscles yeah that's that for my new routine now for a couple of tips just some tricks to change your mindset the first one is to join a team I personally love love love team sports over the past two years I just stopped the heart because I wasn't at school anymore my plan is to join a network team again if you can't join a team then maybe arrange a day where you and your friends just go to a park or something and play you know football I play lacrosse so I do that with my friends sometimes tennis swimming there's a lot of focus on gym gym gym especially on Instagram and YouTube if you love it that's great do you but if you hate the gym like me then definitely start a sport that you enjoy my second tip a big one get outside stop driving places walk places more I mean unless it's like really far away obviously you can't do that I'll try and walk as much as I can get short spring that's my shopping pitiful I'll work out a long way I think being on a treadmill inside isn't great for you especially if you have a full-time job that's at an office or something again you're inside all day and it's not good for anyone my third tip is a bit more superficial I keep close I always get super motivated when I have cute workout kit because makes me want to wear it and actually go out and exercise so yeah if you think that will be a motivator for you definitely try it out I've got two more tips this next one is really important I think because it will stop you from giving up that is to keep things interesting definitely don't do the same thing every single day because you're just gonna get bored and if you get bored you're not going to want to do it and they were just quit so that's why I alternate days where I do running and then I do bodyweight exercises running bla bla bla you get it so yep keep it interesting and then you might actually be excited to work out and then my last tip I take back why so forth this is the most important one just do it just start it seems like a very simple thing but I cannot tell you the amount of times I've said to myself oh I'll start tomorrow I mean you must have done that as well even if it isn't with exercise maybe it's with like homework or something and then when it gets tomorrow you're like oh I'll do it tomorrow and you never do it literally just start right now if you've done absolutely nothing today stop watching this video get up and go outside for a walk or a run you have absolutely no excuse to not start now and I promise you once you actually start you'll be on a roll and you won't want to stop like I said in my last video if you don't start now you never will just do it Nike needs to sponsor me where's my paycheck yeah that is my workout routine just some tips that I use to stay healthy and happy I'm going to start posting workout pictures and like runs and stuff on my Instagram stories if you want to see those then go follow me yeah I hope this video helped you out if you like this type of video then definitely subscribe for more because I'm going to be doing a lot more videos about mental health and fitness and what I eat and stuff like that I hope you enjoyed this video and I will see you next time bye [Applause]

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Methew Wade

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  2. I loved this video!! I love hearing about peoples personal journeys and I really enjoyed watching and listening you yours!! Thanks for sharing and I can't wait to see the next episode in this series xx

  3. Love these videos! Encouraging exercise without giving unhealthy goals etc. I'm currently doing the Couch to 5k too, and so far I feel so much fitter and healthier. I would really recommend it to anyone who wants to start running but is too scared to just start going for full on runs when they haven't ran before. What's also crazy is I'm actually enjoying it this way – and I used to hate running with a passion. Exercise can be fun if you do it the right way for you 🙂

  4. i listen to ‘face wants’ EVERY DAY because it’s such a good song. thanks for recommending it. love you and your channel. ❤️❤️.

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