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Methew Wade

100 thoughts on “Must-Try Asian Foods In Flushing, Queens In New York City”

  1. the way i eat chicken is between inga and jasmine. i clean the bones really well and eat the cartilage connecting the bones but i don't eat part of the hard bone like jasmine did. so to me, inga was wasteful and jasmine ate part of what humans don't eat.

  2. You guys should try yifang fruit tea
    They are soooo good, if you have time and your in Flushing do try them. Definitely worth your time and money.

  3. When they shake their brown sugar milk I was like “Nooooooo”
    I always have it un-shaked if that’s a real word lol

  4. QQ = quit quit from Warcraft. ALT+ Q = menu selection Q = quit. ALT-QQ. it's a meme before memes existed. QQ to submit. boomers ruined this. it was like the birth of ignorance on the internet and I'm incredibly sad to say I was apart of it.

  5. I’m just like Jasmine. I’m not really into macha, I’m more into black sesame, and I love cleaning my chicken all the way to bone.

  6. It's ridiculous that they've titled this video Must-try Asian Foods and only featured mostly Chinese dishes and 2 Korean dishes.

  7. LOL THEY FILMED IN THE BLANDS PROJECTS LOLLL 🤣😂 i also really like cafe aurburndale. Good coffee tooo. Theres so many delicious things in flushing. U guys can totally do another vid.

  8. I recommend writing the names of the places and the food in your video description box. People will still watch the video to see your review of the places and foods~

  9. lmao you can't call an acquired taste like matcha overrated. 90% of the time in starbucks or most dessert stores they use the fake mass produced yellow matcha thats 70% sugar. once u get it real in a bowl with a bamboo whisk, make your judgement.

  10. Flushing has always been on my list to visit but it’s quite far from where I usually go lol, but I’ll definitely go next time for the douhua and bingsoo.

  11. This just made me so happy. I live nearby and recognized almost every location. Didn't know about some of these places, so now I have to try them. Try the Flushing Ice Cream Factory next time you're in the area. Thanks for coming to Flushing!

  12. 1:49 like situation between me and my sister 😂 I always like hers more and looking at her than she is like you should taste yours

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