hi my name is Courtney sacado and I live in Phoenix Arizona with my husband and my two children and our four dogs Tyler is six and a half my son and Jordan my daughter is five and a half Tyler is my son who has a food dye allergy we've been completely and totally die free as of August for two years we went die free in 2012 we realized after Tyler eating some cheez-its that he had had just a horrible meltdown and he was always prone to meltdowns I thought it was normal for an almost four year old to just completely break down four or five times a day just for thirty to thirty minutes at a time completely uncontrollable I I wasn't able to soothe him there wasn't much I could do and I thought that was our normal until my husband took notice and he said you know five minutes after he ate those cheez-its he melted down the next day we gave him cheez-its again five days after that five minutes after that he melted down again and my husband said something's in that and I thought yeah maybe you know their cheese it's hot I mean it can't be that harmful it's a cracker right so some time goes by and we were at my in-laws house and my father-in-law had given Tyler a orange soda and within five minutes in Tyler having that orange soda he melted down it was a bad meltdown so I thought hmm orange okay well one's a liquid one's a solid but I'll take notice couple weeks after that I was driving to Taekwondo and on the way picking him up from preschool on the way to Taekwondo I handed him a pack of crackers orange crackers with peanut butter in them I think there are no laser an Austin brand not sure Keibler might make them I gave it to him he finished it you know he literally popped the last one in his mouth as he popped out of the car to go into Taekwondo and as he was sitting on the mat at Taekwondo I literally just watched it wash over him and he went from being a complete and total happy boy getting ready to do Taekwondo to just a nightmare terror wanting to hit and punch and kick everything in a bad way he he just completely changed and I grabbed him up immediately and put him in the car and I went home and I googled orange crackers and orange soda and cheez-its and lo and behold what to all three of those have in common yellow three died at number six what's Hill and three died number six so I looked at Google and Wow yellow food dye number six causes behavioral issues and ADHD children now my son is not been diagnosed ADHD however he has a product ADHD and I am a DD his father is being treated for ADHD it has been his whole entire life as as well as Tyler was extremely active even when I was pregnant with him that child was has always been on the move he never walked he always ran when he at ten nine and a half months old so that's our story we ended up in the hospital once because he also had severe gas pains and I'm sure it has something to do with that died we've been 100% dye-free he's a new kid he's happy he's having it school got better everything in our lives got better when I realized that he had food dye allergy thanks

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