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Methew Wade

100 thoughts on “Most SATISFYING Chinese Street Food FACTORY (10,000 BAOZI/Day) + Muslim BREAKFAST Street Food China!”

  1. Hey guys! I hope you enjoy our Tianjin Breakfast tour! Make sure to watch until the end, there's some INCREDIBLE food and friendly people in this video! Thanks so much for watching and being part of the Foodrangin' community

  2. Nhieu mon nhin da thay no, toi cung khong biet an luon do. Ho chien nau dau mo rat nhieu, du lich xu nay hoi ngai….

  3. Just because u speak mandarins, so all ur videos come from there.? It's getting bored,just go back to Canada n do a video on in n out…

  4. There are many Muslims in tianjin and for Muslims all over the world who want to visit there can easily find halal food, MasyaAllah 💕

  5. Trevor, with all respect, those spring rolls look like they're being fried in gutter fat…check it out… https://youtu.be/lJOLCvPm5Dg

  6. 老外真的一副老师实在在的脸,所以免麻烦,也免费💪,smile anytime, get free food anyway 😁

  7. Ive only been to kunming. The language barrier is the only thing keeping me from visiting more of the chinese states 🙁

  8. Wow the fried tofu rolls look amazing. What an interesting mixture of ingredients, I love fermented tofu sauce and sesame sauce. The portions in region are so huge compared to the rest of China.

  9. I’ll probably never make it to Asia, so I use your videos as a reference for things I should look for in the states or find recipes to make myself. It will never be the same as the “real thing” but thank you for inspiring me to explore new things!

  10. I feel like he talks to them too much. Like they're just trying to do their job and he's just all over their shoulder narrating everything they do. Then once he gets his food he continues to keep talking to them even though they're still busy. Like dude, just get your food and go sit down lmaoooo

  11. love your show, but I'm sorry, your slurp game still needs work… https://youtu.be/u5lDS-qcAtQ?t=55 best slurp technique I've ever seen

  12. darn it Trevor you should've gone to Gou Bu Li baozi, it's the most famous baozi restaurant in Tianjin
    also, mahua is a famous Tianjin snack

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