hey everyone my name is Jordan I'm a staffer here at the Food Network and today I'm going to be unboxing a snack box for you guys this one came all the way from France I'm so excited it is called Miam Miam if that is how you pronounce this I'm not French but I have been to France once and it was amazing so I'm so excited to unbox this box and see what's inside alright so the first thing I see here is this I have no idea what it is because everything on the back is in French but I do know that it's probably a tomato flavor because there's a tendon going on the front that is tomatoey like it tastes like a fresh tomato so next to have this which is called a Mikado but these kinda remind me of like pokey talk.you sticks bread stick covered in chocolate this definitely has to get caramely scent and flavor to it but these are amazing and I need to stop because I will eat the whole box the next thing we have is this kinder Dilys c'est de lys I think it's two pieces of chocolate cake with cream in the center coated in milk chocolate it's delicious obviously this is next I can't pronounce one word on here so I'm not even gonna try it kind of tastes like a graham cracker dipped in chocolate the next thing we have I'm very very excited about it is a full back of gummies it's the kind of gummy that's like gummy on the top translucent and then has that opaque white also I don't know what you call that I knew they were going to be amazing but I need it to taste it just in case but I was right it's called Lou Pepito Pepito ever heard of this I have no idea what it is because everything is in French it's like a little cake mm-hmm a vanilla cake or like a muffin with chocolate chips it tastes like a chocolate chip muffin on the back here this plus milk and orange juice so maybe they eat this for breakfast in France I mean I would write guys but it's it for today's unboxing do not forget to subscribe to Food Network's YouTube channel or right over here and also check out my personal YouTube channel down below thank you guys so much for watching and I will see you in the next one bye

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Methew Wade

2 thoughts on “MiamMiam: Snack Unboxing Review + Taste Test | Food Network”

  1. i think that's meant to be yoghurt and juice for a school snack…we have similar snacks over here in Australia. from the muffin bars to the kinder surprise chocolates. 🙂

  2. Hi Jordyn! I'm enjoying these videos and recently checked out your own channel too! Have any of the subscription food box companies offered a giveaway or promotion for new subscribers?

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