Mental Health is a state of psychological well-being Feeling down tense angry or anxious are all normal emotions but when these feelings persist for long periods of time or if they begin to interfere with Daily life They may become a mental health problem Mental health problems or mental illness are common in Australia with about 20% of the population experiencing mental health problems in any 12-month period There are a number of mental illnesses such as depression anxiety eating disorders bipolar disorder and schizophrenia Mental illness can occur at any age anxiety disorders and depression especially are quite common problems for young people Getting help early makes a significant difference to how quickly and how well someone recovers people and places that can help include general practitioners counsellors and Community Mental [Health] Services However three out of four people with a mental illness report that they have experienced stigma Stigma is a mark of disgrace that sets a person apart when a person is labeled by their mental illness They are seen as part of a stereotyped group stigma brings experiences and feelings of shame blame hopelessness distress and a reluctance to seek help Bill Clinton once said mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of but stigma and Buyer’s shame us all and This is very true Let’s stop stigmatization by educating ourselves about Mental health be aware of words to describe Mental health and Mental health problems [and] most importantly support support those with mental health issues you

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Methew Wade

32 thoughts on “Mental Health”

  1. Thank you so much for choosing to make this video solely for raising awareness about mental health. It made me really happy to see that you decided to participate in encouraging conversation about stigma and its effect on individuals with mental illness. I really liked you for the videos you already uploaded in your channel before already, but after seeing this I really admire you. Thank you!

  2. Cool! I hope to travel there someday. BTW thanks for these videos, they are great. Raising awareness, showing support and encouraging education of mental illness is a great step towards creating an environment for mental health. Keep it up. P.S.: have you consider being an animator for TED-ED?

  3. If you like beaches and the country then definitely visit!
    No I have not considered it, not sure how to as well. My dream is to be a health professional anyways 🙂 Animating is my hobby and interest!

  4. I live in the Caribbean so yes! That is my dream too ^^ a psychiatrist to be precise. Check their channel, they have pretty cool videos.

  5. …my siblings was seeking attention but now I realised she has a mental illness. She has an eating disorder and has a strange behaviour.

  6. I would suggest her to read 80/10/10 by Dr Douglas Grayham, as her eating disorder my be contributing to her mental imbalance.

  7. Didn't think i could appriciate you anymore, but this is great. Alot of people i know watch your videos. Many of my friends struggle to understnad what having a mental condition means for me. i hope this inspires them. As always, your understnading inspires us all. keep up the good work.

  8. ex-anorexic and epileptic here. Stigma is huge, I experienced more for my epilepsy than with my eating disorder. Any ideas why? Since eating disorders are 'voluntary' and epilepsy is not you'd like it would be the other way around. Only thing I can imagine is that people are afraid to be around me if I have a fit

  9. I wish you'd do a video explaining why some people with a mental illness like me can't work. I get called lazy because I can't work. I hate it. No one understands why I can't work.

  10. Awesome, Armando! Will you be makimg videos about the pathophysiology of specific illnesses and their treatments like bipolar disorder or scizophrenia?

  11. Thankyou for your inspiration. we have used this video for our class project and we got top marks! Thankyou, your my hero!!!!

  12. If you suffer from a mental illness and need help or advice join my group on google+ it called (mental health we can help) thank you

  13. Mental health is so important and it's crucial to have someone to talk to! We can offer you a shoulder to cry on as well as support and offsite resources. Try it out today!

  14. I came to your channel for immuno videos; but this is one is my favorite!!!
    I have ADHD; but stigmatization of society esp other girls calling me "attention seeking" or "needy" somehow triggered eating disorder in me as well. I am better now as far as eating disorder is concerned, thanks to my amazing physician. But the problem of stigmatization remains and it is RUINING a lot of people's lives 🙁

  15. I fully agree with this video! The information is so true! However, a lot of people who are watching this and some of the other videos are those of us who have dealt with mental health issues personally. How do we go about getting the stigma of this disease/condition reduced? It's sad to say, but sometimes the church is a place where people with mental illness are pushed away instead of supported; and a lot of time the people in a church don't have the information to give to people of how and where to get help. How is this to be addressed? But overall, thank-you for this video. If you can send it beyond this site – say to facebook, it may help pass this excellent information!

  16. Mental issues are the result of subconscious acts of deterioration from mental bullies such as parents or other childhood people. People are so unaware of the damage they cause others while living their lives, that it's hard to comprehend the fact that those illnesses are caused or amplified by the majority of people.
    But no, there will be no fighting in our society, so we have to give in to bad subconscious behaviors and just live our lives weakened. Wrong, not gonna happen as we have great strengths, too.

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