Apple presents events at the Apple store please welcome this evening's guest moderator mind body green founder Jason Wacha in tonight's panel how's everyone doing we're in for a treat tonight we've got I think the finest people and wellness here I'll do brief introductions to my left we've got charlie Knowles what I think is the best meditation teacher in the world give it a give a hand for Charlie we've got endurance athlete and plant-based ultra man rich roll we've got plant-based chef and healer and musician and Julie does everything Julie pie it and then if you don't know who Tyra Styles is I don't know where you live and then we've got the co-founder of and then we've got the co-founder of stralla yoga Michael Taylor we're wearing the same shirt so what's interesting about this group we're talking about wellness and innovation here we've all come to it in in different ways at different points in our life and we've been able to make careers of it we're going to touch about touch touch a number of points and how that happened so I'm gonna I'm gonna start all the way to the to the far left Michael can you tell people about how you came to wellness and and how you made it a career you I know you started out your Harvard doctor startups and then who you are yoga star thanks Jason and thanks ample for having us here I intended to be a doctor that was always my interest I wanted to and I did I studied medicine I studied both Western and Eastern medicine and as I was growing up I found myself spending a lot of time in a hospital you know for various parts of my work and then different parts of members in my family were you know dealing with cancer and some other illnesses and I found myself not really happy about what I saw going on and it wasn't really exactly sure why I went off to study the English medical system at Oxford and it still wasn't quite right and then you know I basically ended up pulling over to the side of the road and sitting on a fence for a while when it came to how to practice medicine in a way that I wanted to and then Tara started doing all this stuff with stralla and before you knew it there were people sending us messages from everywhere around the world who were curing themselves fixing themselves of all kinds of things that were simply unfixable in the Western medical world and I thought okay this is my time to get off the fence and jump right into this because it was so exciting and pretty much Tara gave me what I had been waiting for and so what about you Tara I know you started at a young age but then gotten came to yoga and it really leverage social media – and video can you talk a little bit about that sure well I guess the long story short is I'm a tiny farm town where there's not much to do and I just found myself basically in the woods meditating without really knowing it was meditating and I've always been a mover I was a dancer as a kid so I was doing a sort of moving meditation and I would tell my parents about my experiences in the woods and they thought that I was a little bit crazy and I would see colors and find them connected to things and and feel connected to people in nature and my moms like stop talking about that that's weird so when I was in a ballet school in high school and we had yoga on Fridays for relaxation and I just remember sitting seeing the yoga teacher sitting in the front of the room smiling happy like he had no problems in the world and I said I think that's what I was doing in the woods so I went and sat next to him and I just was sitting there for a while and super excited and didn't know what I could do with my life that was this but just knew I really wanted to be involved with whatever it was so in a roundabout way I sort of made it in my career without really trying to I kept following my interest and following my intuition one thing led to another I started sharing yoga with people and then having a studio in Mike's apartment blogging about yoga tweeting about yoga turned into books and videos and you know all these kind of things so it was really a sort of natural happy path for me so but it was a lot but but I think what's important too is you know people think you're an overnight success you've worked your ass off for years you know like in starting at Mike's apartment and doing you – you know it was one of my favorite lines is overnight success over ten years I feel like I've been doing this all my life and um I mean it's fun I know I don't feel like I'm working my ass off or anything I just I feel like I'm having fun and and getting to do what I love to do with my life is the reward I feel like getting more work is the reward and getting people that actually want to come take the classes at the studio is the reward so you know I feel like a success is being able to be in sweatpants most of the time and this is what dressed up for me so come the Brooklyn and what about Julie can you share a little bit about your story and and how in particularly I think your story around healing and embracing a plant-based diet is pretty powerful but um well for me it it's also you know a continuing evolving journey and also a very long journey but um you know in the beginning it was yoga I found yoga and without a doubt it's a single thing that's transformed my life more than anything but then I was always you know sort of a slim person so I didn't really have any food issues until I had the blessing of receiving a cyst in my neck and it was about the size of a golf ball in the front and I took that as an opportunity to connect deeper with myself and to find a way to heal it on my own and I did that through the use of food diet and herbs it's pretty amazing stuff and how long how that took place over the course of two years it's about two or two-and-a-half years Wow process it's amazing and rich your story you're you're the eve of your 40th birthday yeah in a nutshell yeah I mean my sort of journey into wellness was almost accidental but precipitated really by a health crisis I mean I'm four I'm almost 47 now but on the eve of my 40th birthday I was about 50 pounds heavier than I am now and and kind of headed towards a heart attack and and I had a moment on the staircase late one night where I had you know I had to pause walking up a simple flight of stairs tightness in my chest and sweat on my brow and and really feared that I was suffering that I was in the throes of the beginnings of heart disease and which runs in my family and it was a it was kind of an epiphany moment where I realized I really needed to make a change and make a change swiftly and very decisively and that kind of led me towards plant-based nutrition and embracing that really has resolved all of these issues and sent me on a completely new trajectory and now you know Here I am at the Apple Store pontificating about wellness which is quite ironic you know if you had told me several years ago that I would be doing that I would have I would have laughed at you but it's been nothing short of a remarkable journey and I can't stress enough to you how much more control we all have over our health how we feel our energy levels and so kind of my message is all about taking responsibility for that and taking that power back and implementing some simple tools and lessons into your life to improve the quality of your life amen and Charlie meditation you've been meditating for quite some time yeah I have I was really lucky in that I had two meditation teachers for parents they were part of the early wave of hippies who went over to India to study with the great Himalayan meditation masters and they came back and brought that knowledge back to where I was born in Australia and started teaching meditation which wasn't a widely known career path back in those days still isn't now to be perfectly honest but so I got to learn to meditate when I was four years old and that's so I'm also on the eve of my my birthday so that's 36 years in in a few days and so it's 32 years of meditation you learned when you were 4 when I was 4 yeah and yes I've been practicing ever since then and when I was growing up I said to notice you know in my household that was quite normal for us to have Indian Swami's coming out to visit us and hang out with us at our and and lots of people in robes and beads and when I got to a certain age probably around 16 or so I started this thought that maybe normal people might like to meditate as well and so I set out on a course to to think about becoming a teacher myself and maybe teaching it in a way that might be a bit more accessible to people who weren't gonna necessarily wear the robes and beads although there's nothing wrong with robes nothing wrong with robes and Bates they don't make them my size yeah and so so what about everyone else we've all we all had moments where we discovered wellness was really powerful we really liked it when did you decide this is what I want to do for a career this is what I want to teach like rich you you had that moment but it's I'm sure you you're thinking you just want to get healthy yeah I mean I think you know for me it's been a it's been a personal journey I don't know that there was one definitive moment where I decided this was going to be my career path although I certainly embrace the idea of this as a mission you know sort of whether that takes the form of being a career or just an avocation on the side I mean I'm a trained lawyer you know practicing law for a long time but in the last year I've really stepped into it as more of a career path and I think that you know we're at the Apple store and I'm a big proponent of Apple products and and the technology really has created the platform to communicate with people directly and that provides the ability to kind of self style and fashion your own career like if somebody said to me well what do you do like I'm not sure I could encapsulate that in one phrase or word but through all of these kind of platforms of communication you know Julie and I together have been able to call together kind of a way to advocate in a way that is on a professional level and and being able to sustain ourselves in our family doing that and so another thing that I think is really interesting we're here at the Apple store we're talking about you know there's technology and innovation around and and you know talking about yoga with you know Tara and Michael there's this you know there's this balance we we all use social media we all use technology it helps us with our brands it helps us spread the spread whatever we're doing spread that message but we're also about balance and disconnecting how do you guys do that successfully can I reconnect exactly well one cool thing about things I get to do is hang out with Deepak Chopra a lot and we did this iPhone app together and we went on some morning news show to talk about it and the host of the show said oh you know Deepak don't you think that technology is bad and here you are putting yoga on an iPhone app and isn't it gonna take people more out of themselves and we're out of their bodies and out of their minds and you know put them inside of this and disconnected and he said no no no technology is neutral it's what you do with it that counts so you know you can use technology to complain or you know spread hate or spread rumors or you know hide behind you know an anonymous blog and you know just write nasty things or or you can you know you know he had something where he said if you put a smiley face and send that to somebody all the brain receptors that go off in a positive way and you know if you're putting a positive message like everybody here on this panel does you know that's an email in your inbox every day at 4 p.m. from mind body green that's an opportunity to take a deep breath and connect and read some positive information that you can really make a make a change in your life immediately so I think everybody here's a great example of doing that and I think that's sort of the trend now too and in technology and it can keep going that way so and if I may and I think that the the exciting thing about where we are today with technology is that I don't think any of this was a career choice for any of us like it didn't come from the brain it wasn't some great marketing idea that we you know conjured up together or separately I think it's really about finding your authentic self whatever that is and then the beauty of Technology is that you're allowed to use that then to create your own sustenance you know and be able to actually thrive and live and you know even serve as a living example for others in a positive way so so for people out there who are who are you know they have a passion they how can they turn that into a woman what advice would you give for someone who wants to turn their passion into a career you know we've been we've been all very fortunate we're all passionate about wellness we have life-changing event you know life-changing events or what we're passionate about what we do and we've been able to build careers what advice do you guys give to someone out there who's maybe passionate about something else and wants to turn into career I'll take a swing at that one I think the thing that really unites all the people here on the stage is that we've we all live what we preach I mean when I look at rich and just see how incredibly fit he is it's really inspiring when I see Tara doing her I've always admired the work she's done there are there real examples of what they do and I think sometimes people get a little bit lost in the whole like you know social media branding kind of thing and forget that at the heart of what they're about is their actual real passion for what they what they're interested in and I think if you're as there's so many different fields especially looking in in wellness has so many people who are really suffering right now who could use real help in so many different areas and if you just it doesn't take very long to look around and see exactly what those things are you can talk to any one of your friends and you'll probably find out five or six different ways that you could be really helping people in health and wellness and then just the the trick then is is to become really good at what you do and to live it and breathe it and and and there's never gonna be a moment when you'll find you know rich digging into a McDonald's hamburger because he's always authentic about what he does you know I saw as a hilarious video that Tara made kind of parodying some of the the aspects of yoga I thought was absolutely hilarious and one of the things she parodied was a fellow who was try it was a teacher trying to get into yoga poses the telling if I may also get into yoga pose that he couldn't personally do I think I know who that guy is I'm not going to mention any names but on but it was uh it was hilarious and and but you'd never see Tara like she's which is a real proponent of what she does and I think that's that's the key to it is find your authenticity fine fine it's you're really passionate about it and then become excellent at it if you become really amazing at what you do and represent it in every moment then naturally people are going to be drawn to you and want you won't want to know what you're about and and then when I became aware of these people on the stage you know the first thing I saw was you know our tweet or a blog or something I was like oh that person looks interesting but the second thing is wow they're amazing at what they do if you only have the first part not the second part then it's gonna fall flat and what's gonna happen is you're very quickly message how bad you are so make sure you're doing it the other way around and the thing I'll add the beauty of you know what Charlie says if you're trying to find your authentic self if you're trying to find what you're passionate about if you're trying to connect in a deeper level these people here what they do can help you do that if you look at the practices of meditation mindfulness yoga eating a more plant-based diet you do all these things odds are it's gonna help you get where you want to go you're gonna feel good about yourself you're gonna feel more connected you're gonna feel more open I think every one I always say if you're looking to change your life if you're if you do those three things you're gonna be in really good shape so it goes beyond just you know what we're talking about here I'm practicing it it's it's it's grabbing something and and it can help you creatively artistically and any any which way you're looking to improve your life Jason can I jump in absolutely one of the things if you're asking about what does it take to turn this kind of passion into a into a business into a livelihood one of the things I think is keeping your eyes open because I didn't realize until over a decade later why I was sitting on the fence with medicine and I think what I realized later was I didn't like that we were all sitting on the fence with health that science had really taken over and said now we have such a micro-level understanding of human health and disease that all of us patients we're no longer part of it anymore we're just gonna go to a doctor and they're gonna treat us and we don't have to know what's going on not even be a part of what's going on and that's a nice idea but it wasn't working for the vast majority of people was working and I didn't really fully see all of that until I saw the opportunity to jump off that fence and get back in and I think people keep saying everyone here is living it what I see everyone here living is bringing health back as a participatory affair it's not something that we have to observe from the sidelines while someone who knows better than us treats us it's actually it's great science medicine doing miraculous things every day but we can also do miraculous things everyone here can do miraculous things by jumping in and becoming a participant in our own health and that's when I say just keep your eyes open it's I always wanted to do this as a career I just didn't think it was possible and I didn't architect how it would become possible but when it was in front of us I saw it and and that's kind of how I how I got into this so was was there a specific moment for you cuz I know you were you know you doctor startups sort of doing practicing yoga when did when did you was it was there a moment or a time you said all right this is what I want to do I'm ready to put the rest behind well I started following her around how did that work out it's working out pretty well and for for rich for you while you're going through so for you guys who don't know rich did this insane incredible it's called epic five correct and that's and that's you did five Iron Man's in less than a week on five different islands in Hawaii so you're going through that rich wrote a terrific book finding ultra you're going through this incredible journey you go through all this what you're doing all this I know you were doing it there were many reasons why you were you were doing this in the back here ahead what you're saying like hey maybe there's something here for me something here for me in terms of a profession exactly no I never beyond just surviving no no no no I mean when I was doing that it was about seeing whether I mean sort of kind of my up my my my operating question was just how resilient is the human body you know I'd have used my body for decades and decades with incredibly poor diet drugs and alcohol gained a lot of weight my energy was terrible all these things and I was able to revive myself by changing the way that I treated myself and that led me on a quest to see well if I can sort of repair my hell through nutrition just how far can i push it and an epic five was kind of the ultimate test of that and answered that question which is the human body is far more resilient than you can imagine and that applies to everybody not that it everybody's going to go out and do epic five or want to do some crazy you know physical challenge like that but that principle remains the same and I think in terms of you know the sort of subject or the theme is career or transitioning these passions into a vocation and you know I kind of echo what what Charlie said in that you know it's easy to look at all these technological platforms and say well I'm gonna make a career you know doing this but the truth is you can't transmit something you have in God like that's that's the operating principle you have to become an expert or an authority in what it is that you are speaking to right so that's where the focus should be and then and then you can use these platforms to share that and share it freely in service with it focus on being of service to other people and then if you're doing that and you're coming from that authentic place I believe that the opportunities arise you know when the focus is well how am I gonna make money doing this or you know what's my career path I think that that's the wrong focus to have the focus should always be on service and there's like a spiritual equation that takes place when you're in service then you know things tend to work out that's been my experience I agree tarah one of the things you talk a lot and why I love practicing yoga with you guys as you talk about practicing ease and life should be easy and then too and not you know and that goes beyond the mat and the business and life etc can you talk a little bit about your philosophy and why that's so important sure I think it's something that we started seeing along the way you know you can do yoga like a 10-step person that's really stressed out and you can try to get in all these yoga poses and really try and try and try to achieve and try to prove but when you come from that sort of feeling of service that feeling of you know how can I help myself how can I help others then all of a sudden everything does become easy it doesn't mean that you're lazy and just you know in the physical sense of yoga flopping on the floor or applying no effort at all but you have this very efficient thing that happens in your body that leaves up room for your intuition and your creativity and all the cocktails in your brain that do all the things that when we feel Oh amazing that can happen and when you're tense and when you're stressed you know your microtubules in your brain get crossed and things go haywire and you make bad decisions and there becomes this you know in a box feeling and when you have space around you physically mentally spiritually that happens and you know and you have spontaneous moments of joy of freedom a neat thing I like to experience at the studio and one of the qualities I sort of measure in our guides and our teachers is if somebody comes out of your class and they say I feel a sense of freedom or I feel a sense of space or I feel a sense of ease then you've really done your job and your job is that you've made them feel good and and that's basically all all I've ever wanted to do is to help people and help myself feel good so it's that intention of connecting and expanding and connecting and expanding and and really how can I help so I think as far as a you know creating ease in your life it is something that anybody can do whether you're you know in your job now or in your job you're gonna be in five years or trying to turn your interest into business or or just trying to live a nice life and and having ease having that sense of space is is really something we can all do by just regular practice of meditation and drinking green juices and eating nice foods and feeling nice things and allowing ourselves to action feel good because it's possible you can feel good it feels good to feel good it sounds good to me I know Charlie you talk a lot about the science of what happens like when people meditate or their breathe or can you talk a little can you explain why why that works why we feel good yeah sure I mean there's a lot of changes that happen in your brain and first of all to understand why how you'd feel good you have to understand why it is that you might feel bad first you know a lot of people are kind of important yeah people might be walking around kind of feeling kind of miserable and you are let's mentioning those stress is a is a real killer when you get stressed you you're you get hyper tension your heart rate speeds up and your blood vessels contract and you um you start to sweat a lot and your digestion gets suppressed your immune system gets suppressed and that leads to all sorts of problems and part of the feeling good is just the relieving of those symptoms you know when you meditate or do yoga and you start to relieve stress yet all of a sudden you're like oh wow I can actually my heart feels like it can pump the blood around my body effectively and that unfortunately for many people is a revelation that shouldn't be it should be something like the things that we're talking about I think should be so regular that we we do them all the time now but then the the the next thing beyond that just relieving those the problems of stress is that over time you know what scientists have found now is that the brain actually changes in response to your experiences and so if you are experiencing that sort of blissful ease all the time your brain actually physically changes in response to that they're part of the brain it's responsible for stress can actually become functionally smaller and so it becomes more difficult for you to becomes to get stressed in the first place you don't get stressed out by minor things anymore it's literally like a muscle that you're exercising or not exercising and on on contrast you know your your your body's being filled with bliss chemicals that are making you feel fantastic all the time and your body and brain adapt to that environment it takes you know three months or so maybe even up to a year for you to really set that pattern in but if you do that regularly that's what you're going to start to experience and that will become your lived reality rather than just a momentary respite in a sea of stress you don't get stressed I know you it's not that you don't ever get stressed so certainly things things can still cause you stress but like the stress is there for life-threatening situations it's not there for when your favorite coffee shop is cash-only and you've turned up with a credit card only you know you shouldn't get stressed out by that the things that sure that are appropriate to get stressed out as like you know a fire in the building yeah I'd get stressed in that situation but I think the threshold for stress gets becomes a lot higher so it's only in those situations where we're you know you want to have that adrenaline rush to escape from a negative situation so is there one I know we've talked about breathing is there one thing so you're we're waiting on the we're waiting on line at Starbucks and we're freaking out what's one's what's one thing that everyone can do to help them not freak out yeah I mean I one of the things I really like people to do is like this the simplest breathing exercise the simplest breathing meditation that you can do and literally everyone can do this right now is just to spend a little bit longer on your outward breath as you do on your inward breath because your inward breath is linked to the part of your nervous system responsible for stress the outward breath is linked to the part of nervous system responsible for relaxation so if you do if you breathe in for two and out for for sure yeah that's some but let's give it a try so so all you do is go and I'll do it with my fingers because I have to be doing it while at the same time so breathe in breathe out breathe in breathe out you just spend a little bit longer on the outward breath just like that it's all you need to do you can maybe do it for a few more than that you could maybe do it for do it for five or six repetitions of it and just by doing something as simple as that you can start to trigger your nervous system to be more calm that's the mers most basic is a very tippy tippy tippy tippy tip of the iceberg but absolutely it it absolutely works I feel way better in four to out four four yeah in for tulip four for really simple so as you guys you know in this you know we're all entrepreneurs in some sense how do you guys get through those times when you when you when you've you've hit a wall and you're like holy crap what am i doing or if you've had those moments where maybe you're not ready to give up but you're just you're starting to question things I guess rich wants me to take this one yeah well when you embrace your authentic self and you start to live a life of authenticity the big myth is that everything's going to be easy so I think it requires an extreme I call it extreme faith so I live in in that kind of world where I have strong convictions and believe deeply in the divine hand in this entire play and the connection of all of us and I think you get tested you know you really really really get tested and you know we have a story some of you know some of that story and I'll just tell you you don't know all the story and we've you know we've been on our knees many times in the last 10 years and one of the beautiful things about that process is if you can cultivate that extreme faith in whatever way is natural to you you will see that what do you call it when the little when the little baby is crawling on steal the the Popeye cartoon the Popeye cartoon baby oh that's a very obscure reference so in this cartoon the baby crawls and he's just gonna fall like he's gonna fall off this steel structure girder and then just when he's about to fall something else catches him and you will start to experience I'm sure this in your life and the beauty of that is that it what it does is there's a friction and it's really not that comfortable sometimes and you're really in pain sometimes but there's something about the alchemy of transformation that you need that friction to actually transform and so when you do arrive in a place of non judgment and and love and real really embodying your authentic self you will have it in your cellular makeup and no one can ever take that from you and so there's this beautiful freedom that you that you earn or you you become it and so my go-to is extreme faith I like it we're gonna open it up to questions just one last thing tomorrow we're actually launching video courses on mind body green calm slash courses with these people we've got if you like what they've heard check it out can learn meditation from Charlie yoga from Tara and Michael and how to eat a more plant-based diet with rich and Julie and that's going live tomorrow at my buddy Green Comm slash courses their video courses it's incredible these people you know or come into your home and literally teach you everything they know so please check it out but we're gonna open up the questions now so this question is from rich hey rich when you changed your lifestyle did you also have to change your friends ie to Jessica did you have to cut out your drinking buddies and also a second quick question what's hotter bad water or a New York City subway platform I was great quite two-parter did I have to the question was did I have to change my friends when I change my lifestyle well certainly when when I got sober I had to you know my friends at that time were what we call lower companions so I did end up changing a lot of those friends my good friends remained with me and in terms of changing my diet and my lifestyle I didn't really find that I needed to change my friends I had a lot more new friends come into my life with the people that were my true good friends prior to that remained might remain my good friends and you know I'm happy to talk with you afterwards a little bit more about that because it's it's been an interesting you know it's been an interesting road with that what's hot or bad water or in New York City I just I was just in Death Valley last week I was crewing for an ultra marathon runner a guy met some of you might have heard of named Dean Karnazes wrote a book called ultra marathon man he's very well known like distance runner and there's a race that goes through Death Valley in July called bad water it's a hundred and thirty five mile running race and I was there crewing for him I wasn't racing in the race but I was there to support him and it was about a hundred and twenty to twenty five degrees through who's the day so I think it's a little bit warmer than a subway platform but it was a dry heat so the New York City subway platforms right up there I would say in July in August hi everybody um this questions for Tara sorry haven't speaking in a microphone for a while what woods what's your favorite place to do yoga favorite place to do yoga yes anywhere I mean we have a nice studio here in New York which is great because it's just really convenient for me and we live literally across the street from here so I like doing yoga pretty much anywhere I am I travel a lot so in hotel rooms is kind of nice and outside and we did this little video series called yoga anywhere we just kind of went around and did yoga and unexpected places it was just fun on the boats in Central Park was kind of fun and challenging and you also make a lot of friends when you do yoga and unexpected places I started doing yoga in the airports just for fun and and people come up to you and they say oh you know can I join and it's fine you know so anywhere but yeah maybe airports yeah I'll go with airports this questions for all of you do you all eat a strictly plant-based diet or do some of you eat other things in your in your diet sure I'll start so I used to be about 90% meat ten years ago I ate so much steak my face is at the palm steakhouse in Midtown literally that's how much steak I ate so it was eating about 90% animal products back then now I'm probably closer to 85 to 90% plant-based so I've reversed those numbers for me which has been hugely beneficial I was raised a strict vegetarian by my hippie parents so I was from the age of 0 to 32 ish or so I had never eaten anything that had previously had a face and then this weird thing happened I suddenly like I'd been grossed out by mates I've been raised very strict like that this weird thing happened one day where I just walked past a pasture meat section and I think at Whole Foods I just with that that looks delicious and something just snapped for me and for about a year I was just obsessed with eating meat I couldn't get enough of it I was just like I was something that my body was craving I was against all of my ethics and principles but I still kind of went with it cuz I believe in following your body whatever it tells you to do and then that just kind of like a year a year and a half that just leveled off and disappeared and now I'm back to being a virgin so that was weird I'm Foster um but but yeah I think it's you know I I'm a really I think I'm a big believer in not being dogmatic I think that your body sort of knows best and and there's lots you know where we there may be some differing opinions but we know I think we we are we are on Devore's and we and we can't eat a very wide range of foods and still remain healthy and we just you just kind of need to follow your intuition and know what's bad but I really think that a plant-based diet is fantastic and certainly the best for meditation I found the meditation experiences that I had with for example were negatively affected by the period of my life where I was eating lots of made I so I can confirm that experimentally I do eat a hundred percent plant-based diet but I would also say that I do think it's also important to not be dogmatic about it I'm coming up on seven years of eating this way and it continues to agree with me but I do think it's important to listen to your body and to do what's right for you I happen to think that that this is a great way of eating and it certainly changed everything in my life and for people that are curious about it I'd encourage all of you to you know take a look at it and sort of set aside whatever kind of preconceived ideas you may or may not have about what it's like to do that and I would also sit I would I would add the caveat that although my my character of my face is not on the wall at the palm it probably should be at McDonald's because that's why I was eating before but but now yeah I'm all about the plants now I'm a hundred percent plant-based now I was inspired by rich role to go vegan but I've been vegetarian for years I don't know how many years I don't know 15 years or something like that and but I was raised in Alaska on hunted meat so I grew up on moose tacos and caribou stew and more salmon than anyone should eat in their entire life but I really feel for myself I don't like to give myself any rules I live in a very fluid experience so I always say that if I woke up tomorrow and I craved me I would go find a really pure piece and eat it with no judgment and I think it's important in all of your eating that you do practice a non judgment for yourself and also for others because everybody is on their own journey like that ditto pretty much just it out no I mean I grew up on a farm so we ate the cows and the pigs and I never really liked eating that but I want just play outside but one day my dad went over a deer and brought it home he ate that and I'm just just not happy about that either so I you know I grew up having mixed feelings a lot of mixed feelings you know then moving to New York from nothing you know it didn't have very much money at all my pocket probably a dollar so but you know I switched to gummy bears and Mountain Dew and did that for a while and um you know when I was able to afford the Vitamix got the Vitamix and pretty much never looked back so mostly plants although Mikey eats cookies every once in while that aren't from the vegan store and pizza sometimes so I've pretty much been through all the diets whether it's just cookies or just vegetables or vegan or raw or macrobiotic and you know I have to say probably the most important thing that everyone's saying here for me is just listening to your body really getting to the point where you can tune in that your body is sending you signals you hear the signals and you believe what you're hearing because it's so valuable when you just go along with what you feel that's such a valuable thing to practice and so good for health overall and choosing what you eat there was a really good set of articles that came out a couple years ago I think it went through Time magazine and US news and they all said hey look we have a big obesity problem around the world exercise is not going to help people lose weight but the most important thing way more than exercise is choosing what you eat and getting really sensitive to that and treating yourself as your own best laboratory so you're all the number one experts on you nobody will ever know how you feel better than you do and if you can bring that approach into your food you're gonna know exactly what you ought to eat what works best for you all the time will you stick with that every day mmm you probably have some cookies sometimes if you're like me but but you'll know and then from knowing from that kind of self sensitivity then you'll be able to always make a choice everybody I have a quick question for any of the panelists I do yoga meditation in the morning and at the time I feel incredible 30 minutes afterward I feel great but then I end up getting into my day to day and I find myself slipping out of that state losing some of that that I just worked out in the morning do you have any tips tricks piece of advice of how to keep that state how to keep that that mindset throughout the day when things do come up when emergencies do happen any thoughts on that yeah absolutely to say about that actually on the yes so first of all one thing just philosophically to understand is that that that is going to happen until until you've been practicing for quite a long time you know does that that sort of euphoric blissful feeling does tend to last for longer and longer the more you do it but I really strongly believe and I've seen this with people that if there are the people I know you know I live in California live in you know Santa Monica with a lot of people who kind of do just do yoga all the time and just do meditation all the time I don't believe you know they trust me they exist I should say Trust Fund they exist but they are and uh they and they seem like really chilled out peaceful calm people until you know they get they accidentally eat the non-organic kale salad and then they flip right out and there's like that stability and calmness has never been sort of solidified into action and I think actually the act of like bringing that peaceful calm into your life and seeing how long it can last for is actually part of the challenge of actually making it useful and real and setting it in and that that fading away process you're like oh it you know it faded away after like 30 minutes this time and fade away after 40 minutes this time maybe two hours the next time and it just begins to last it a little bit long so you know it's not that you want to sort of go and live in a cave somewhere I don't think it's what you're suggesting anyway but you know you can do little check-ins you can recall what that feeling was take a moment like before before when you have it a second to sit down and remember the feeling that you had when you had that really sort of unbounded blissful feeling during your meditation session or during a yoga session and just feel it in your heart and see how far away that is from the surface level of your consciousness as soon as you start to do that you'll notice it's actually not that far and the more it becomes established in you the its it becomes easier and easier when I talk to long-term meditators like meditating for a year or more I'll say you know how long would it take you to feel that's to just be aware of that you know sort of a ticklish feeling that you get from you know really juicy meditation and they kind of go mmhmm yeah there it is you know and it's it's really quite close but it's not that it's but you still have to put that little bit of a moment in to just go oh you know actually do feel good inside you know one that one of the real advantages of these things is you find at the locus of happiness the location of happiness is within you not out here you know it's not a matter of getting more things but you actually have happiness a source of happiness that is unlimited within you and you can find it and so you know you already have these tools you just have to remember that the part of the process is this undulation and it will just last for longer welcome hi this is a question for Michael and for the whole panel I work for an organization that's trying to bring all these wellness practices to very low income immigrant Latino women and this is a population that has a lot of diabetes a lot of obesity and wondering if you guys ever think about what it would be like to make this kind of work more accessible and any you know any tips or thoughts about how to get people such as yourself to expand their audience the people you know beyond who's sitting here in the Apple storage Soho thanks that's a great question Tara in her own quiet way in developing strong Strela became in the last year the most widely practiced style of yoga amongst kids worldwide so stralla is in 18,000 schools through the Alliance for a healthier generation along with the Clinton Foundation and it's doing exactly what you're talking about and exactly what you're talking about is so critical and I think there are a number of great organizations that can do exactly that kind of outreach I think one of the tough things about the population you're talking about is after a while if what you're used to is just practicing not feeling good essentially foods that don't make me feel good you do it enough times your body is a great communicator to you so it's telling you I don't really like that but if you do that for years for decades you don't feel anymore because your body starts to decide hey look you're not listening to me so I'm gonna stop speaking so loudly to you until maybe you get sick and then the speaking is really loud so I think the thing that Tara's work with the Alliance is doing is just trying to get people to the point where they're feeling again or maybe feeling for the first time and then from feeling you start to feel okay like like Charlie was saying it seems like maybe our natural state is actually feeling good and we obliterate that sometimes and then our body shuts down but there are all kinds of ways online through organizations like the Alliance for a healthier generation that can reach people in a way that doesn't have to cost a lot of money or bring them to the soho apple store and all the resources for its the Alliance for healthier generation they're free they'll send we did videos for ages K through 12 and it's myself for yoga and Billy Blanks does his Tae Bo boxing and Bob Harper did some more training things there's a Zumba element too so they have dance and they have tons of resources for food as well a lot of these schools they're finding out they feed the kids while at school then they go home and then they eat McDonald's for dinner and McDonald's for breakfast they come back so they're teaching the families have how to cook they're having cooking classes and having turned in their front lawn into organic farms for the family so it's really kind of using all the resources and any schools can sign up for this and and I've asked them to because you know it's it's great information so they're just they're sharing it and they're giving out the videos to whoever wants them and we have after-school programs as well so so yeah I think it is important to reach everybody maybe I was just gonna say people can start maybe with apples free podcast yes and I allowed the common theme with everyone here is our mission is to make wellness accessible you know Charlie talks about you know meditations not a religion and Tyra and Michael will talk about how you don't have to be flexible and do yoga to do yoga and rich and Julie you know will say you don't have to be an animal rights activist to eat more plants we're all here I think there are a lot of misconceptions about all these things and I think the common theme between all of us is to make these practices accessible we're here to you know not preach the choir of people in New York or Santa Monica or Boulder this lifestyle is for the masses this there's a massive health care problem this lifestyle if you're practicing yoga meditating or eating more plants you're doing any one of those things you're gonna get healthier the current system is broken everyone knows it all these things are cheap we just need to break them down and demystify them and make them available and Jason's also not being humble and not mentioning the fact that the website he has mind-body grain is a fantastic resource for all these wellness topics for anyone it's free there's tons of free information on there these courses that we're about to launch they're relevant you know they're not free but they're quite inexpensive you know and then and there are going to be we've deliberately tried to make them as accessible as we could and make it make us something that could reach out you know to people who live in in states other than California and New York which is you know is quite frankly so far the kinds of places that can can support lots of yoga students were spoiled for choice here in New York or in LA there's you know if you didn't come to see me or any of these folks for all their various skills there's plenty of people who do the same thing brilliantly that I respect so much it's not the case if you're living in some small town somewhere and we've got one of the things we've talked about at great length is that this project that we're working on is the thing that we want to be able to bring that through the internet to bring that to the masses to bring it to everyone in the world we'd love it if people were to take up these courses you know all over the world I think that's great hi Jason my questions for you what led you to start my body green were you working in an Associated field before or did you have a personal experience that made you do it sure I had a number of experience it's over I was a college basketball player I worked as a trader for five years once I paid off my college debt I got out of that and got into startups in the last startup startup Iran was an organic cookie company so it's through that company I really started to pay attention to ingredients and eating closer to nature and what we were putting into our body I flew incredible mileage that year and I had really bad back problems I – extruded discs in my lower back it was an excruciating pain told I needed back surgery did not want to get surgery started practicing yoga yoga completely healed my back so I was like wow like this is this practice this this works also my wife that year started to revisit spirituality so all these things were happening and I said wow this you know having a spiritual practice incorporating more mindful movement you know eating organic closer to nature removing toxins from our body environment like this is health everyone has it wrong it's not about weight loss it's not about you know disease management it's it's about this lifestyle and that was how my buddy green came about and then the lucky to found two incredible co-founders and just kind of run with it and we launched in 2009 and didn't know what the hell we were doing and you know now we've took us you know two and a half years to get a hundred thousand people to come to the site in the last year and now we're over 4 million so it's been an incredible journey okay well that's gonna do it ladies and gentlemen join me in thanking our panel one more time for coming out tonight

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  4. Jason, interesting to hear about your back.  I too was told I needed back surgery,  I fasted to allow my back to heal,  I hope more people become empowered to avoid unnecessary and costly procedures and the associated risks.  Keep up the good work.

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  6. Meet the Innovators: Revolutionizing Health – MindBodyGreenwellness panel at Apple Store Soho – 7.24.13 with a bunch of cool people – Tara Stiles, Jason Wachob, Julie Piatt, Charlie Knoles & Michael Taylor

    Meet the Innovators: Revolutionizing Health: Apple Store SoHo 7.24.13

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