[Taps mic] This thing on?
Just how far would you go to connect with other people? This is Alanis Morissette’s ‘Hand In My
Pocket’ and I’m sorry for what’s about to happen. Singing karaoke to a roomful of
strangers, in an outback town, sober, may seem extreme but for this story I’ve
gotten way out of my comfort zone. I’ve cuddled complete strangers, accosted
locals in the outback and tried to make friends with people I found on a website.
All of these to try and understand what experts have called our next big public
health crisis. So what have I learned? Well, loneliness kills. You can die. It’s just as risky as physical inactivity smoking, alcohol or obesity. We can call
it a health crisis but let’s call it a loneliness crisis. Half of us feel lonely at least one day a week and one in four Australians feel lonely most of the time.
Even worse 1.5 million people have been feeling lonely for a decade or more. I
know what you’re thinking in a world where we’re more connected than ever
why are so many people struggling with loneliness? Well, it turns out that the
type of people who suffer from loneliness might surprise you. I don’t think it’s surprising at all. I’ve gone to music events on my own, I’ve
gone to films on my own just to see who I can strike up a conversation with. I do
have quite an intense profession working construction. I’ve got lots of projects
on the go constantly and it can be difficult to make plans outside of work
hours. Gemma is young, smart and successful and she’s lived and worked all around the world. I think with social media for
example Facebook it helps me to feel connected but I think within a city
people need to go beyond those apps. I find that if you rely on your work
connections often it doesn’t eventuate into close friendships because they
already have their own social circles. You don’t often think about how solid
your friendships are in that respect. Professor Adrian Franklin is someone
who does think about that, a lot, in fact he’s made career out of it
– A lot of people think loneliness is not having lots of people in your life but actually
loneliness is when people lack high-quality meaningful or strong
relationships and also whether they’ve lost a sense of belonging to something.
It could be their family it could be a workplace. Are there common triggers for
loneliness in people’s lives? The 25-44 year old Australians we found that these were actually the most lonely groups of all why is that? Well, they are
in and out of jobs constantly they’re having to work very, very hard to pay for
their very expensive Australian house with, the killer one which is high rates
of separation and divorce that’s why they are the most lonely. They’re more
lonely than the retired they’re more lonely than the very old. It turns out there are lots of women like Emma in Canberra trying to make meaningful
connections and they’re finding each other via a website called MeetUp.
– MeetUp is like a dating app but for friends These girls are pretty open about why
they’re going online to find friends. I has some friends from Sydney say you’re a little bit lonely in Canberra, you don’t have that many friends try MeetUp and see how you go. I went on Google and asked Google how to make friends in Canberra I’m just searching for work so I don’t have
a friends for work yet for me it wasn’t actually difficult I’m used to Tinder dating, I think
– So from tinder to MeetUp it’s pretty easy. There are times where I still experience
loneliness in Canberra but I think the more distractions you have in life the
less time you have to feel lonely so things like moving to a new place,
working a lot and relying on social media is making us lonely but the woman
I’m about to meet says the connection we’re missing isn’t just social it’s
also physical. Every day you are touch deprived is another day on your back you know, you become more shy and more distant from other people.
– Jasmina is a professional cuddler which is the thing that until today I had no idea existed.
– The cuddle party is very interesting thing. It’s completely platonic and that
is not a kind of hook up party it is just to learn and explore touch of other
person. Jasmina says she gets clients of all ages and backgrounds coming to a cuddle party. They can be people working for government, they can
be musicians, can be teachers police force. How many of your clients would you say
are quite lonely? I would say all of them. You just suddenly you sit back and you
reflect on your life and you think well I used to be happier at another time as
someone who is a father and then all of a sudden they grow up you know and
suddenly like you’re not getting cuddles I’ve been kind of torturing myself by
isolating myself, not giving myself what I need and I need need what these guys
are having. So in case you’re wondering there are rules
at a cuddle party, one of which stood out. So I noticed that rule number eight is
relax and don’t worry if you get turned on can you explain this rule to me it’s
normal that those things are happening if they were not I would be worried
actually so if it happens the story is we justdon’t act on it you know and it will go. Well with that sorted I was ready to give it a try. Okay I’m coming. I have to admit at the start it was
this awkward as I imagined it would be pretty soon I was getting into it a lot.
– I think in general life often I am terrified and quite anxious but there is
a reassuring aspect to being touched by people and to having people respond to
your touch. Look I might not make cuddle parties a regular part of my weekend but I did make a few friends. Thanks guys, bye. So far, Jasmina and the cuddlers, Gemma
and the MeetUp girls they’re all very proactive about staving off loneliness
but what about when loneliness becomes so crippling you can’t even leave the
house I didn’t speak to anyone for over a week
at one stage. I wasn’t leaving the house at all though I got to the point where I
was nearly talking to myself. For two years the only time Alan would leave the
house was to buy groceries and check the mail but his life wasn’t always like
this. When his grandpa fell sick a few years ago, Alan moved states leaving his son, job and friends behind to become a live-in carer.
-He passed away in his sleep. I was devastated just like he was like the
main person in my family that really cared and that’s why I came across the
country to help look after him. – So at that point who did you have to look out for you
– Pretty much myself I thought I’ve got big shoulders up taking a lot over
my life my time so and I can handle this but I just couldn’t do you don’t want to
be seen as being a softy. Australian men in our survey we asked
them what did they do when they became seriously lonely and we gave them a list
of things. Go to see your GP, talk to your family, there was about 10 items on the
list. Almost no Australian man ticked any of them. Australian women ticked most of
them. When people were seriously lonely it was like they were locked out of
their own lives they felt that they’ve become invisible
no one saw them anymore and they start to withdraw they start to get depressed
and they start to become sick. I got, really weak suffered bad headaches, I
went for about three days without no sleep. They diagnosed me with anxiety and depression.
– So people say that if you’re feeling lonely or isolated that
you’ve got to just get out and go and meet people?
– It doesn’t work like that, doesn’t work like that at all. They hear that so often they get so fed up with
hearing it because it’s much deeper and more complicated than that it’s not as
easy just to go out and meet new people and sit down and talk to people you just
don’t I just didn’t feel like doing anything. Alan’s story is pretty heartbreaking and all the solutions I’ve looked at so
far cuddle parties or online friend finders won’t really work with someone
who can’t even leave the house. So is there something that could hello. Laura Rowland runs friend line a national volunteer run
hotline for lonely people looking for someone, anyone to talk to
we’re not counseling people we’re not giving advice we’re not trained
psychologists, although some people have a background in psychology and
counseling we’re literally just a conversation so kind of think about it
as have a cuppa and a chat. Laura has arranged for me to talk to one of their regular callers. Hi David it’s Laura here how’re you going? Tell me a little bit
about yourself? Okay now I live in St Kilda. David is a computer programmer but
lately his health has made working impossible. Also he has Asperger’s which
he says means it’s hard for him to make and keep friends. What’s the the most
kind of lonely that you have felt? Well, you know, very lonely. Especially around holiday time. 1 in 4 Australians are lonely so somebody
we know. Over 70% of people said it’s difficult to admit to being lonely so we
know there’s a huge stigma around it as well. FriendLine gets dozens of calls a
night from all around the country and whilst the vast majority of Australians
live in major cities Laura says about half of their calls are from regional
areas. So I’ve come to Outback New South Wales to find out why so many people here
are lonely. There’s 18,000 people living in Broken Hill which is about 250 times
less than Melbourne or Sydney. So does living in a smaller community make us
feel closer and therefore less lonely? It’s a great community yeah I guess
because it’s so small everybody knows everybody.
– Everyone seems to know everyone but I feel like if you’re on the outside then you can be quite lonely.
– Just so isolated in a lot of areas you haven’t got a licence or yeah way of getting around
around you of course. There’s a few lonely people. there’s a lot of people who
really like that there I’m sort of lonely myself. I was by myself for about
18 or so months and was extremely lonely. It’s a situation Allen knows all too
well Broken Hill is his adopted hometown.
– Well they say in a small town everyone knows each other then everyone helps each
other that’s wrong. I do think it is easier for people to slip through the cracks in smaller towns. A few years ago Jenna realised that loneliness was driving people and Broken Hill to utter desperation. They were presenting to the
hospital especially after hours and weekends.
That’s a really sad thing to think that When people are lonely they’re
presenting to a hospital emergency room. When I was really lonely I’d go to the
hospital and I would stay there for six weeks and then come home and it’s just
your head is filled with so much stuff that you have to release it. After divorcing his partner Jason had a
breakdown. He moved to Broken Hill for a fresh start but found himself completely
alone. When I came here to Broken Hill I was diagnosed with bipolar. A good 10-11 years I’ve felt that I’ve had nothing. What saved Jason from complete
isolation was meeting Alan. He was sort of a the person who’s withdrawn too but
he’s come out of his shell quite a fair bit since he’s been at this program it’s
amazing how much people of people have come out of their shells. They met at a group called connections setup specifically for lonely people in town Tt’s a free program run by Mission
Australia and New South Wales Health it gets people out of the house and
interacting with the world So I go to pretty much every connections
group that’s running. I’d say me anxieties a lot better than what it was
before I went to Connections. Loneliness can be linked to the early onset of
mental health issues. I believe addressing loneliness is an early intervention strategy into reducing mental health in Australia. We do need to look after the individual. You need to help them but there’s something that I
think governments should be doing. We’re not doing anywhere near as much as some
countries Britain well it’s got six million people who have got loneliness as a
problem they’ve now got a minister with a minister’s portfolio.
– A minister for loneliness would be fantastic I think there has to be a top-down as well
as a bottom-up approach as well so national leadership. Until that national leadership arrives
Jenna and her team are making pretty big strides. The head of mental health at the
local hospital says that some Connections clients have reduced their
time at the hospital by 65 percent in just six months. So it’s not enough to
prove that it cures loneliness but I think it does show that when people are
engaged in meaningful activity and connections with other people that it is
really good for their own mental health We do activities such as going out for
lunch, going to art galleries, art lessons poetry nights, karaoke. A few months ago getting up and singing in front of people would have been unimaginable for Alan. – Have you sung karaoke before?
– Oh no no I’m a bit nervous about the karaoke but I think I’ll get up and give
it a go. I don’t really know yourself now I’ve changed radically, drastically.
– I smile a lot more I talk a lot more. Being here with these guys to me these guys are family and and I love that about
them. Which brings us back to this moment. I’m
broke but I’m happy, I’m poor but I’m kind I’m short but I’m healthy yeah.
If this journey has taught me anything it’s that turning this loneliness crisis
around is going to take a lot of work as individuals, as communities and as a
country it’s work we have to do.

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Methew Wade

100 thoughts on “‘Loneliness: The Silent Health Crisis’ – The Feed”

  1. You can be surrounded by family and "friends" and still be lonely because what most of us want is that connection of finding even one person who truly "gets you". It's not enough to simply have nice people in your life.

  2. One major reason is because people spend more time on their phones than they do interacting with people face to face. Living like this interrupts and doesn't substitute for real human interaction and companionship.

  3. I’m lonely but I dont want to be! After extreme trauma with a disability at 62, (I became isolated for 7 years), I want a tribe of friends to laugh & socialize with! Everyone seems so separated now! Most social functions are either awkward or expensive! HELP! I wish we had lonely associations in mid-America.

  4. A big problem for me is I feel like people are so fake. Like that conversation at 3:45.. I would rather stay home than interact like that.

  5. At least it doesn't make you live longer. I'd be fine dying tonight in my sleep. It's all a temporary maelstrom of struggling nonsense anyway, after which you're quickly forgotten. Like before you were born, nobody's aware of you anymore after at the latest 70 years.

  6. Wow, I'm not alone in being alone! So many others experiencing the same as me here and the stress of the economy over the last few years, financial stress and repeated job loss has been my mainstay for years now, it takes its toll. When all I'm trying to do is survive, its sad that making friends and getting out to have fun has become the last priority.

  7. Well I feel lonely a lot of the time and don't workout so things aren't looking that great for me ^^'

  8. I'm 77 years young and my best friend is a 150 Newfoundland dog. In fact, when I had a girlfriend, I found it significantly limited the amount of quality time I could spend with my best and truest friend.

  9. Show me a man who takes by force what he wants from women and I'll show you 10 women who vote to take by force what they want from men. Show me a grave created by patriarchy and Ill show you an entire graveyard created by feminism/communism.
    "Any society that negates the role of the father in the voluntarily marriage contract from decent civilization building men and replaces it with a involuntary centralized welfare state will not remain civilized for long."

    The solution to violence is monogamy. Most of people killing each other, both inter and intra race, is men competing for resources/status to gain attaction from women. Jordan Peterson has a 10 minute video called "Does poverty cause crime? No. the Gini Coefficient explained" where he describes the most duplicateable law in all of the social sciences (the Gini Coefficient): as economic inequality increases in a given geographic area, the male on male homicide rate will increase exponentially. The reason why is because as economic inequality increases women mostly flock to the top men. The solution to the gini coefficient dilemma? Jordan Peterson says its forced monogamy. That's how you balance unity with diversity so that society doesn't rip itself apart….
    Whites shooting up mosks in New Zealand? Would he have done it if he was married and loved and appreciated? Blacks killing each other in Chicago? Would they be doing that if they would have been married with loving appreciative wives in their lives?

    Women don't let their kids vote in their house,
    But we let women vote in ours?
    Women like stupid "bad boys",
    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.
    The West is doomed.
    Enjoy the decline…

  10. 'The more distractions you have in life, the less time you have to feel lonely'
    This is the worst anyone can say. Just being western and covering with flowers real issues to think it will disappear.

  11. I am 50, married, have one son, who’s 37 (my hubbys son from a previous marriage whom I legally adopted, but he’s been a successful IT specialist, and living on his own since he was 20) take care of both of my elderly parents, and live with my mother-in-law and my spouse, yet there are times I feel like I’m the only person in the world. I also suffer from extreme anxiety and depression, which is my worst enemy, because while in desperate for human interaction, my brain simply will not allow me to get out there and talk to people. I do have a lot of family, but only one real friend, but for some reason I keep hiding, not having the strength or desire to leave the house, even though I desperately want to, does that make any sense to anybody?

  12. Don't feel bad for anyone. We forsaken the Native American way, the Amish way, the Luddite way, the village commune way. Where the only way to survive was bonding and teamwork. No time to ever feel lonely. We brought it upon ourselves.

  13. Saw that hugging on here before I would love to meet just a few people to share that am very lonely and very tender person so text me back here and let me know if any one is close to me in alabama

  14. The more I feel lonely, the less I'm able to go beyond it and socialize. The more people around there is, the more lonely I get

  15. I honestly think, in loneliness, finding solace in other people is an affectation. I think when people look for meaningful connections, they're looking for themselves in others. In other words, they haven't cultivated a relationship with themselves and are avoiding some part of themselves that they need to address.

    For example, I've recently been trying to be ever-present in the moment. This is hard for me because I'm the type that's really neurotic about the past and things I need or want to do in the future. I have to keep reminding myself that the past and future are not physical realities, and that the only physical reality is the here-and-now. Results and outcomes have no importance, and people come and go.

    In the end, all that exists is you, in the here-and-now.

  16. Go back to your parents whenever you can , it’s the easiest honest relationships . Have kids just keep going and love urself

  17. The world is lacking masculinity. And self love. What do kids do if they trip they get back up and keep running towards bright future 🥰

  18. The reason they're lonely is because they're depressed and the reason they're depressed is because they're lonely. They are literally doing this to themselves until it becomes a pattern. It's not the iPhone or society or whatever. They are also a part of society even though they have secluded themselves from the rest. And so the pattern continues like a merry-go-round you eventually get dizzy and sick from. The issue isn't about going out and meeting people, it's about how you interact with the people you meet. Thats where they should be supported.

  19. I’ve just turned 20 years old and I’ve struggled from this extreme feeling of isolation and loneliness for the last 3.5 years and it is truly paralysing. People my age are partying, making mistakes and living their best lives while some days I can’t even get myself out of my home to check the mail. Simply ‘going out and meeting people’ isn’t as easy as it sounds.

  20. Things like social media connects people all around the globe, but it fails to connect people who live closeby. If I were to express how lonely I truly am, some of you would understand, offer a hug, and if you're anything like me we could help each other. But when you need to travel to another country or even another continent to find a soulmate, you're screwed.

  21. 1990s was the last decade we truly socialize as Human beings. I see a trend, every 2 decades after 1969 we had the
    Summer of Love 1969 and Summer of Love 1989, and both were Great. Now we're 10 yrs over due of Summer of love of 2009.

    Look up on YouTube Summer of love 89 and you'll see what I'm talking about. I was there and I MISS THOSE DAYS.

  22. i developed anxiety disorder, depression and panic attacks after my grandfather died. i’m under psychiatric medication because of the panic attacks. The mind is very powerful. I want to feel normal again.

  23. i developed anxiety disorder, depression and panic attacks after my grandfather died. i’m under psychiatric medication because of the panic attacks. The mind is very powerful. I want to feel normal again.

  24. The worst is the disconnect between you and your grown children …the disrespect … the lack of care or concern ..

  25. if your lonely take a listen to that song owner of a lonely heart by yes, because it's true, it's much better than a owner of a broken heart.

  26. I feel lonely every day, if I didn’t have my doggy and faith in God, not sure what I would do, People don’t talk anymore, especially when you have something tragic happen, people disappear. Strangers I meet at the store have given me hugs and more comfort then friends and people I have known forever! I’m doing a documentary on it. The Amazing people I met on this journey, who just are kind and actually still like to have personal communication. Thank you for this video.

  27. Maybe the moral of the story is nobody wants to be friends with twatish people who’s only concern in life is working every hour god sends and jumping through all the expected social hoops

  28. Millions of people here in Dallas, and I’m in tears over loneliness. I can’t imagine how heartbreaking it is in a small town.

  29. I'm a survivor of Narcissistic abuse and the child of a genuine con-artist. I avoid entangling emotional involvements partly because I'm recovering from the damage I sustained, but also to protect myself. I understand my own worth and value as a man now, but I also understand that I'm a PRIME TARGET for every malicious, manipulative gold-digging woman out there looking for either their next "payday" or temporary pseudo-partner.

    As George Washington once said "It is better to be alone than in bad company". I know my own value now, I've rebuilt my self-esteem, and I will continue to guard myself until I meet a woman that's actually WORTH lowering my guard towards. And even then I will be cautious.

    The world has become exploitative and selfish, and THESE are the consequences of it.

  30. Nothing as lonely as being a stay at home mother. Not to mention being a foreigner in a different country where there’s language, culture and employment struggles.

  31. I really like the lady commentator. Shes in a way an example of a way to NOT be lonely. –Just experiment with your own life. Check things and people out. I love this show!

  32. I feel more alone when I'm surrounded by people ( including "family") and I used to be part of a large group of people until I realized I prefer to be alone. I have no social media (Instagram. Facebook. Twitter), I have ZERO friends. I feel so alive and happy.

  33. im so skin hungry I swear to god I understand why men rape and keep the body parts like a teddy bear, ive been deathly lonely for 20 years, no family no friends no one I have tried but nothing , just watchme you bastards, I hate you all,

  34. When you are smothered by the fog that is loneliness, it's all that you have.

    I spend my life contemplating if I should embrace the one constant, 24 hour a day thing in my life… or if I should turn my back on it!

    It's stupid I know but when you are gasping for air when you're in the middle of the fog, you feel completely lost, alone, desperate and close to giving up on trying to find your way back into the light at the edge of the fog!

    So I completely understand why the things said in this video were said! Loneliness is awful and I don't know how to get rid of it even if I don't consider myself a stupid person… it's crippling and it turns into a viscous circle! Xx

  35. What has happened, I feel this in USA it's sad, I'm from London and its also the same in Britain. So many people are lonely and Americans are in clickish and cant be bothered I think it's because we took God out the equation. Eventually I'll leave back to Europe but not London

  36. Loneliness is a monster in my life. Because I know that loneliness is unhealthy and as bad as smoking 15 cigarettes per day I choose to fight it. My loneliness is not eliminated but fighting it does help. Here is how I fight it. I fill my calendar with lots of plans and distraction. I do Meet Up, I go to the gym to take aerobic dance classes and swim, I talk to friendly people, I get out of the house often, I don’t say no to hugs because they are rare and I haven’t given up on my dream of someday finding true love even though I haven’t found it yet at 45.

  37. Social media will never replace real connections, a heart emoji will never replace a real hug … being together, working together is what kept our species going all these years. No matter how much we wanna deny it, we NEED eachother, it's the way we evolved. And the fact that we're drifting apart is what's making us suffer …

  38. A lot of the times people are too embarrassed to admit that they're lonely so making it harder to connect to other ppl. Find it in yourself to open up and reach out to ppl because that other person might be lonely too. Sending strength love and light to you all 💜

  39. Meeting a lot of fake and/or shallow people, plus meeting people with addictions and/or other baggage makes it difficult for me. In the end I like my solitude.

  40. I live alone over 10 years now, shallow 'friends' social media are the biggest causes, I only leave the house to get food these days. I feel like I'm dead on the inside and it's just my body that's living

  41. My wife passed away at the young age of 45, I'm alone but I'm not lonely. I find volunteering your time and energy to help others in the community and not wanting anything in return very meaningful. You meet other volunteers like yourself who are real people

  42. What you looking for doesn't exist out their. It's sad .But people can take a lot out of you. Making connection with someone is emotional draining.I am thinking about seeing prostitute just for emotional connection. I can hear "Eleanor Rigby" playing in the background.

  43. I am lonely 24/7. I have literally no friends or even acquaintances. I don't talk to any family members at all. That's why my heart's been hurting more lately and my heart rate's so high. I know I'm dying from loneliness and honestly,I don't care.If I die,it's all good.

  44. Loneliness is spiritual condition that can cured by
    relationship with Jesus Christ ! He can fill that hole in
    your heart that no man or woman can. You can join a Bible believing church with other believers who can lift you up and encourage you.
    Jesus loves you just the way
    you are ! But too much to let
    you stay that way , you can have more joy and healing from the pains of your past ! He came for the broken hearted and lonely so they could have a more abundant life! Ask Jesus into your heart and ask God to direct you to the right church for you .

  45. Did not HS or city college teach anything? But they did have reading, socializing, history, speech, something should've sparked or at least peaked an interest? "Grape's of Wrath" maybe should be reread? 'Going online' is liken to Walmart's parking lot 3 in the morning. Beware! Just saying. Also, step out of your comfort zone by helping some body? Clean somebodies yard without reward? Never stay for a thank you, but do get permission 1st!

  46. I've been lonely in Adelaide Australia for 20 years, i used to go to poetry slams, but i got pushed away 'coz i made everyone laugh & the organizers got jealous of that, since I gave up drinking and smoking weed, no-one wants to know me, i am boring to them, so I've adapted to being an introvert 'coz there's really nothing i can do to make new friends + most of them have died, as well as all my Family members, i could go on & on, Cheers, from Australia 🌞

  47. We stopped going to church where they have chats and coffee corners and fun activities (at the very least); we get divorced, have affairs and then go right ahead and leave the person for whom we left our families for to have the affair with; we leave our parents behind, we work hours and hours even when we do not need to, we write people off if they do not necessarily look hot or attractive, we have almost no dance clubs for folks over 30, try to go to a dance club and in most countries it’s so loud, the music unrecognizable and so small and crowded that you cannot even dance, smile at a man and he thinks you are asking him to marry him and have 20 children with him – just chatting and being friends seems to be out of the question these days only if sex is the end activity; so yeah, we’ve created a nice little lonely planet. We all glorify how amazing we feel being alone but we are good liars to ourselves.

  48. I like Jordan Peterson when it comes to "friends". Do they want the best FOR you ( a real friend) or the best FROM you (USERS) ………. That is a good definition that I now use to define and vet any new or "old" friends and acquaintances. Works pretty good too but remember this caution….. a friend will always ask a favour at sometime so don't look at all people with a wary eye. Just be aware that to be the constant "giver" is not HEALTHY nor EQUITABLE thus not a true friendship.

  49. As someone with Asperger's, I feel lonely most of the time. I drink to feel better and it was good to socialise in pubs but now millennials are drinking less so my frequent pub is getting very quiet. Too quiet for me. I'm trying to find a better pub but although there's lots of people elsewhere in popular bars, I'm not familiar with anyone and the culture is very different.

  50. People say "U need too go on line/join a group/get out blah blah blah" "I don't have the time or energy and people lie on line all the time….not to mention the act that I feel vulnerable to meet people I don't know. I'm 63y.o. My ex walked blindsided me and walked out 1 wk b4 our 30th anniversary. I now have to work full-time. I have 2 wonderful adult children (who are my life) but they have to live their lives. Some days I can't wait to get home from work just to cry. I'm SO lonely….I feel like I'm going to die from loneliness. The pain of being alone, no one to put their arm around me, to love me, to take a walk with me, to have a cup of coffee with, to talk about the day with…….is killing me:(

  51. I wish we had something like this in the UK. I don't speak to people for weeks and when I go to get my grocery's nobody seems to want to talk they are all busy in their lives, I feel very invisible.

  52. Getting the dopamine working again is good but in the end not the help they need. Inflammation food and changing the work and society that's what is needed. And we need to interact with other people because we are humans that's what we are made for.

  53. Anthropologically speaking, if you feel lonely and longing for human connection with "the other", just go hug an aboriginal.

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