Welcome to the second episode of our three-part exclusive collaboration with Li Ziqi. Li is one of China’s top internet celebrities. Her thing? Making just about everything from scratch. Our exclusive interview with her will air next week. But this week, as a special treat for Goldthread fans, Li is letting us co-debut her new video. Enjoy! Next week… Back then, when I worked in the city, it was about survival. Now, in the countryside, I feel like I’m truly living. We sat down with Li Ziqi to ask her the questions that everyone’s been wondering about. How does she make her videos? What inspires her? And what’s her life story?

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Methew Wade

100 thoughts on “Li Ziqi Turns Corn Into a Chinese Feast”

  1. Need to report this. Obviously she's using Liziqi's video twice now! We already watched her videos or for some they can just go to her original video. Stop using her!

  2. Hey! don't use her content. It's such an artwork and so much effort she spends to make it. So I would prefer to see your own content, where your effor and energy is spend in. But this seems like stealing from her.
    Her work is worth to be respected with all respect human should have and the Chinese culture got in many ways.

  3. This sucks. You should’ve just released the interview instead of reposting her videos, even if she gave you permission to post her videos. This is lazy marketing and reflects badly on your channel.

  4. This is what I can say, it's good for you that you can meet her and have an interview with her. You promise to us to tell us who she really is. That's what you said. So that we are watching your vids about her because we all really want to know who is she. But from what I watch, there are nothing less than we watch the vids from her own channel.

    Yeah, you put english subtitles on the video, so we can understand better, but why the interview don't have any english subtitles. We all are waiting for the interview but we can't understand it because of language barrier.

    I'm dissapointed. I watch till the end only for the interview. But the interview don't have subtitles. I don't understand. You put subtittles on her vids but not on the interview.

    Then, what's the point you make us watching your vids about her. For me, it's okay to just watch her own channel even I don't understand her words because the important things are the message about the nature and her hardworking.

    And are you really interviewing her? The interview is too short. Then, you recommend us to wait for the next part. What? How can we trust you again? How can we will know who she is even after watching the next part? I'm not mad at you. But you're playing with human's feelings. I feel sorry for others. You give us hope.

    In my opinion, you should improve the way you make your videos and spread the happiness😊

  5. 台灣的女孩子真的是太好命的過分了,看看李子柒這女孩子多麼的利害,樣樣精通,確實太利害了。

  6. What nonsense! Just show us the interview. We can watch her video from her channel! It seems like you are bluffing about the interview thing!

  7. 你们也就采访她一次,适当吊吊胃口增加点点击量也就得了,老这么玩,把观众期待值吊得高到下不来,就没意思了……好歹放点干货吧……

  8. Я бы на этой девушке женился. Готовка на ней. Физическая нагрузка на мне.✌

  9. 9:45 if you could have uploaded from this part, her followers may felt happy and they could have supported you…. people who are watching only the beginning part they may think you are steeling her video

  10. Wtf?! Where is the interview about her? And why you need to say it’s collaboration? It’s only the same video she uploaded on her channel too! Duhhh! This channel should be reported! 😓

  11. Why not just do the interview and LINK to her videos. Not sure why you feel the need to run her videos full-length and call them parts 1 and 2

  12. It's just miserable and disrespectful. Li Ziqi puts so much work in her videos and you just steel them, not just one but already two. It should be reported to youtube.

  13. oh my god.. so many idiotic comments… it was clearly stated that it will be a 3 part collab video.. stop accusing them of stealing.. smh 😑

  14. Ok if you interview her don't copy the whole video it is like you will earn view and subscribers by reupload her video this is not good and you will keep doing this by adding something little from the beginning and at the end of the video simply. If you interview show the whole interview not the whole video I feel like you are stealing her video.

  15. You guys are the worst. Stop stealing her videos. There's no interview. If so give us an exact or approximate date. If not, get ready because a lot of people are reporting this channel, including myself. If there's no interview next week REPORT!

  16. If you want tell her stories than show us her stories..
    Don't cheat people by reuploading
    This innocent girl video..
    I have seen the last video u do the same thing.. We have already seen her video so stop fooling us

  17. Are not u feeling shame of yourself (Goldthread)???? Your stealing her (Liziqi) videos and uploading in your channel just for views. Shame on you. If u want views and subscribes put effort and dedication in Ur videos like her . Not like just uploading her videos by changing video description.
    I request all Liziqi fans and followers to report this channel and let them face the consequences.

  18. You are a very strong fearless humble and beautiful ….gril you are connecting for nature hard work. Simple life and. Natural foods . I like no I love your videos…. keep smiling and make videos plz

  19. Don't copy her u r cheater u asked her permission she had great talent ❤️❤️❤️❤️☺️☺️😘😘😍😍😋😋🤗🤗 I like 2 huge, kiss her❤️❤️😘😘

  20. This is kinda pointless when she uploaded the video directly afterwards, and the first part was a waste of time. No offense, you should of just made a single video on her interview instead of milking content from her we've seen already lol.

  21. oh come on. I feel like I'm being trolled at this point. Part 1 was just you just playing an old video and part 2 is you just playing her new video. Who needs a 'co' debut on a shared platform? I'll go watch it on her channel thanks.

    How about just show the interview and link people to her channel.

  22. i am watching this video she is soooooo Amazing girl she is awesome shaf😍😍😍🤗🤗🤗🤗👌👌👌👌👌🙂🙂🙂

  23. Man all these stupid people reporting, ziqi probably gave them permission to release these, if not the would have gotten taken down by now


    official channel https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=bZsfEwr9i6I


  25. its sad that goldthread is milking off her like a money machine now… this video is just a reupload of her existing videos on her channel. this is just theft.
    this is a small channel so for them to get even thousands of views is astronomical.
    learn to make your own contents or get off youtube you theives

  26. Okay now this is the second video promoting your cheap channel by using Liziqi’s unlimited talent. And second report from me too😠

  27. Even if it’s a three part series, it’s still not cool to just use her videos as content. You can show clips and bits of her video but to show the whole thing and tell people “oh you gotta wait til the third video comes out for an interview. Subscribe!” You’re just trying to gain views and subscribers, riding on her coattail. Even if she agree to it, it’s not a good look on y’all.

  28. Why are you taking Liziqi YouTube? That’s doesn’t belong to you. Those whose wish to watch Liziqi, please support her official site. Thank you and God bless you.

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