What’s up, team! If you are struggling
with your deadlifts Check out this landmine setup. Feet a little bit wider than shoulder width, hinging back. Fingers interlocked (so you don’t have to worry about grip) Check the movement – hinging back, driving through the hips, and strong core Notice how I sit my hips back? Okay. Then I explode up and through the bar. Alright you wanna think about hinging here *hips* not squatting down *knees* Hinging back, engage my glutes. If you’ve got a butt, use it! Exploding up and through, hands stay level You are staying in alignment, not rotating your spine Nice and neutral all the way through. Exploding through that opposite wall. If this was helpful for you, let me know! I want to bring value to my community. So, that’s what I’m doing. No more struggling with those deadlifts! This video takes care of it. @buckinghamfit

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Methew Wade

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