she said surgery first gym to maintain a scar everyone is entitled to their own opinions everyone this is one this is what I'm gonna say in my opinion right now some of you might agree with me some of you probably won't but I want you to let me know if you agree leave a thumbs up and let me know your opinion in the comments down below because I was on holiday this is a day before my birthday I saw this tweet I'm gonna read the tweet as well don't worry don't worry I'm gonna read the tweet now I made a video a couple days ago my recent video and it's called ladies stop doing this yes you I'm talking about bbl talking about should you go through BB or should you go through surgery to it to achieve the body goals you see on Instagram I had a big big conversation about it now one of you mentioned me on Twitter and you showed me a tweet a girl said about bbl about surgery about Jim and I'm gonna be talking about it today because I read this I read this tweet while on holiday on my birthday and I was just like what the hell was this I didn't have my camera with me I couldn't just let my thoughts out and I'm back home now I'm gonna be letting you know what's good this is even gonna be a long run I've got a bigger run I want you to hear to run on my Instagram and on my snapchat follow me on instagram follow me on snapchat right now and you can just hear the longer-run I'm talking about but nah this is a joke mandus I don't know what's going on man it's so again what's the hold of the video leave a comment down below and if you agree with anything I say leave a thumbs up I know I've got a straight face I'm only up B but this tweet annoyed me because I know there's 17 18 year old young girls out there considering bbl because it's shit like this let me was not for me let me read the tweet you read the tweet alright I got my phone let me step to the side the tweet is right here this is what she had to say the gym do not and I repeat do not give you the results you're looking for they will never give you hips they will never fill your hip dips don't let these niggas tell you different surgery first gym to maintain after hashtag said why I said I'm gonna break down this tweak but let me tell you why I'm actually annoyed as a job this is my job I'm a personal trainer I've been doing this for six to seven years I'm an online coach I caught women around the world to get to the best versions of themselves mentally and physically so when I'm seeing things like this like this tweak what the fuck what is this bro what is this man I would hate if a young girl came up to me and she said she was gonna go through surgery but yet she hasn't been to the gym to workout she hasn't had that guidance the knowledge the right people around her to let her know go to the gym it will help you physically and mentally don't go through surgery and pay grindz go through one of these health risks like forget all of that ladies don't let me break down let me let me break this down real quick let me break this down she said the gym do not and I repeat do not give you the results you're looking for they will never give you hips first off the gym will give you results the problem is you want the results like yesterday you want the results now when it comes to gym you don't get the results like that it's gonna take at least three to six months for you to see some form of really really good results if you're doing it a healthy way if you're doing it a proper way but you want the results like yesterday and the thing is a lot of people had this idea that you can get results like that you're seeing transformation pictures on Instagram and they say in two weeks transformation and she had no hips and now she has hips no ladies no this is a process this is a life-changing thing you need to fall in love with the gym you need to fall in love with the process it will help you mentally and it definitely help you physically but Bink let me go through surgery because she done it and look at her hips they so many health risks with this I didn't tell you one more thing as well you can go through surgery and pay grams and then you have to go back to the surgeon and pay more money because he has to make sure he does his checks and all of that stuff or you can go to the gym you can pay 20 pounds a month for $25 a month and use the gym unlimited amount of time and work your ass off save money look at that come on man come with this surgery business it's a joke let me carry on with this tweak she then said do not give you the results you're looking for who never give you hips I grieve on that on a certain extent is a genetic thing it is bone structure like 98% of women have hit it it's just some women they don't really show as much because they have more muscle in that area but I am Telling You ladies you can fill that area up not completely not completely but you can fill it out to the point that when you look into the mirror you are happy with what you see you are happy with what you see so I agree yes you can't fill out your hip dips you can't ascertain that it's it's bone structure it's what you was born with but you can work your ass off in the gym work on that area to build more muscle in that area and it will give you that little lesion give you that little shape you've always wanted if you want me to make a video on that leave of thumbs up and let me know down below I'll make a hip tips video and show you the best exercises to fill that area this bloody treatment let me carry on reader let me carry on reader they will never fill in your hip dips don't let these niggas tell you different well I'm here to tell you I've been a personal trainer for yes I'm an online coach I've dealt with class people around the world there are a few people right now I've dealt with name worked their ass off three months working in the gym so if you're saying don't let these niggas tell you different I guess I must be that one guy that can and I can tell you different ladies it can work you can work hard in the gym you can get results in the gym don't think about going surgery first gym first then to finish it off she said surgery first gym to maintain a scar ladies don't ever don't ever think surgery first Jake to maintain after for one that is not the smartest thing to do financially you're spending grand where that money can be invested in something else that money could be invested in a better life stuff that money could be invested in you go into the gym having a gym membership having a personal trainer seeing him once a week bone towards your diet going towards just living a better lifestyle fitness healthier lifestyle instead of spending grands on surgery and you also have to go in for check-ups what's not free you're still gonna be paying money come on ladies don't have this mentality surgery first gym to maintain later how does that make it while we do not save that money and then go to the gym and work your ass off this this icon Oh what's going on with this generation Omo what's going on bro so ladies like I said everybody is entitled to their own opinions yes everybody is hence why I'm jumping on my platform and I'm saying my opinion but coming from a personal trainer reading that message you can understand how I'm feeling you can understand that it got how many retweets and there's other young women reading that thinking I might consider surgery and not having in their head about the health risk about the amount of money you need to spend about going through the easy option because it will translate later on in your life when it comes to hard times you will go through the easy route just like you've done it with surgery instead of working your ass off being patient working hard and putting their dedication into what you need to do to get the best version of yourself but what can you do way I'm here to help you ladies I'm here to be transparent with you I'm here to be real with you so leave a comment down below let me know what you're thinking leave a thumbs up if you agree with me but don't even go anywhere what's the video I was talking about what's this video right here and you know exactly what I'm talking about forget that surgery thing man forget again it's dead

Methew Wade

20 thoughts on “"LADIES..GET BBL AND DON'T GO GYM!โ€ ๐Ÿ˜ณ”

  1. Itโ€™s unfortunate if you were born with a hip dip and you want to change it but donโ€™t want to be chubby… itโ€™s like wanting big boobs but your skinny and genetically disadvantaged ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿพโ€โ™€๏ธ no gym will give it to you either so accepting yourself is best

  2. Muscle holds up better over time than transferred fat ever will. Most BBLs are done more than once anyways, so thatโ€™s actually a lot of money and recovery time. Plus the gym reduces your body fat which has an affect on our organs over time.

  3. Its insane that she had no problem showing the world how ignorant she is. Personally I think its better to work your ass off and love the results of YOUR work, not the doctors. Plus, this trend of donkey asses with stick legs isn't natural nor does it look close to natural. Love your self first and let the world see that by treating your self and your body right. Period.

  4. I understand what u mean . But some people are not hourglass and will never be . So what about making program for everybody type and talk about more diverse body on your page too .

  5. That is one of the stupidest things I have ever seen and read! Never heard of such ignorance. And it's sad. "Go to gym later to maintain " WTF!? Naw, I have done clean eating and nothing but water! Cardio, Plyo, Interval training, GYM! And guess what!? It works!!๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ’ช naturally!!! You need to work for it. It's also a mental thing and you really gotta want it! Patience, consistency and discipline!!!! I also like how you get upset. Its sexy! Ehhh๐Ÿ˜‰. On the real tho it's good to see that as a man you have our backs and letting us women know that it's not all about looks, but about health as well. ๐Ÿ™โค

  6. Firstly, her grammar is wrong โ€œthe gym DOES NOTโ€ not โ€œthe gym DO NOTโ€. Second, her statement is subjective to her own opinion, not a fact. Everyone wants a short cut these days… but how can you ever be proud of yourself knowing you bypassed the entire journey to get the results? Donโ€™t you want to look back at how far youโ€™ve come and be able to say you did it yourself? And Iโ€™m saying this from experience… I took no shortcuts. Thank you for your very insightful commentary.

  7. I need a workout and diet plan please. I'm just starting back in the gym and I'm on my 4th week and not seeing any results! I'm doing something wrong, but I don't know what it is ๐Ÿ™

  8. I agree. The gym can do far more for you then surgery can ever do physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It takes discipline going to the gym several times a week to achieve your goals but itโ€™s well worth it and you have a greater appreciation for your achievements.

  9. Wat a mentality gym or home fitness works for me. And millions. Instagram is just a morivation to work out more. Not to look like anyone else.

  10. I totally agree with you I have been going for 3 years and it now that I can see my self different and I am loving everything on moi and I donโ€™t think I will go for any surgery and I am a mother of 5 kiddos and I am so proud of what I have accomplished

  11. I almost got caught up with the lust of doing a bbl, but I'm scare. It is a process and you are right you will get results when putting all of your will and power. Can't wait to see hip dip videos bring them on Mr London!

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