hey everyone welcome to another edition of my calorie minute I'm Sarah host and I'm with Stephen Carr Bob Body Transformation expert now the economy isn't doing so well so if you're short on cash and you want to cancel your membership number one thing to invest in is Stephen adjustable dumbbells adjustable dumbbells so this is our home arm workout first exercise is hammer curls it's great for toning this is the side of the bicep now you can hold it towards the top of dumbbells but I prefer people to hold right in the middle that way then you have a good handle on those weights when I finish out with the triceps so when your left hands on to put your left leg back your right hands on your right knee and I want you to bring your elbow up like you just finished a one-arm row and I'll have you switch sides nice work good so right side left hand down supporting you good back is flat and then just exactly look straight ahead squeeze all the way the top try to hold the dumbbell there for half a second then right back down slow making sure it doesn't swing so we stopped there good and right back up so we just went through dumbbell hammer curls for the biceps then we write it to tricep kickbacks it's a nice superset do you get to work both your biceps and triceps you do that two to three towels so thank you guys have swimming sexy arms make sure you subscribe to the diner channel and we'll see you next time

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Methew Wade

46 thoughts on “Killer Home Arm Workout For Women”

  1. You know, it's not a bad idea to invest in some dumbbells if you're really serious about losing weight and toning up. They're not crazy expensive and worth the purchase.

  2. Lol ladies, don't worry about your arms getting bigger from using weights. You don't have the testosterone percentage for that kind if thickness. However, your arms will get sculpted and lean.

  3. because there is little to nothing you can do without resistance (dumbells). Just improvise if you don't have a measly set of dumbells. Use water bottle or something or other like that instead.

  4. `The thing I have heard is to use very low weight and do many instead. That will usual slim them, like what they do on this video, I dont know how much those things weigh but if you want slim, you usually shall do a lot and dont forget to stretch afterwards.

  5. People don't understand that there is a difference between being thin and being fit. These exercises will make your body fit and in perfect weight- if you want to be skinny thin, stop eating and starve yourself.

  6. @pflora1 YES I have this thought all the time. I'll be out to eat and my friend will say "like you have to worry!" when we're picking out food. Um, I look the way I do BECAUSE I worry!!!! WTF!

  7. Arm-workouts alone will not give you slim arms. Only a good diet, with slightly less calories per day then what you burn. That, and a nice cardio-workout as a combination will in time give the results that you´re after.

  8. what do you do when like where your front part of arm meets the chest (hard to explain) but like, how would someone get rid of the flabby part there?

  9. Hi, Sarah can u give a good tip on how to get rid of my flabby arms? I want to tone my arms but I don't want it to look bulky. Pls help me out, thanks.

  10. QUESTION: I just joined Bally's and you get one free session with a personal trainer. The girl told me that in order to get slim arms you need to do more reps with a lighter weight during arm exercises. To lose that jiggle arm (in tricep area) and get slim, not muscular arms, what's the maximum amount of reps you should do (I forgot to ask her)? 100? Is that with all kinds of arm workouts or should I just do large numbers of the tricep workouts? I'd appretiate advice from someone. Thanks!

  11. i love how everyone says
    "ohh, she doesn't have to do any of this, she's already so toned, and fit"

    but really, she's only toned and fit because she does all that.
    and if she stopped, she wouldn't look as toned after a little while.

  12. Why do people always say that she's fat?! WTF, she's got a great body and she does all these videos so she's clearly fit as well.

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