– ♪ Keep your eye on the grand old flag – ♪ Your a grand old flag (claps) (light acoustic music) – Yea. – Pizza. – Yea. – Pizza? I don’t know. – Let’s bring it out! – Ah! Dumplings! – This is Gyoza. – Gyoza! – Gyoza. Yay! – Mmm. – So yummy, so fluffy. – No one. Dang it! – It’s Japanese (bumps chest) – G, O, (stammers) Z, O! – Gyoza. – All right. – Done! (chopsticks drop on floor) – Sour cream? – Bacon on top. – How dare you, (mumbles) – OK, I agree. – What is it? – Ukrainian. – Bye, pierogi. Oh! I caught that! – Hi. What’s your name? Oh, the silent treatment, eh? – I demand you to speak. – Why won’t you speak!? – Yum, yum, yum. – What is this? (muffled giggling) – Chicken! – (muffled) Coxinha. – Where’s it from? Where’s it from? – Yea. – Brazil? – I’m not sure if this is from Brazil. – (whispers quietly) Where are you from? Tokyo? Let see the other one say it. 50/50. – Yea. – Mmm! – Can we save it for later? (laughs) (laughs) – That’s so- – I poked a hole in it. (laughs) – What place is this – (raspy voice) from? – Utah? – Oh, they’re xiao long bao. – Xiao, – Long, – Bao. – Now put it all together. – Thank you for watching. If you wanna see more HiHo! Click subscribe! It’s right here, down here. – Bye, bye! [Marina]: It’s gonna fall.

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Methew Wade

100 thoughts on “Kids Try Dumplings from Around the World | Kids Try | HiHo Kids”

  1. For the lyrics Celine was sing in the beginning
    You’re a grand old flag you’re a highflying flag and forever in peace may waive, your the emblem of the land I love in the home of the free and the brave, every heart beats true beneath the red white and blue where there’s never a boast or brag, but should auld acquaintance be forgot, your eye on the grand old flag

  2. "Desmond, who taught you how to use chopsticks?"
    "No one"
    Gyoza falls before enter his mouth
    Me: Yep I can tell…

  3. "Ah! *without hesitation shifts in chinese* Dwae! *murmurs the feel of the accent* Xiao long bao! *is proud.* "

    Madoxx showing what it feels like to speak different languages

  4. Idk why but kids get on my nerves. I tolerate them and make sure to feed one if it cries or something but im not very fond of children 5-12.

  5. How come the kids dont know basic table manners? Like eating with their mouths closed and so on. They are not that small. Doesnt american parents teach their kids anything?

  6. If I was on this channel/show I would probably eat the foods and guess all of them 😂😂😂 I’m a really big foodie

  7. Gosh the coxinhas looked dry and like they weren't fried right :/ also, they should have tried with catupiry!!! It's a thousand times better

  8. Am I the only one that finds Maddox really annoying? I hate to say it about a child but he really has the worst sense of humor. He will tell a lot of dad jokes when he is grown up

  9. Pierogi are from Poland this One… I hate Ukrainian always rude more than polish x179955 time… Pierogi come FROM CHINA. FIRST ONE MADE IN CHINA ..bye Ukrainian.

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