(girls screaming) – Yes! (squealing excitedly) – I want chicken feet,
we want chicken feet. – Chicken hand! – Chicken feet. – Chicken feet. (bright playful music) – Hey. – Tobbit, what’s that from again? – Hawaiian? – No, Tobbit, you know
that’s not from Hawaii. It’s from China. – I’m smart, please believe me.
– Gosh. – Me, I’m really hungry. – Me, I’m super hungry. – Oh my god. – Oh is this, um– – Dim sum! – It’s the dim sum lady. (girls clapping) – [Girls] Dim sum, dim sum! – Oh, I love these.
– I love these ones! – Instead of being like normal dumplings, they’re kind of like translucent. – It’s jiggly. Gosh, I can’t even do it. – Wait, like–
– How can you not pick those up with chopsticks? – No, they’re like slippery. Oh, there we go. – I’m gonna guess actually a mid-day meal. (mumbling) – Morning food, she says. – Okay, next food. (girl speaking indistinctly) – [Girls] What’s it gonna be? (girls screaming) – Chicken hand! – Chicken feet. – Chicken feet! – Meat, wait no it’s not meat. It’s feet. It’s chicken feet. – Oh no, oh god. Oh my god. (boy squeals – I love chicken feet, mom always makes it for us, I love it. – I love it, ah! – Oh my gosh, I’m botching–
– There’s bone. (boy laughing) – Mine!
His feet doesn’t stink at all. Mine smells like vinegar. – Tobbit’s feet smell the worst because he’s a pubescent teenage boy. – Did you just wipe your
dirty hands on my sweater? – Maybe. – Give me more, please. (girl growls) – Are they deep fried? – Oh, these look good. – So, what’s inside? (boy gasps) – Hm? – Almost like an avocado. – It’s guacamole? – They don’t put guacamole in this. (girl gasps) – I love taro. – Taro muh-ga-ro. – Like the root? – I know what that is, yeah. – Taro is like that purple
bubble tea we always get. – Wait, bubble tea? – [Girls] Dim Sum lady! – Can I open it? (boys shouting excitedly) (girls gasp) – Oh, yes.
Yes, yes, yes, yes! – It looks like manapua. (girl speaking indistinctly) – Is there octopus inside? – She literally just said it’s a pork bun. – I thought I saw a tentacle. (boy laughing) (boy chewing) – He already ate one? When did he do that? – Alright, just open it this time. – Rice balls. Is it sticky rice? Tastes almost peanut buttery. – Oh my gosh. – Oh, that’s insane. – [Boys] No! – [Girls] Thank you for watching! – Bye. – Oh my gosh– – Tea tea tea tea! (girl mumbles) The tea! (tea pouring)

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Methew Wade

100 thoughts on “Kids Try Dim Sum | Kids Try | HiHo Kids”

  1. this video was really cool! I suggest, going forth you have 1-2 culturally relevant children to the food they are trying along with with all the other kids….the juxtaposition was very interesting

  2. Obviously it'll be the asians that get excited for chicken feet

    I'm Asian and I kinda like chicken feet I guess

  3. those girls at the beginning = accurately express my love for chicken feet (& dimsum)
    OHHH THE FRIED TARO IS MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE THO … and sesame balls!! DANGGG THEY SERVIN' SOME GOOD ONES~~ actually dimsum is my FAVORITE <333 always want it on my birthday and whenever else i can get it~

  4. The way Miko’s brother said bubble tea is me every time my dad comes into town and I wanna go get taro bubble tea from bubblemania 😂

  5. I don’t particularly like them but fried chicken feet is sometimes served in Appalachia. My sister-in-law loved fried chicken feet. It was more popular during the depression

  6. STOPPPPP putting soy sauce next to dim sum on tables.. its not meant to be dipped in soy sauce 🙁

  7. 2:50 u know the kids are filipino when they called pork bun siopao bcos I still call it siopao even if im 19 😍

  8. We need more vanessa and Talbot. I like to see the difference with the different ages. Cant believe they are 12 though! they act so much older

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  13. Those kids are sooo happy to see chicken feet…… mean while my mom used to chase me and my sibs around the house with them

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