Sister do you want Cold drink ??? Yes I want, but where can we get that ??? We can call daddy and ask for it… I need red and I need black one …. I will call daddy and ask for cold drink Hello daddy Can you bring cold drinks for us Please Ok, thank you Daddy said YES Wow sister good job…. Aayu, Pihu come here in the room I think mumma listen to our conversation Let us go Come aayu and pihu – Yes mumma Wow, what is this ? So many juices These are 16 types of Juices Now tell me What do you want ? cold drinks or Juices ? Juice Now we will drink Juices only… Take out 1 chit for each and guess the Juice name STONE PAPER SCISSOR 9 Taste and Guess, which juice is this ??? I don’t know … I think apple juice COCONUT WATER Sister it is coconut water, not Apple Don’t worry, your turn will also come !!! 16 Just taste it Aayu can guess It looks on aayu’s face that he does not has any clue.. Apple Juice Pine Apple Lemon Ginger & Beetroot I thought these are Juices, but they are vegetables But these juices are healthy Now my turn 7 Mix fruit or Pineapple Orange I am not sure Orange Sweet lime Sweet lime and oranges are almost the same Mumma please give me this point No…. Sister you are still at Zero You are also at Zero 15 What have you got Aayu?? What is that ??? I have eaten this once Laughing Which colour is it ? Yellow What is the size ?? Normal …. Is it small or big ??? You have to tell the fruit name …. Jaljeera What were you thinking It tasted like a Golgappa Then you should have said Golgappa Oh, I haven’t got this point also. Mumma has kept very difficult challenge for us ….. 12 Which Juice is it Pihu ??? Wait, I am thinking, I am thinking Strawberry No I think it is Jamun You have to tell the final answer Open the pack This is Jamun Masala Jamun Wow Pihu Scored 1 point Sister only said Jamun, not Masala Jamun Son, it has jamun with some flavor Sister has scored 1 point, now I will give correct answer 8 What is it called ??? Tell Taste Taste I think aayu liked it, he is drinking it… Pass Watermelon Ok, then open Apple Number 2 I don’t know Taste is a bit weird Tell the answer fast Mix Fruit Pomegranate See, you don’t know the taste of juices If you don’t drink juices, how will you know ? Now leave cold drinks and start drinking juices These are also healthy Next my turn I have to score 1 point atleast Which number ? 10 What do we call it ? Litchi Litchi juice? Ok check It has litchi Wow Aayu guessed correctly But mumma, it is Amla, Aloevera and Litchi mix But litchi is also there Now If pihu tell, then Aayu will get a point Ok we will give him a point Because he is small He guessed the litchi flavor correctly I wish 13 will not come I got 13 Ewww What is it ? I don;t know Amla Juice Amla ? Amla? How would I know, you are drinking it ??? You give the answer Check it You drank the juice OK Amla… Amla It wasn’t good in taste, but you’r happy for point. Now Pihu has 2 points 1 Tell Aayu Apple is gone Mango Juice Are you sure? He will finish it Aayu you have to guess, don’t finish it. Orange Juice Mango Aayu gave the wrong answer Aayu said Mango? Earlier he said Mango, then he changed Aayu was about to win, but he lost at the end Mumma with so many Juices Amla, Bitter Gourd, Mango all are like mixed Juices. Ok, that is why you are unable to guess the taste… By the way, you know the taste of all the fruits We eat a lot of fruits daily ??? I got 3 Aayu pass 3 pack This must be Mixed fruit Ok, mixed fruit Guava Your sister lost I didn’t lost I am still leading Pihu has 2 points Next aayu’s turn What is it ? 11 Is it bitter gourd? Bitter Gourd is of green colour Aayu you have to win, don;t focus on Juice You have to win Taste it properly Drink it again Finish it Taste it and guess What is it? Bitter Gourd It is not Bitter Gourd Then what is it ? You can’t guess Pass? Stay happy, weather you loose or win Raw Mango Juice Next is Pihu’s turn What is Aam Panna You eat pickle of raw mango Juice of Raw Mango Pickle Juice ??? 4 Orange I am not sure OK Orange. It can be mix fruit also OK Orange Orange Yeah I have got 3 points Wait aayu You have to choose number. What is it ? 5 What is Elaichi? (Cardamom) Aayu there is not juice of cardamom Apple Pear, no no no Pear Pine apple OK Check No Grapes Aayu I lost this game 14 This can be mix fruit Pihu always say mix fruit in all guesses This is tasty But, I don;t know the name OK, I will try Pine Apple This must be Pine Apple…. Yes Pine Apple Delight Aayu take out the chit This is the last one, This is the last one, Aayu got scared Even If I give correct answer, I will loose this challenge. But, I will still guess So that I loose by less margin Yes He likes it Aayu almost finishes the juice, rather just tasting I don’t know Pass Litchi 6 number is Litchi He guessed correctly, with mixed fruits But he could not guess, plain Litchi. Because Mumma, my mouths taste has become like…. Mix Fruit Then how will we identify Og I lost this challenge No aayu doesn;t loose. We both are winners How ? Because we have tried so many juices at once. They were tasty also Now onwards, what will you drink – Cold Drink / Juice ? Juices are healthy They makes us STRONG OK… TATA…. BYE BYE…. LOVE YOU ALL

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