Being a mother of eight is not an easy
task. I have eight mouths to feed, eight kids to get up in the morning for school. We are running to activities all day long, especially because the oldest being
15, and then the youngest being 4, you go from one extreme to the next. Hi, my name is Joleen Murray and I’m a mother of eight and a full-time student.
I’m dual majoring in Dietetics and Nutrition and Health. My mom, when she had
my youngest brother, I noticed that she really struggled with her weight and she
also struggles with depression, which go hand-in-hand, and, for me, just watching
her struggles that led me into wanting to pursue Dietetics, because I can do
something that I love: My passion to help somebody that may be struggling.
I knew that was a career choice that I wanted to go, no matter what the pay was.
The pay didn’t make a difference to me. It was the passion for people. Nutrition is so many things. I would say it means an overall health, an overall sense of
well-being. If you don’t have those staples in your diet, you can’t have a
clear mind. Fitness is huge too, because the obesity that you see with children
these days and raising eight children, I want to teach them the best choices. To tell them is one thing. To show them is another thing. My kids have learned a
love for running just by watching us. My older boys, when they were 10 years old,
ran their first mile. I was so proud of them because it was them wanting to do it, not me pushing them, but they were just so excited because they knew mom
and dad were running. I have watched that passed down from not only them, but
all the way down to my youngest. It is very necessary that I have an education
that works around my schedule. My classroom is everywhere. I can be at home and I can be at K-state but not be at K-state. When it comes to wanting to
accomplish something, I’m going to accomplish it. I mean I’m showing my kids
that you can go back to school, no matter what age you are,
and you can pursue your dreams.

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