so lovely people this is a big one quick and easy healthier tips to look after you breakfast guys breakfast this is where we get it wrong a lot so let me kind of just give you some clarity about what is the best option just kind of think about it when you go in the supermarket there's that massive aisle right and out of that aisle pretty much this is the only thing that's actually kind of healthy in the sense of controlled sugars right so let's just talk about it the zero sugar cereals that we have here are here we've got porridge Oaks they're brilliant I mean these are literally as near as you're gonna get to a superfood they're fantastic they lower your cholesterol it's a great thing for your stomach it's a fantastic source of protein that your slow release and give you long energy right and then you've got a zero added sugar usually you know there's a few raisins in there which is natural sugar and actually you know 30 grams of dried fruit does count as one of your five fruit and veg a day shredded wheat zero sugar it's all about texture and flavor you can hit it up with any milk you want skim semi skimmed or whole look whole milk is still a low-fat product and it's delicious on cereal and then we get onto our low sugar I grew up eating this this is Weetabix this is very low sugar is under five grams per hundred grams of Weetabix so this is pretty much classed as low sugar it will have a green stamp on it I have it in my house my kids love it then we have bran flakes you know it's not my favorite if I'm honest but you know high in fiber it has under five grams of added sugar it's very low in sugar you can kind of rev it up and kind of make it exciting by different milks and pinches of this that and the other I mean ultimately ultimately guys I think these cereals are brilliant if you have the capacity to have fun with them crush up nuts crush up seeds fork up like bananas grating apples or pears fresh fruit frozen fruit skins seeds get it all in there and you kind of sweeten it with the natural fruit and it is so outrageously delicious one thing I love to do is kind of a hybrid of a smoothie so kind of like young milk whichever one you want you know kind of go in with like say frozen bananas right and you can put pinches of cinnamon way and make your flavored milk as the milk that goes on this delicious and guys I have to say this with a little milk and some lovely fruit is a brilliant start to the day I think it will make a massive difference not just your health but your productivity and your success so take care get creative and happy breakfast

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Methew Wade

27 thoughts on “Jamie's Top 5 Healthiest Cereals | Jamie Oliver”

  1. Jamie's cereal land is like communist Russia.. If he takes away cartoon mascots that's where I draw the line. Destroying art and its purpose is disgusting. What is this? Equalibrium (2002)?

  2. Theres no longer any cartoons on tv commercial anymore and now an arrogant brit like him doesn't want them on cereal boxes, I suppose he wants his big vain head on them instead

  3. In Korea, i can buy nothing without tax. is weet-bix same with weetabix? i can buy only weet-bix in korea. others are too expensive because of tax.

  4. You may have grown up eating Weet-a-bix as a kid, but, millions of aussies grew up on Weet-a-bix's predecessor… Weet-Bix πŸ˜€ Both were created by the same guys but Weet-Bix came first. It's amazing how many people don't like it though.

    I like Weet-Bix with full-cream milk (the Hi-Lo and Skim are pretty much tasteless) along with a banana.

  5. It would have been nice to see some gluten-free and oat-free options, although most people who eat gluten-free probably have a pretty good idea of the ingredients and nutritional content of what they are putting in their bodies.

  6. Why does everyone get so heated over nutrition? All these healthy videos always have some harshly criticizing people's idea of "healthy". Come on guys let's just be informative and nice. Let's not point fingers. πŸ€—

  7. The 5 Healthiest Cereals are 5 bowls of Coco Pops smothered in syrup. The worst are 5 bowls of Coco Pops smothered in syrup whilst watching Jamie Oliver…puke inducing.

  8. Oats and shredded wheat are two of my favorite and typical breakfast foods. So is Cream of Wheat, made with 1% milk. Your thoughts, Jamie?

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