Hello, Jamie. Can I say congratulations? You can. You can. Did you guys see where
she got her Lifetime– [CHEERING] Thank you for the tweet. That was sweet. No, but you know, as
comedians, that just– to see your arc as a
comedian, and that night– oh, I had tears. Oh, thank. And I’m a thug, so– Yeah. [LAUGHTER] That a really sweet– thank
you for tweeting out, and– Man, that was beautiful. –it meant a lot to me. Thank you. How’d you feel? I felt great. I felt like– I could tell that was genuine,
and that room can be, you know, [INAUDIBLE]. Yeah, yeah. Lifetime, hm. [LAUGHTER] You know what I’m saying? But that was so real. I loved it. Thank you. Thank you. It’s good to see you. What’s happening? I thought this was a– I didn’t know [INAUDIBLE]– No, it stays there. Oh, it stays– OK. Oh, Wow. [LAUGHTER] You must have– We’ll hunker down until morning. Yeah. Anyway. You must have fancier
glasses at your house that– the coaster’s built-in. Yeah, that tripped
me up for a second. I thought I was reacting to
something that I took earlier. Yeah. [LAUGHTER] Is this a real audience? Is this really Ellen? No, I’m just kidding
I’m just kidding. I never do that. [LAUGHTER] Not this early in the day. Not this early. No. How were the holidays? The holidays was great. Yeah? I had a great time. My mother celebrated
her 77th birthday. [CHEERING] On a yacht? Yeah, we actually took a yacht
in Miami– you know, a 305. JR and Loren Ridinger– they
let us come on their yacht, which is– it’s great to be on a boat. My sister didn’t want to
get on the boat, because– I’m not saying it’s cultural,
but boats and black people it’s different sometimes. So she didn’t want
to get on the boat. But it was a nice yacht. It was dope. Yeah. So you’re on the boat. You’re 52 now. And there’s some video of
you doing some pull-ups or something. You look good. Oh, yeah. Oh, look out, man. Look at that. Get it. Come on. Get it. That’s– Ah. That’s impressive. Yeah, but it’s
only the top, see. Because brothers– I’m saying,
2020, I’ve got to do legs. I don’t ever do legs, because
brothers don’t do legs. Really? No, no, no. We’re big at the top and sort
of small at the bo– like, I could beat you up,
but I can’t chase you, because [INAUDIBLE]– [LAUGHTER] [INAUDIBLE] [LAUGHTER] Because I don’t do legs. Do brothers do– I don’t see a
lot of black guys doing legs. I did legs one time in
2019, and I took one of those female squat classes– a butt burn of where you all
are just– all day just– Yeah. [LAUGHTER] And I couldn’t– You’re going to be sore
tomorrow from that. Yeah. Yeah. Because I don’t have calves. Yeah. So that’s– I think that’s
part of my heritage. But whatever you’re
doing, you look– Meaning, from Africa,
we have smaller calves. [LAUGHTER] [VOCALIZING] [LAUGHTER] I’m African-American. I’m American up here, and
I’m African down here! [LAUGHTER] [VOCALIZING] [LAUGHTER] Oh, my God. I did calves one time, and
the next morning, I got out of bed like, oh, my goodness. [LAUGHTER] OK. We’ll edit that. Yeah. No. You’re going to spill
all over yourself. I’m so sorry. [INAUDIBLE] You know what I need? I need napkins here to help you. I’m sorry. OK. No, I just worry about you. When I– OK. So can I ask about your– I heard that you coach
your daughter’s basketball. My younger daughter is 5’8″. Mm-hmm. She’s 11 years old. Wow. Yeah, and she didn’t
like basketball at first, because she plays
on the all-boys, and the boys wouldn’t
pass her the ball. But then 16 points, 12
rebounds, 6 blocks later, and she wins the game. She’s now the go-to. Wow. [INAUDIBLE] [CHEERING] Uh. [INAUDIBLE] Look at that. And nobody makes free
throws in that league. You’ve got to understand. And they’ve got a great
little team over there in wherever they play. And you coach? Yeah, I coached one time. I don’t think
they’ll have me back. I was going to ask– Because I was a
little too excited. Because I get on the court,
because I don’t think they can hear me. So I go– [LAUGHTER] So I’m on midcourt,
like, come on. You know, I’m in the way. And the ref walked up and
said, listen, I love Django, but you’ve got to
get off the court. [LAUGHTER] But it’s really excited
to see her really find something that she digs. And now she’s looking
forward to it. She didn’t like it at first
until she hits the game winner, and looks in the stands
and sees that everybody’s yelling for her. And then she was like,
oh, let’s go get it. You know? Yeah. Yeah. Well, sometimes it takes that. Anything you try, you feel
that energy from everybody, and it feeds your confidence. Yeah, yeah. So she’s– So good for her. She’s little Annalise. She’s doing her thing. And my oldest daughter’s
in the back, Corinne– I just want to give
a shout out to her– who’s done her third
movie now, and– Oh, my God. I know. She was, like, eight
years old when I first– you were here talking about her. Grown now. Yeah, it’s amazing. Grown and doing her thing,
making her own money. Yeah. Needed that. Yeah, yeah. [LAUGHTER] All right. We’re taking a break. We’ll be back with Jamie. Hi, I’m Andy. Ellen asked me to remind you
to subscribe to her channel so you can see more
awesome videos, like videos of me getting scared
or saying embarrassing things, like ball peen hammer, and
also some videos of Ellen and other celebrities, if
you’re into that sort of thing. [SHOUTS] [SCREAMS] [BLEEP] God! [BLEEP]

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