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Methew Wade

43 thoughts on “Jalen Rose warned us about KD's bad workout and the trolls bashed him! – Max Kellerman | First Take”

  1. Stephen A. Smith: "One of the things we need to pay attention too"

    Max Kellerman: Do yall hear something ?

  2. KD and Klay need to copy LeBron James diet and work out routine cuz he never get hurt during playoffs when it matters most.

  3. I’m tired of listening to analysts who didn’t play the game.. They just don’t know at all and get an ego the size of earth for saying stupid shit… example a: Max Kellerman

  4. We all knew KD was not medically ready to play. Steve Kerr and the coaches staff, the owners, the GM, KD, his teammates, the media and the fans….we all knew that! It goes to show that Kawhi was right all along!

  5. LETS BE REAL it ain't really gonna change change. Basically what SAS is saying is that it's gonna change in regards to star players getting injured. No one would give a fuck if Jeremy Lin tore his achilles tendon after being told he couldn't play so they can stop with the whole everything is gonna change angle lol.

  6. It's lose lose; if KD didn't play, Klay gets hurt and KD gets blamed. KD plays, gets hurt, Klay gets hurt now KD shouldn't have played. Lose lose.

  7. Jalen is full of shit, warriors local media who see the guy every damn day contradicted his bullshit claim but since hes on national tv he doesnt get held accountable

  8. Rose is nothing more than a loudmouth. He was a punk kid who got rich. At no point does he sound informed on anything, but gossip from current NBA players. He is unwatchable and not very bright. What's worse is his girlfriend never shuts the fuck up as a moderator and has ruined a show that was decent. You can flush the both of them down the toilet

  9. Stephen A is literally making shit up and then covering his ass by saying something like “I don’t think it’s fair to the warriors to just put that out there” as if he’s taking the high ground. This is literally how rumors start smh. I don’t even like the warriors, I’m a thunder fan!

  10. Jalen Rose and Shannon Sharpe were both right. You know what else they have in common? They were both professional athletes. These other personalities are just entertainment kids, listen to the ex-pros.

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