welcome everyone dr. Mandel here I don't know about you but I don't know of anyone who spends time exercising their face on a regular basis and that's what we're gonna do today we're gonna increase blood supply to the cells of the skin by allowing the body to naturally increase its own normal collagen so our optimal goal is to have a clear healthy complexion with a beautiful glow and that means healthy skin that can absorb normal moisture so I'm going to show you these anti-aging facial exercises I'm going to show you them quickly you're going to do these daily and you're gonna see amazing results within a week or two chewing gum about 10 to 15 minutes a day can do wonders for your facial muscles you're going to work the masseter muscles the thick muscles on both sides of the facial region now when you chew your gum try to be creative chew to one side the other side bite differently you're going to use lots of different muscles which is going to help accelerate the healing process I love this one it's called the Ong exercise meaning that you are shocked you are surprised like whoa you're gonna say whoa but what I want you to do expand your cheeks like this and then as you go whoa I want you to open your eyes wide this is what it's going to look like expand your cheeks and you expand your cheeks you're gonna do that ten times so here's a great resistive exercise to work your entire forehead take one of your hands put it on your forehead and push it down now what I want you to do is take your eyebrows and push it up against your hand as you continue to push down with your hand five seconds and release push down with your hand lift your eyebrows up against your hand hold it up five seconds and release you'll do ten of those this next resistive exercise is going to work all below the eyes all in the upper cheeks on both sides I'd like you to put your lips together and just bring your chin down to the ground like this and you'll hold that for five seconds while we use the heel of our hands as we put pressure below our eyes put pressure inwards and upwards and you'll come down keep your lips together bring your chin to the floor and you'll hold for five seconds like this you'll bring it back get a good contact push in and up and bring your chin to the floor five seconds like this you'll do ten of those and you'll feel immediately all these muscles contracting and working this next exercise is very powerful to work your entire neck as well as underneath the jaw region all you're going to do is look up to the ceiling while looking up you're gonna take your tongue push it up against your hard palate push it up hard you'll hold it there for twenty-five seconds as you push that tongue up against the hard palate you'll feel all these muscles contracting you'll do a total of three sets and the last exercise we're going to resist our selves from smiling working all these muscles around the facial region and you will feel this immediately take your fingers of both hands push it up against the outside of your mouth as you push in you're gonna smile resisting with your hands like this and you'll smile for five seconds as you resist with your hands pushing inwards and you'll do ten repetitions so pick a few these exercises and start doing them daily you will see great results please share this video with your friends and family leave your comments below though and most important make it a great day I'm dr. Alan Mandel

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Methew Wade

34 thoughts on “IT'S GYM TIME FOR YOUR FACE (Correct Wrinkles & Saggy Skin) – Dr Alan Mandell, DC”

  1. This is wonderful- my Grandmother got me a book called complete beauty – when I was 14 – and these types of exercises are in the book – which surprisingly I still have – I didn't understand it then but do now – thanks again

  2. Hey I like this. I’ve seen a bunch of facial yoga/ exercise, and the moves don’t always make sense! These do. I also love your sinus acupressure technique. I do it daily.

  3. I started practicing face yoga since a year I feel the results
    And what you are teaching us today is wonderful I just tried it now and really I feel my muscles working
    God bless you

  4. Hi Dr Mandel,
    Ascites can be heal naturally ?
    Keto diet, a lot of vegetebles, garlic, and chiropractors visits??
    Thank u

  5. Doctor can you please tell me if parabens in body lotion or face creams or lotions are bad for humans health?

  6. Great, as always thank you for always wonderful instructions. My only problem is how do I remember all of these excerises haha. Never mind Ill just keep coming back to the video to remind me. Think I need to excise my brain too ..

  7. I exercise my face on a regular basis. And yes, I've been seeing some results. I started out by doing exaggerated vowels, but now I have a playlist here on youtube. I've got a couple of your videos in it.

  8. Sir pls suggest some acupressure points and breathing exercises for severe OCD patient. My brother is suffering from severe OCD rechecking of lights, doors and anxiety and depression.

  9. Doctor I have a bent in my vetibra. Also my right hand is not correctly placed in its sockets. So my right shoulder I have to lean forward to use my hand properly. Altogether I have big back pain always can you help.


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