so this place Planet Fitness now I'm not being rude I'm just asking the mats the mats are gonna I'm sayin the mats don't help doesn't help nobody dropped it what's up folks and obviously this video is all about LA Fitness and is LA Fitness turning into the new Planet Fitness and what does that mean mean for LA Fitness moving forward in the future first of all I want you to comment down below immediately if you go to LA Fitness and I want you to tell me and tell a whole comment section the whole world about your experience there whether it's good whether it's great weather it's bad weather it's ugly because I'm going to display to you three different videos and I want you to make your own decisions make your own assumptions make your own opinions known down below in that comment section because after I simple do the search looking at the Better Business Bureau website looking at different view pages LA Fitness is own pages on Facebook on the world wide web now I got my doubts now I really wonder what on earth is going on at this place so without any further ado is LA Fitness the new Planet Fitness you decide watch these clips comment below job why do they care soon everybody drop the weight right it sounds like she was winding the floor I don't know how you supposed to blow this type of shit right here am i disturbing others I'll let you know the whole friggin Jim thought watching you do this shit what is anyone coming up to you and this is disturbing so basically you're saying when they were working out before yeah when they've created a whole big-ass issue all four of them got in trouble from head office because they were being loud they were lifting weights the same way I'm telling you you need to stop – so basically you're discriminating against my this this is a gym this is a gym you know I'm letting you know what we allow last time you gave me attitude the attitude again in your video the last time I don't care what you say but I'm what I'm saying it's like this is a gym this is this this is a gym I'm training hard this is what I signed up you can't you can't you can't you can't just come up to me and say oh look this is a my lifting one play here listen I'm Chyna listen what I'm saying this is a Jim Tom accordion I'm working on no how are you gonna kick what grounds do you have to kick me out it is you're disturbing everyone else in this gym so why didn't you guys put that on the contract when I signed up for this gym if you have I'm just saying I'm saying why didn't you put it on my on my contract what I'm saying this is this is my last say it's not like I'm purposely trying to drop this way the way how you approach me it's you're giving off the premise that oh you know what this guy is purposely dropping the weight you listening in your position courage in manager that's your pocket you need to think that no well that's what that's how you because you came over I came over to whatever because so this doesn't happen one that came over to me I told you approach me no I did I'm just going what's on my coming here to let you know listen you do this because all those other managers so here this one you fucking turn down man work like why do you think quite what why are you swearing that way cause you're talking to no like oh my nobody like I don't know what I'm walking right why are you quite sure though because there's six like the managers over there and you're talking to me like I don't know what I'm talking what why you why are you sore enough because you're giving me attitude up in the air does that desire does that give you the authority to swear no cause that me because so basically you're saying you conducted yourself in a in in a wrong once you sought it because I'm trying to tell you protect your membership before you get killed down I heard what she said okay I heard what you said okay all right all right what you say all right okay turn her on and you sleep that's it that's it well you need to leave your so you're sweating you're leaving the club for what you're giving me attitude because I came over here to let you know that six other managers in this damn club including of MP why are you cursing on me because you're not listening I am just no you're not listening to me you're not gonna stop soon you told me when I'm talking to you do you mind just stop talking for about two minutes so I can explain on this would you mind okay go okay there are six other managers over there okay and a VP yeah who all are hearing this shit and I'm telling you you can't do it unless you literally want to lose your membership right now and you walk out those or that you don't come back okay yeah I'm telling you that okay and you're telling me you're not gonna stop doing these says did you know when did I say I'm not gonna stop doing it did I say I'm gonna stop I'm not gonna stop what did it verbally come out of my mouth you need to stop doing this right now the second before all of those guys tell you to leave not just me I'm the only one who the fucking gossip over here and tell you yes I don't care if I'm cursing you're making me pissed off cause I'm actually doing you a favor believe it or not actually like you know to be honest on the meeting that we had over there you know what to walk around what I'm saying I understand what you're saying but at the same time okay but what I need you to do is follow the rules in this gym before you actually get kicked out Gavin I mean I know you don't bully people around here I know you're a good person that's all you have your damn chin up in the air already know how you conduct yourself around me that you're already upset because of what happened before whatever Kate don't tell me that's not true because it is true okay I'm gonna be fair and only to be safe I'm gonna tell you God's dropping this shit you can't be training like this in here it's not a bodybuilding gym the last thing that LA Fitness want and they kick people out is when people do shit like this because it's what bodybuilders do in their bodybuilding facility like world's Olympia I go to those gyms to let go so in conclusion make sure that you get your opinion out there comment down below I really would like to know if this is a common thing that's happening more and more at LA Fitness or is this a thing of the past they still do this you experienced this personally let the world know down below but share this video let's get this question out there more and more like and subscribe and until the next one peace

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Methew Wade

26 thoughts on “Is La Fitness The New Planet Fitness?”

  1. The L.A Fitness near my house is in direct competition with a planet fitness and their staff are so hippyish. Its a nice facility, if you ignore the absence of squat racks but the guy doing my consultation went on a lecture about how my body weight is at an unhealthy B.M.I and muscle isn't an excuse to be heavy…

  2. The last lady has the right to kick people out as she pleases if she is a manager she could and she never cussed at him she was just using curse words she should have just told him his membership is cancelled and that he could be escorted out by police for trespassing or leave on his own

  3. I work at an LA Fitness and let me tell you, literally no one gives a shit if you drop the weight unless you're breaking something, watched someone drop 495 the other day multiple times and no one complained, its not an LA Fitness thing, its a club to club thing

  4. The real problem is in the help, managers included. They are forced to hire people who have no clue about what a gym is and what comes along with it. They think you are to stop working out properly and get along with the feelings of others. And clicking weights might break the steel weights? Society is turning in to a testosterone FREE zone.

  5. Why be a dick though…Why destroy their property?? I get both sides but if you can’t lift weights properly, you probably shouldn’t be doing it. However, on the other hand the piss poor customer service of this gym unbelievable. The woman who was cussing should not have a job, definitely should have been handled better.

  6. Ive gone to two LA fitnesses in NJ… thrown weights around and screamed after sets… no one has ever said a word to me.

  7. Crazy its a free for all in my la fitness finding an employee or manager (except at front desk) is darn near impossible sometimes!! People scream, drop weights and deadlift like it's the end of the world and nothing ever happens!!!

  8. Was doing 275 on the trap bar for deadlifts dropped that shit no one said anything lol. Gonna keep doing it.

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