Hi everyone, thanks so much for tuning in. My
name is Dr. Ryan Shelton. A question recently came in which is a common
question. Is eating eggs healthy for you? So this conversation came up actually in
the 1970s 1980s 1990s when doctors and researchers showed that cholesterol had
a link to cardiovascular disease, stroke, heart attack, and diabetes. New research has
shown that cholesterol, dietary cholesterol, intake has very little to do
with your risk factors for those chronic diseases. So cholesterol is basically a
paste that the body uses. The body produces cholesterol but it’s not the
culprit. It’s not the underlying culprit for all of these chronic issues,
inflammation is the culprit. So inflammation causes damage to blood
vessels and the body uses cholesterol. Basically as a paste to try to protect
itself from further damage and there was a lot of interest in the 70s 80s and 90s
about dietary cholesterol intake and of course eggs have a considerable amount
of cholesterol specifically in the yolks. Research in the last decade has
clearly shown that the intake of eggs has virtually no increase risk factors
for these chronic diseases, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, stroke,
Alzheimer’s. We know that eggs are a complete protein,
they’re high in choline and lutein both of which are great for eye health, nerve
transmission, cell signaling, one study showed that the intake of eggs on a
daily basis had no effect on plasma cholesterol,
blood cholesterol. Another study has shown that there’s no effect on
increasing risk factors daily intake of eggs for cardiovascular disease,
metabolic syndrome. Another study in Korea showed that the daily intake of
eggs actually decrease the risk of metabolic syndrome. A study done on
Mediterranean cohort showed that there were no changes in blood cholesterol or
triglycerides another study has shown that the daily intake, the daily
consumption, of eggs actually improves the good HDL cholesterol too bad LDL
cholesterol ratios. Now yolks and and egg whites are certainly separate but
another very cool study has shown that including the whole egg, both yolks and
whites actually improves your body’s potential to increase muscle protein so
avoiding the yolks which is higher in cholesterol may diminish that effect we
know that certain proteins like red meat increase the risk factors of
cardiovascular disease and diabetes. But studies have shown that eggs do not. When
my patients ask are eggs healthy to eat I say absolutely. We want to try to limit
it to basically one egg per day, 7 per week, something like that, but eggs are
not the culprit, inflammation is the culprit. Eggs are a complete protein.
They’re high in nutrients like choline and lutein. I would certainly speak to
your physician if you have very high cholesterol already. You may want to talk
to them about limiting that egg consumption
a little more but the research shows that approximately one egg per day or
seven per week averaged out over the week has no negative effect on
cardiovascular disease, diabetes, on Alzheimer’s disease. So when my patients
ask are eggs healthy I say absolutely of course, it depends on how you cook them.
To boiled is a simple answer it doesn’t have all of the added fat when you fry
an egg scrambled because you can include cool vegetables that have antioxidant
effects, but eggs are healthy don’t be scared of them this is a myth that came
out 34 years ago so consider yourself just fine to eat eggs on a daily basis.
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Methew Wade

13 thoughts on “Is Eating Eggs Healthy DOCTOR RESPONDS!”

  1. Thanks Ryan for being a truth teller about the false egg scare. I eat three eggs for breakfast twice a week & I have never had any heart trouble.
    My age is 72 years young & I am & feel very healthy. Please do keep up your good work.

  2. Replaced oatmeal breakfast with eggs
    RESULT TRIGLYCERIDES dropped 100 points
    HDL up 20 points
    LDL down 30 points FACT

  3. CAUTION ? Limit egg consumption to one per day and seven per week ? What happens if you eat more ? It seems like you are avoiding the negative ? I had to have my artery operated on. Surgeon said: "eggs caused the blockage." What is the truth…the whole truth and nothing but the truth. I'll be hosting the "Bobble Head Awards" for some of the doctors I've had. They say: if it walks like a duck…quacks like a duck…it might probably be a doctor!

  4. thanks for this. informative as always. you are obviously very intelligent doctor and good looking. smile a little bit more dear!!!

  5. Do you eat eggs? How often?

    The 5 Commandments Of Eating Healthy To Live A Long Life

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