Being healthy has its own rewards. The more you do,
the more you accomplish. And the more you accomplish,
the more you feel rewarded. That’s why myOwn
has partnered with AIA Vitality. Basically, you look after your health, and AIA Vitality will reward you for it. myOwn has a range of different covers that make it easy to choose an option
that suits you. You can just pick hospital, but if you choose an extras package, we won’t just give you
competitive rates – you’ll get 50%-70% back
from any accredited provider up to your annual limits. Plus, with AIA Vitality included, we’re changing the way
we do health insurance. Basically, the more you put in,
the more you’ll get out through AIA Vitality rewards like vouchers, discounts
and other incentives. So the more you do, the more AIA Vitality points
you’ll earn. The more points you earn, the more it can support
your healthy lifestyle. The more you’re living
a healthier lifestyle, the more you’ll be rewarded for it. So the more you do, the more we’ll do to give back to you.

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Methew Wade

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