did you ever want to make a difference you could or did you ever think about saving some lives here is the perfect opportunity for you to do so the innovate got healthcare hackathon our goal is to empower patients and put her back into the center for this we are looking for entrepreneurial minds who have an interest in health care life sciences and medicine innovate dot healthcare is for you if you're an IT person a business person a medical doctor a designer a tech geek or anyone else who shares our idea a patient empowerment if this is you then look no further innovate dot healthcare brings you real-world challenges from healthcare life sciences and medicine with real doctors real patients and real stakeholders from real healthcare systems how do you participate it's easy just select one of our real world challenges on innovate on healthcare and apply for participation not only will you contribute in saving real lives and making the world for patients a better place you will also have the chance to interact with our political stakeholders and industry partners plus you will be able to win one of our prestigious prizes and get a kick start into your own innovative healthcare business so what are you waiting for we are looking forward to meeting you

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Methew Wade

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