– Alright check it out
guys, it’s Trevor James. I’m hanging out with my
good buddy, Anubhav Sapra. He is a true food explorer,
a true food ranger, and he runs Delhi Food Walks. And today we are in Lucknow. We came here specifically to
eat a ton of good street food, and Anubhav is taking us on
a full-on street food tour. Are you excited? – I’m very excited, I’m going to take you to many street food
places here in Lucknow. It’s the land of kebabs and lebabs. So we’re going to try many food today. – [Trevor] Lots of food. – Lots of food. – Should be good.
– Yes. – Check it out. (upbeat Indian music) This is Lucknow, a true
meat heaven in India that you can travel to if you’re craving some spicy kebabs and unique delicacies. You can fly or bus in from Delhi and enter a whole new world
full of friendly locals and delicious street food on every corner. If you love spicy curry, juicy meat and streets full of
action when you travel, you’re in for a treat,
’cause Anubhav and I found eight amazing and unique street foods that you’re gonna love,
bite after bite of joy. So make sure to watch
all the way until the end so you don’t miss any of
these delicious street foods. Let’s eat. Bright and early. – Yes, this is breakfast time. – Okay, so what are we
startin’ out with here? – We are going to start with a kebab tea and bun makkhan, that’s bun butter. – Bun butter, okay. – It’s a very old shop started in 1950s. – 1950s it looks busy, look at this. Oh nice, oh yeah it looks frothy. So we’re gonna get one of
these in a clay cup here? – Yeah, yeah, in the clay cups. – I just love how you can get
fresh tea in the morning here. It really wakes you up, picks you up. Fresh, you can feel the energy. – The best part is that you going to drink that tea in clay cups,
it’s a different flavor. – [Trevor] Does it give
it a different feel? – [Anubhav] Definitely, different aroma, the flavor, the aroma of the clay. – [Trevor] Oh look at those
beautiful cups of tea. – [Anubhav] Yeah especially
because they added a special spice mix and
then they boil it with milk and they serve it with– – And it’s a really
frothy milk as well right? – Very frothy and nice milk. – Oh I just love the scene here. Everyone’s just lining
up to get the fresh tea, the fresh chai full of spice, it really is the best
way to start the morning. Thank you, look at this,
fresh chai in the mornin’. Cheers
– Cheers. – Oh yeah, oh
– Is it sweet? – That is very sweet and
you can taste that cardamom. That is very distinct
cardamom, sweet and frothy. After enjoying that tea with
a classic bun and butter with all the locals outside,
Anubhav and I found the jackpot in the back kitchen, fresh
samosas being stuffed and fried. And we found some really plump ones. We’re looking to see if there’s
samosas being made here. – [Anubhav] Fresh samosas. – [Trevor] Fresh samosas in
the morning, oh here they are. – They’re right here.
– Here they are. Look at these beauties, so
these are potato samosas. – Potato samosas particularly
is very different from the other kinds of
samosa ’cause you get the shape you can see. – [Trevor] They’re round. – [Anubhav] Round, otherwise normally the samosas are triangular. – [Trevor] Triangular right? – [Anubhav] Triangular,
so it’s very different. – [Trevor] Cool, so what
do they stuff it with, potato and lots of spice? – [Anubhav] Spices, yeah. – That is really unique,
we found some round samosas and they’re making them in the back here. – Yeah they are stuffing them (mumbles). – [Trevor] They almost
look like big dumplings, like big, fried potato dumplings. – It’s an open samosa here, you can see the whole samosa is opened
up into different pieces. I’ve never seen it like that. – [Trevor] They cut it for you. – [Anubhav] Yeah. – [Trevor] They cut it
and you can see coriander. – [Anubhav] Coriander,
then you have green chilis then different spices in it. – Looks amazing.
– Wanna try? – Let’s try it out, plump samosas. Mmmm, oh. – You can taste the cumin as well. – The cumin and the coriander. Yeah, you can really taste
that, it’s very soothing. It’s warm, oh it’s so soft. We’re just getting started. There’s tons more amazing food coming up. After enjoying that plump
samosa on the street, we made our way to our
next joint, biryani Heaven, on the streets of Lucknow. So we just found the
ultimate biryani spot. – He’s the most famous
fellow in the entire UP. – Really? – His biryani is very famous, very famous, people are coming all the way
from other side of the city. He’s very,
– Just to try here. – Yeah
– It looks amazing. It looks so creamy, oh,
look at that creamy. So this is mutton biriyani. – [Anubhav] This is the
mutton, it’s not biriyani. It is the mutton. – [Trevor] The mutton for the biriyani. It looks so creamy. – Yeah, so what they do is mix the mutton with the stock of the mutton,
they put it at the bottom. Then they put rice over it, and
then they cook it over them. – They cook it on the coals.
– On the coals. – So they layer the mutton. – [Anubhav] Here is
mutton cooked with rice. – [Trevor] Oh and why is it so orange? – Well, they add saffron
in it, that’s the color. – [Trevor] Saffron! – Yeah it’s a different color altogether. – True magic here, it smells so good. Oh it just looks so amazing. We’re definitely gonna
have to try that out. – You better try it here only. – Right here. – Yes, then only you
can get the real taste. – The real taste of the biriyani, oh good. – He’s saying that you get
the best biriyani here. – I can’t wait to try it. – He’s very, very, very famous. – Really, so this is it
right on the coals here. – [Anubhav] Yeah. – [Trevor] Oh, oh the mutton
aroma coming from that. Oh it’s just soaked,
the rice is just soaked with the mutton aroma, you can
see it’s slightly orange too. – [Anubhav] And you can see
the cloves also lying in there. – [Trevor] Oh the cloves in there. So there’s cloves, lots of spice in there. – [Anubhav] Lot of spice in there. (car honking) – [Trevor] Oh and this is
the fresh mutton biryani, right out of this big pot. What’re these pots called, Anubhav? – [Anubhav] D-E-G-S-J, Degsj. – [Trevor] Desgj, so
this fresh biryani coming right out of a Desgj. – Long grain rice. – Yeah. Amazing. Let’s go try it out. – Yes, please please. – This is like a street tali. – Yes, a street tali. – So we’ve got the biryani. – Biryani, then some mutton pieces. – The mutton pieces from the biryani. – This biryani. And then some sauce of mutton Korma. – Mutton Korma sauce. And you can pour that on the biryani. – Yeah, that goes on the biryani. Let’s start first without the sauce. – Okay. Ooh, it’s so soft. – [Anubhav] It’s so light. – It’s so light and fluffy, look at that. And you can smell those
cloves and the cardamom. Here I go. Oh yeah, mmm. – Very good. – Oh it’s the street biryani there. – The best part is is it’s not that busy. Not oily. – No, it’s just very fluffy. And very lightly fragrant. You can taste the cardamom. You can taste the cloves. Oh, it’s so hot. – [Anubhav] It’s so hot on the street, they serve it to the pig. – There it is. Oh it’s so hot. Right from that big pot. Ooh it’s burning. Ooh. – Delicious. – Ooh. It’s so delicious. Oh yeah, pour that, this is the mutton Korma sauce, right? – [Anubhav] Yeah, mutton Korma sauce. That’s it. – That is gonna up the
level of fragrance there. Just eat with your hands, get in there. – Mmm. – Oh.
– It’s amazing. – This is not very spicy. It’s just very light
and smooth and fluffy. And aromatic, and flavorful. You can taste all the cloves, a little peppery, and that
mutton just falls off the bone. After that life-changing biryani worth traveling solely to Lucknow for, Anubhav brought us to try a buffalo stew, and a buffalo foot stew for lunch, deep in the back alleys of Lucknow. If you’re loving the food here so far, we’re just getting warmed up. At the end of the day, Anubhav brought us to true meat heaven,
trying some of the juiciest and spiced-packed kebabs you can imagine. Just love the energy in these streets. – That’s the whole part of Lucknow. – This is the old Lucknow. You can just see it everywhere. It feels classic. All these rickshaws. – The shops. – All the shops, the veg on the street. All the street food everywhere. It’s just full of life, right? – Full of life, full of energy. – This is just amazing, exploring Lucknow with Anubhav, we have so
much good food this morning. – There’s still a lot to cover. – There’s still a lot to cover still. So first up we’re gonna have some Kulcha. – Yeah, it’s right there, look. – Which is a stuffed bread. Oh, this is just here? – This just here. – Oh, the Kulcha. So we came here for these. – Yeah, so we had it next door, and here they’re dry Kulcha and Nahari. – Kulcha, which is a famous bread here. – A classic bread, they
are made of fine flour, clarified butter, milk and soda. – Soda? – Yeah, soda powder they add in, so that it rises up. – Oh baking soda. – Baking soda. – The baking soda, they
add it so it rises up. – Classic bread and a classic stew. – And a stew. – Great. – What a day to have it.
– Let’s go try it out. – We are going to have Nahari. It’s like a stew that is
cooked on a low flame, and it’s like a
traditional breakfast dish. – Okay. – But now it’s available in
the evening time as well. – With the Kulcha?
– With the Kulcha. – And that’s this one here? – Yes in here, but there
are two different varieties, they have one with buffalo,
and one with mutton. – Mutton. – This is the mutton for you, this is the mutton one. – So buffalo and mutton,
are these the feet? – These are feet. That’s the goat feet. And then we got some
bone marrow here as well. – Oh and bone marrow. – Bone marrow. – And it looks like
it’s in a ton of spices. This smells kind of onion-y almost. – Yeah, it’s like there
are a lot of things in it. And that’s how things is, a bit thick also because they add some thickener in it. – Okay. – So that’s a bit thicker. – Shall we get a bowl of that, and a bowl of the paya, the mutton, okay. Okay so we got buffalo and then we’re gonna get a similar one with the those are mutton feet? – [Anubhav] Yeah, the feet. It’s more like gelatin. – [Trevor] Gelatin, it looks kinda sloppy. And this is the other stew. – [Anubhav] Stew. – So we got two stews, great. Thank you. (speaks in foreign language) Let’s go try it out. – I love this Kulcha. – Kulcha, thank you. Awesome. – Fresh. – Fresh Kulcha. So this is crispy local tandoori bread. – [Anubhav] It’s flaky. – [Trevor] And we’ve got the buffalo stew, and the buffalo foot stew, right? – [Anubhav] Yeah. – [Trevor] And you just break the bread, oh it’s so hot, it’s so hot, right out of the oven. Oh it’s way too hot, ah. – With Kulcha, the taste is better if you just eat on its own. Like without the sauce,
it tastes very good. – Ooh, that’s hot. How do you do that? Ooh. Oh it’s so fluffy. – You just eat the bread. Good that it’s only small. – Look at that, so this is the buffalo stew, right? – [Anubhav] Buffalo nahari. – Buffalo nahari. Oh yeah, just get it soaked in that stew, and cilantro, I’m gonna
take a chunk of that meat. Oh yeah, there it is. Oh there it is, look at
that fatty buffalo meat. Mmm. – How is it? – Oh. That stew has that rich onion-y flavor. And that buffalo meat is so soft. Is this different? – [Anubhav] It’s very different. – [Trevor] Buffalo foot. – Although I go for narahi. – Mmm. Oh yeah. – I’ll go for nahari. (laughs) – Yeah. – Very acquired taste. – Mmm. A little stronger. After that eating that delicious bread, soaked in that onion-y
turmeric spiced buffalo stew, and the slightly too pungent foot stew, Anubhav brought us to try a couple refreshing street foods in Lucknow before going out for
our two dinner feasts. So after a quick walk, we made our way to a corner where all the stalls are serving the same thing. Super unique milk foam
that’s incredibly flavorful. It’s been a fun day, and we’re going to get the creamy makhan malai, right? – Makhan malai, yes. Then here you can see all of the mastiffs sitting next to the shades. – All righty, oh yeah. – All of them are there. – Okay here we go, we’re
getting some makham malai. Oh yeah, there’s a bunch of them here. – There’s like a… See. – Oh yeah. (laughs) Look at these. – Walk through all of them. – Okay. – The different brands. – So what are these here? Oh, it’s a huge row. – Same same. – It’s a huge row, there’s like eight of them. – This is all of them,
they sell the same thing. – So what are these here? – This is what we call makhan malai. – Makhan malai. – The word makhan means butter, and malai means cream. – Okay. – So basically they whisk
together milk and cream, and the froth is formed,
the foam is formed. – Oh this looks– – They get that foam, and
that they add some saffron, then they have some cardamom. Then the silver, the collodial silver. – The edible silver? – Yeah. – Oh it just looks– – Yeah, and then cooled
with a brick of ice, like that, of ice. – Oh yeah, lots of ice. – Yeah because otherwise it will melt. – Okay. – So that’s why you get
only the winters, man. With light, otherwise it melts. – So it’s refreshing. – Refreshing, and very light. And the way they serve it, they also add some rabri over it. – Some rabri. – The rabri, the condensed milk. – Like condensed milk. So it’s like a super
rich foamy milky cream with cashews, with pistachios and saffron. – That’s true.
– Looks great. – [Anubhav] I have this, this has different names in different cities. Like in Delhi they called dollar pichard, but now it’s makhan malai, if you go into Vanasi,
that’s malai you there. – [Trevor] So it’s all over India. – Not all India, mostly in North India. Something like this, you’ll find it. It’s basically milk and cream, they whisk it together. And the foam is formed, and over it, they add some saffron, pistachios, you can see the almonds. – It looks so frothy. I love how there’s all that
edible silver on there. So there’s the silver, the pistachios. – [Anubhav] Almonds. – [Trevor] The almonds. – [Anubhav] The almonds
are yellow in color because they have saffron in there. And they also have cardamom. – [Trevor] Cardamom and saffron. – [Anubhav] Saffron. – That looks great. – Yeah, let’s try. – Let’s try it out. Ooh. Oh yeah. Oh it’s so sweet. – It’s sweet. – And cardamom. Sweet cardamom with that crunchy almond. You taste any saffron in there? – Yeah, a little bit of saffron, and the taste of cardamom is quite nice. – Mmm. Oh it’s refreshing and
milky, frothy, creamy. It’s very light. – It’s very light. – And fluffy. Next up, for our final street snack before entering meat heaven, Anubhav brought us to a chaat center, a.k.a snack center, run by the famous chaat king of Lucknow. Famous for his fried potato cup, stuffed with what felt like
hundreds of ingredients, both sweet and savory. And on the way there,
we found some classic Indian spices on the street. So we were just waking through this market and found a beautiful looking spice stall, these are classic spices
from India, right? – Yeah. – So what do we have here? – We have chili flakes. – Chili flakes. – [Anubhav] Then chili. – [Trevor] Chili powder. – [Anubhav] Turmeric powder. – [Trevor] Turmeric. – [Anubhav] And coriander powder. – [Trevor] Coriander powder. And tons of lentils over here. – [Anubhav] Tons of grains we have like the lentils, then we have rice, corn. – [Trevor] It’s all here. And this forms a foundation
of a lot of cooking here. – Yeah, that’s it. – Great. Keep exploring. So what’s up next? – Next we are going to Royal Cafe, and the kalak now is known for chaat. – Chaat. – Chaat, this right here. – Ooh. – There is the man, the legend. – Oh yeah, yes sir. – Hi. – Most welcome, thank you. – Thank you. – [Anubhav] He is a legend. – A legend. Oh man, so basically
lots of types of snacks. Just watching the magic
as they make the chaat is half the fun. This fried potato crisp basket was stuffed with a spiced fried potato pattie covered in yogurt, topped with lentils and chick peas, tons of spices and crisps, cumin seed, pomegranate, puffed rice, and a sweet and tangy digestive sauce on the side. This just looks so beautiful. What’s this one here? – [Anubhav] This is called Tokri chaat. – [Trevor] Tokri chaat. – [Anubhav] A basket chaat, you can call it a basket chaat as well. – [Trevor] Aw man. It’s like a huge concoction. – A huge concoction of different spices and
different ingredients. And the man who makes this has been working here for the past 40 years. He’s like for 40 years, he has been making this particular dish. – The chaat king. – Chaat king, you can
call him the chaat king. – Yeah, the chaat king. You can just go deep in there and get it with that, oh man. It’s huge. – [Anubhav] It’s huge. – It’s massive. That aloo tiki is just packed with spices. Oh yeah, get some
yogurt, some pomegranate. Some crispies, some peas. Oh yeah. Cumin seeds, yogurt. Cilantro, oh yeah, gotta
make that first bite count. Oh yeah. – It’s like a burst of flavors. – Exactly. It’s sweet. That yogurt is so nice and sweet. – You also have the balls of lentils, they fried, they soak it in
water, it’s for frothing. – Oh yeah. – They call it pala, yeah? – You got crunchy and
soft, sweet, a little sour. Nice fresh pomegranate and cilantro. That’s actually very delicious. – Very good. – After that sweet and
crunchy spiced packed chaat from the chaat king, Anubhav brought us to try two different meat
heaven joints in Lucknow. The first to try the world
famous Lucknow kebabs. Once you taste that first bite of that wonderfully spiced Lucknow chicken kebab, you won’t be able to stop eating. We truly hit the jackpot. – We’re going to the open air restaurant. – Open air. Meat heaven. (laughs) Ooh it’s busy. Ooh, let’s go take a look. Look at these huge pandora chickens. – Yeah it’s a live grill, like you can see, that’s Afghani chicken. – Afghani chicken with
different marination that yogurt and different
dry fruits they added. – [Trevor] Yogurt and fruits. – [Anubhav] Yeah dry fruits. – Dry fruits. – Like cashews and all of that. – Oh it smells amazing. – Yeah, so then they fry that. – Oh and they’re huge
chunks of chicken here. We’re gonna have to
definitely have some of that. And then what else do they have? Let’s go take a look. – Yeah, this place is also recommended for chicken masala. – [Trevor] Chicken masala. – Yeah, so that’s why it’s a 32 years old restaurant at this place here to see. – True aroma, meat aroma. So what do we have here? – This is galoti kebabs. – Galoti kebabs. – Yeah so like very
simply soft tender kebabs, because here you can’t
even hold it in your hand, because they complete– – What’s it made from? – It’s mutton, it’s made up of mutton. – Mutton, oh it looks so tender. – So tender. – And then what’s this in the back? – That’s chicken masala. And it takes, the owner was saying it takes almost eight
hours to make that dish. – [Trevor] Eight hours? – [Anubhav] Eight to nine
hours to do that dish. – Oh man, look at all
the chicken in the back. That’s the regular
standard tandoori chicken. – [Anubhav] Tandoori
chicken, that’s at the back. – This is meat heaven here. – They’re going to try
with this different parata. – Different type of parata. I think we found the jackpot. – Yes. – Let’s try it out. – We have ordered Afghani chicken. – Afghani chicken. – Yeah, that’s a chicken which is cooked, is marinated in yogurt. – Oh it looks so crispy. – [Anubhav] Yeah. – [Trevor] Oh you can see all
the spice they put on there. – [Anubhav] And they’ve also added some dark masala over it. Like dried mango powder and different– – Mango powder and spice, and you can cover it with lemon. And then what else did we get here? – Then they have chicken masala. – Chicken masala. – [Anubhav] It takes almost eight hours, the masala is cooked for eight hours. – [Trevor] That rich
paste they cook it with, tons of spices in there. – [Anubhav] Tons of spices in there. – And they garnish with
cilantro, beautiful, and then some of that
parata from the back, right? Ooh. Looks incredible, and then also a… – Mint chutney. – Mint chutney with some onion. I think we should go right in for these beauties, look at those! – It’s like with the butter. – Those are so plump. You can really see them just grilling over there, they’re so
huge, the Afghan chicken. Look how crispy those look. Oh man, this is gonna be good. – Wanna try? – Let’s try it out. Mmm. Oh. Oh wow. That is the most chicken
I’ve ever experienced. You can really taste that cumin on there. – [Anubhav] Yeah, the spices. – The spices. Oh that cumin, and that
smoky grill flavor. The chicken, the chunks
just fall off the bone. Some chicken there. In a nice and covered there. Oh, let’s try it out. Is it good? – It’s amazing. It’s like out of the world. – Oh. – Very delicious. – Look at that masala paste on there. It’s definitely spicy, a little tangy. It’s very rich and saucy, and the chicken is tender
and smoky at the same time. Really nice. This was a solid golden 10 out of 10 for their spectacular
juice-packed Afghani chicken, and their spicy and tangy
chicken curry masala. You’ll long for these
flavors long after you leave, and for a final meal, and to finish the day on an even more energetic
flavor-packed sensation, Anubhav brought us to try
the Lucknow Tundi Kebabs. These super soft kebabs, so soft, you don’t even need your teeth. What do we have here? – We are going to have
the lawat kebab here. – Lewat kebab. – That means the kebab
that melts in your mouth. – Oh! – It’s like a panned fried kebab. – Right here. So these are minced mutton. – Minced mutton. And they add some spices in it, and then they are pan fried. – It’s beautiful! So there’s these mince mutton kebabs, and what else, is this biryani over here? – That’s mutton biryani. – Mutton biryani. Look at these so we just got the kundi kebab. Take a look at that beauty, ooh. Ooh it’s melting like butter. Look at that. That’s just like butter. It literally feels like
you’re cutting into butter. – Yeah, it’s so light. – Let’s try it out. Oh. – It just, keep it like this, like a butter, you simply
melt in your mouth. So soft. – You don’t even need your teeth. – No, you don’t need teeth. – It’s like a mutton, it’s like a fried mutton butter almost. Oh, and you can really taste that cumin. Ooh! That’s the mutton biryani right there. Look at those big mutton chunks. After trying the biryani, quite similar but not quite as magical as the first one we had earlier on, we made our way to the train station to catch a train to Varinasi, coming up on the next episode. What an awesome day with Anubhav, best food ever, and took us through a huge food tour, so if you wanna come and have a great food tour, check out Delhi Food Walks, in Delhi,
thanks so much Anubhav. – Thank you so much for coming. – A lot of fun. – Now we’re going to explore Varanasi. – We’re going to Varanasi, and the train, Ting is on the train, and
we’re gonna jump on here and go to Varanasi, it’s
really moving fast now.

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    1- Sharma ji ki chai
    2- Rattilal
    3- Radheylal sweets(chowk)
    4- Tunday Kababi
    5-Moti Mahal
    6- Royal cafe
    7- Pandit Raja ji ki thandai (chowk)
    8- Prakash kulfi
    9- Idris biryani
    11- Bajpai poori
    12- Shree lassi and malai makhann at chowk
    13-Chappan bhog
    14-Gupta ji ke dahi bhalle (GPO)
    16-Rahim's kulcha nahari

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