what's up guys I'm danger welcome back to my channel so today I've had a couple guests here so we got DOM and I've got an ad so domes of calisthenics and nutrition coach and every time I stand next to and I feel like super fat guys so ripped and yeah and natty here is a mobility and your future mobility teacher right and yeah we're gonna be learning how to do a muscle up and Dom's going to lead us into learning how to do it and then Eddie and I will be your humble students all right let's get started now this very big differences with the ring and the bar muscle-up the ring muscle up as that would agree is purely strength with a little bit of false grip now with the bar you can't just go straight up it's a diagonal movement we're going from a slight arch body diagonally up and protracting into a hollow body at the top of the bar so let's get started on the transitional movements and the progressions you need to achieve the muscle up so when it comes to the pull-up it's one of the prerequisites to get in the muscle out we all know this I'm just gonna get down to show what a typical pull-up looks like you know you see most bodybuilders white brit and they're gonna try to hit the lats and you can see slightly leaning back trying to bring the bar to the chest this is really good for growing the lat but hasn't got the core engagement and the body shape that we're gonna need for a muscle up so so grateful building muscle getting a strength in if you were really a beginner you can start doing those but I'm gonna show you the most efficient way to build your pull-up in regards to getting the muscle up so shoulder width apart we're just out because that's the grip you want for a muscle up now hollow body protraction is squeezing in right through your midline keeping your chin slightly tucked in driving your elbows in shit over there straight down keeping this line because that's the line that you're gonna need on the top of the bar now because we're not trying to build muscle for cents which you still will but you trying to engage me power so we want to be more explosive with it we should be able to touch the bar to your chest so Antoinette as we said earlier has got it on the Rings she's got decent pull-ups with weight but she wants to be the Grandmaster now and get it on the bar just outside of a shorter is because her wrists need to fit on either side of her body when she goes through the muscle up so we want to practice this form now can you hollow your body please squeeze the quads nice and tight we want nice tight quads and legs engaged throughout so can you pull your shoulder blades down good now Clemmy were further back there we go scapular retraction is key that's the start to a pull up now nice and slow activate the lats there we go bring the elbows in chin over bar to the chest good pulling in elbows pulling into your core core activated legs tight even pointed toes just for that extra touch of prettiness there and come down nice and slow and yes there we go so that's what we're aiming for Antoinette can you now do a few explosive ones in that form activating the scapula's first and up we go power there we go nice protraction hollow body good and there we go bar to the chest and again we're ideally want to build up the power to get the bar below the chest and the nipples of the chest because that's where you're going to be protracting from in order to finish the movement so the transition phase of the muscle ah this is January most people get stuck and even the people that have the ring muscle up they get stuck because they're used to just going up and they already have the strength most people generally have the strength but just not the understanding of how to initiate the movement so we're gonna work on the push the button or can also be called as thread the needle this is where we're creating a little bit of forward motion in order to get the tension in our chest to explode the agony around the bar but as you know right we don't just go straight up that's just the pull up unless you're doing a strict muscle up in a false grip we are coming diagonally in then drowned and protracting over the bar nice so you can see here that he's stretching the laughs pulling the chest back and that is pulling him behind the bar already that's what initiates the movement you still got a hollow and nice tight legs he's initiating the movement with his head and chest forward good now let's go again and I want you to this time stretch a little bit harder right into the ground and then I want you to initiate that pull down so it's a lat pulldown with the bend of the ABS to bring you towards the bar good perfect so that is the distance that you want there you saw that she initiated the lat pulldown then started to bend the arms to bring it back towards the bar and therefore her body instead of being right up here or way back here or just in the right spot to make that movement over almost like an oval shape a half of an oval shape okay but there's a very important cue we can make for beginners starting off and this is you can use their own reference wherever you're in the park or in the gym get a little piece of chalk or a weight plate and mark this out generally when you're standing under the bar you want to mark out about three feet in front of you so there's one two three that's the distance that you want to push for you don't want to go any further than that so x marks the spot that I want your feet to try and drop that off okay that pull down arms initiate in and the risk the risk is key now it's time to get really into the transition thing you closed the forum of the motorbike in order to get over the bar so make sure you already start we feel risk in that position as much as you can so you want to start with like a slight over grip exactly add the more of an over grip you can get the better it is that you can initiate generally like movements where you're doing a lot of pulling down that over grip is what allows you to get more down a force out of your lats and arms okay so on that one there bit too close to the bar alright so make sure you really get that stretch initiate the down pressure first it's kind of like a real hybrid pull-up where you're pulling downwards with the lap then pulling in with the biceps at the arms okay and your grip we're still a little bit la dee da dee so let's really try and laugh right here okay good there we go sweet so as you can see she's already improving in where she has to pull down where chefs stop bending on sue she did that with a bit more booth as well you're gonna start getting up the body naturally wants to go up with that power so as you saw from there generally most people's problem in the transition phase is to close in the thrall of the motorbike and just like on the Rings as well it's the fall spring it's developing that tension from the forearms for the elbow connective tissue to keep that grip and as you know it's really important to have that grip in order to complete any of those muscle ups so I'm gonna show you a good way to train it obviously you do normal pull-ups you can do the normal pull-ups with that grip as well but if you really want to utilize the arms and the lap I would suggest doing l-sit pull-ups and trying to drive the bar to your belly button or your waist I'm going to be holding as over groups as possible that's generally how I like to start my muscle up animation it's just much nice from the wrist and much more fluid and effortless so keeping that here and then going to l-sit I'm going to isolate my lap and then I'm gonna drive up as you can see I'm trying to turn my wrist at the top as well perfect and you can even start to turn the wrist at the top layer and as you pulled down if you turn the wrist at the top you'll find that elbows will drive back and pull the bar even closer that's the same motion all of the elbows the elbows come down then they rotate back as the wrists rotate and give you that shelf in the palm in order to push off there we go now this is part of the transition phase we're now gonna work on the middle top phase we just showed you that below to middle phase but in order to strengthen that full script that we were showing you or slight fall spirit and the protraction of the shoulders with the tricep strength we need to do straight bar dips but not just any straight bar bits we really wanted nice and slow and controlled with the chest coming down to the bar okay because you don't want to be doing it like this because that's not how you come up from a muscle up unless you're pretty experienced already we want to come up from that phase as if you just got your first muscle up you want to be doing that time and time again to really increase better patterns in your body so you want the same grit as you would for a muscle up so you can see it's just outside of her hips any wider than that and you're gonna stop doing this which you're going to start doing that internal rotation of these shoulders which isn't very helpful for the shoulders and doesn't for you at your strongest you want everything tight elbows back almost want to brush your lats every time so now what you're going to do hollow in your core please good you can see that her chest is right over the bar if not slightly in front of the bar she's resting for flat on her palms I want you to lower down your chest to the bar or bring your neck slightly forward good it's just kinda bad a singer four legs hold it there good you see the alignment of the shoulders and the hands over the bar excellent now push up please good and you can see that the thighs are oh gosh it does have really nice big thighs good job but you want to be really close to the bar here you don't want to be far out show us one more please nice and slow good chest almost bring your nipples to the bar looking down good now look up and press up excellent so one of the main movements that helped me and a lot of my students along the lines of getting the muscle up and understanding the thread the needle push the button movement up into the transition phase and then the strength phase was this movement here and this is just a practice muscle up you just want to get on a nice low bar or P bar and keep your feet on the ground so I like to start slightly leaning back here what I'm going to be doing is stepping through with one leg now there will be a slight bend in your elbows over six the bars quite low but just make sure you still feel the stretch in the pecs and lats get that stretch here you're then going to do is initiate that same movement back diagonally and try to just use one leg if you need to use two that's fine but one leg is going to give you more feeling in your upper body and then from here straight up and press now if you want to just reverse the movement the same way you want to always make sure that you're coming down from the muscle up in the same bag and I'll move when you came up with so you mean back slightly push forward we get the stretch in the chest again you leave back leg comes off it's like the jump finish the movement and then as you get stronger you just lean slightly further and use less job and then you end up being in the proper position here this movement that I just showed you is this so much for strength movement it's just to get the understanding of the whole movement in its entirety without having to be up on a bar and skipping out bits or breaking it down already let's go again so step through try keep it on straight if you can doesn't matter but then slightly really push your chest forward good now I want you to come back diagonally and get even lower there we go and drop down your leg bend your leg bend your leg push it it's forward they see that extension guys that's what we want she's in front of her shoulders chest is forward should be in a hollow body line here and now explode back up lovely and one more in that same diagonal entrance get right low no a nice control stretch stretch stretch and let's jump get up okay so you see that as you want to increase the difficulty use let's jump that will really tell you where you are with that transition phase when you're starting out though you can use and accentuate the hip movement in order to get your first few muscle loss and develop the upper body strength I mean cut the ego it's okay to regress a little bit right and just make sure that you are getting some quality reps and for the other body as you get stronger with the upper body I learned to initiate force from the upper body you will require less legs in the movement or less hip action so that you just show them what it looks like by probably how you go some of you first must loss back in the day was bending the legs and kicking your knees at the bar in order to generate that little bit of Kip you're still gonna do his push the button is initiate is diagonal movement but you're going to help yourself with just a little kick of the knees to the bar in order to give you the extra height at the bar below the chest you can see he's using just a little bit of needs obviously needs a broom so you couldn't even use it that much you could really keep the knees really bent and as you progress what Dow is just doing it was perfect he was just slight bend in the knees just to give him that extra bit of force so the next step is when the knees becomes too easy we want to tidy it up a bit more so now we're going to keep the legs straight we're gonna keep the quads tight we're gonna plan our toes but we're going to be using a little bit of exaggeration from the hips so yeah you look tidy with straight legs but you're still doing a slight Kip with the hips what is this gonna do same as before push the button into the X on the floor where they're gonna be coming up there and you still initiating the arms closing the throttle of the motorbike protract me over the bar what you will see is that I will be doing this slight explosive movement halfway through the muscle ah this will bring my legs slightly forward which like you saw on the dip is a nice counterbalance to allow you to rotate over the bar and finish the movement yes okay and I'm going to show you again see that that hip comes to the bar before my upper body birth you can use a band for this movement if you're on your own a lot of people just jump straight into using a band that's really easy and they don't actually get that any they just pop up in there okay I'm learning it but if you can work out for good training partner and get them to just help you with the place in their hands at the bottom of your feet they can help just push you up without using or allowing you to use more strength than just using the band okay so now we're gonna go for the the button again you're going to go up and I just want to get as high as possible with bent arms about remember being too close to the bars it's too close to the bar you're not gonna get over unless you have ridiculous amount of strength in your full script you ready so I'm gonna be down here so your training part like you just beat next to you make sure you're not funny you're gonna get kicked in the face makes sense right so I'm gonna be hit she's gonna do everything as normal once she doesn't push the button my hand look the light under her feet and I will give it a little push with just my arms and shoulders okay oh that was pretty easy let's go and reset reset so I get a kick forward stretch the chest good one more kick forward the Dacron did stretch and it gets you still pulling really goes to the bar there that means it's just a pull-up you're not gonna get round now so for the band you'd like to put it on the bar just crew like this nice and tight I'll turn it could you step up these so she's gonna be showing on the band now putting together everything that we worked or so you can even get somebody to help you by putting it down here like that just show us how to get it so Antonette you want to step up and show you on how you get into the band so you pull it down one foot at a time then yeah you want to kind of make sure you're holding the bouncer doesn't give up and slap you in the face one hand on the bag the other hand on the bar there we go excellent so now she's going to sit in the band and she's going to go into a push the button right back close the pearl of the motorbike and initiate a muscle up side to that take it away okay I use it stretch forward into your ex lose the form of the motorbike there we go write that in the entry again please and demonstrate another nice one good one more just as we can good now you can see the diagonal movement there the batchest obvious supporter a little bit you want to make it slightly harder just take one foot out as well squeeze the feet together nice and tight all right now you're only stretching up for one leg so obviously we're not a certain level already you can stop getting the muscle up but you find that that first one it's difficult we're still struggling a little bit with the technique of generating the force from event hang what I suggest is use a thin band to help you get up on the first one then add the top Dan's gonna take off the band and he's gonna use gravity to help them gain the stretch in his chest in his push the button to dead get more explosiveness all the way out and help them achieve that muscle up push the body then when he's nice and stable he's gonna remove the band off his feet the bachelors going to stay in there but it's not going to be of any help then it's going to come back be with force that is key that you come down diagonally and stretch the chest to come back up so let's send it and that way he was able to come back up a lot easier than when he was doing it from a dead hang so we're gonna move on to a Finn a band hopefully Antoinette understands the movement and she's gonna generate the force you well rested enough feeling it's gonna be a challenge let's go for it finna band war games a business struggle on a commune form that's all good now let's use that downward tension the gravity that you're gonna get mount cradles to that it whip it back up directly can get a third try it yeah that's the attitude squeeze those legs tight so on that last one she started to get slightly tired she didn't focus on that booster button remember to push the button and that stretch of the chest is what's key to initiate the movement so if still not quite but you think you have the power you can do the pullover technique as well let's see how that works now it was the same band as if she gets it so now you do pull over please okay so it should be slightly easier I hope I'm not lying to you there made me look bad magic all right so with the help of that to end the ban let's hope that she gets it now there we go and you can see by her face we're happy with the progress gonna try one more nothing you could have gone your legs a little more even more as you said the further forward you go the better it's gonna be exhausted already we have been doing a few good progress ok I think that's it for this video thanks Tom and the natty for featuring my video though I hope it was very helpful and then any attempt was so much that she lost focus both were skinning their thumbs so yeah thanks for that alright and yeah hope you enjoy the video then I'll see you guys all in my next video peace

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    Time Code :
    0:57 : Correct Technique for Pull Up (머슬업을 위한 풀업 테크닉)
    3:47 : Pushing the Button (다리로 버튼 누르는연습)
    7:29 : Building the Explosive Pull (폭발적으로 당기는 훈련방법)
    8:55 : Straight Bar Dips (철봉딥스)
    10:40 : Understanding the “feel” of MU (머슬업 하는 느낌찾는 연습)
    13:13 : Kipping Muscle Up Bent Leg (반동머슬업 다리굽혀서)
    14:20 : Kipping Muscle Up Straight Leg (반동머슬업 다리펴서)
    15:17 : Partner Assisted Muscle Up (파트너 보조머슬업)
    16:46 : Band Assisted Muscle Up (밴드 보조머슬업)
    18:34 : Transitioning from Band to No Band (밴드에 점점 덜 의존하는 방법)
    20:28 : Muscle Up After Pull Over (풀오버 이후 머슬업하기)

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