Welcome to our channel ‘Brokens’ Today, me Ferhan, with my friends are Sheyda
and Ibrahim. Sheyda comes from Ankara and Ibrahim comes
from Kazakhstan. We will try some Asian foods today and we
ordered noodles from noodle house. Yes, like this. Rice and rice stick and vegetable salads and
we have some noodles. Mine is with vegetables and Sheyda’s kori
sauce Ibrahim’s special and chicken, mixed, interest. Okay.We will try it. Let’s start I’m so excited.
and we will talk about some topics, mostly food, okay. Can we start ?
First, we can mix our noodles because it is hot and still dry. It has to be wet because it’s noodle. Everywhere is dirty. It’s waited for a long time, so it is bottled. Okay, just little bit try. I’m not hungry. Mmm delicious. It is deliciuos. Of course. What do you think ?
It is little bit… Is it hot ?
Yeah, it is hot. Is it hot ?
No. I think no. It is not hot, okey. I want to ask while I am opening a noodle house
things. What is that ?
I think it is salad. It is not good. You see it. It is like anything. It is salad. I just want to show… What is it ?
It is another salad. It is includes that pepper. Noo, It is rice stick, but it is not stick,
can you see it ? (laughter)
What is that ? It is not stick I think. We ordered rice stick but it is not stick. Yes. Do you want to try it ?
Yes. Ibrahim, do you know how to use chopstick
? Unfortunately, I have never been used it. Take it on your hand and put your first finger
between sticks and just take it. Easy, easy. It is so easy. It is like…
a little bit ooo,
what are you doing? your turn.
and.. what is that? What kind of vegetable, I don’t know. rice stick
do you like it? probably, it’s only name of it. I see but it is so delicious I think. I like it. ı can’t use that
yes, I really like it and I want to add it to my
noodle. I don’t like it. you don’t like? no.
you? I like it. It is so delicious I think. yes, I want to eat my noodle. I prefer it. okey.Sheyda and Ibrahim, have you ever tried
Asian foods? yes. I also interested in Korean cuisine and I
tasted it before. Actually, I try it once a week. I go to Sopung restaurant or Koreköy restaurant
in Kadıkoy. I know.
and I love that, but chineese food; I don’t like it. why? I think,chineese food are more salty and more
delicious yes,yes and they use a lot of vegatables.I
don’t like vegetables. I love vegetables.
and, I also eat noodle in dormitory. I can not eat it anymore. because she always eat noodles. yes, it is cheaper. Ibrahim you. have you ever tried Asian foods?
a once with you, you know about it. It was a very spicy and hot. It was piping hot. Can ı tell? yeah.
last week we went Sopung restaurant in Fatih. I was disapointed about foods, because I had
never tried Korean foods before. I wanted to try but it was dissappointed for
me. ı was not dissappointed. I loved that. but we paid 47 liras.(per person) ıt is so
expensive. yeah,
ı think it is.. but for per person. I would not forget that because ferhan was
nervous. Ibrahim… He took the meal and he started to eat
dirty, by himself. It is not a dirty. ıt was funny and it was shocked for me. okey.
you are eating but I am still feel hard. What is your favorite Turkish meal? ın Turkey or do you like Turkish meal? şeyda? actually I love Korean foods, ya I love Turkish
foods but I prefer Korean cuisine. my favorite food is Yangyoem chicken Kimbap.In
Turkish cuisine my favorite is…….. what is your favorite? nothing. oooooo commonn. Spaghetti
spaghetti is not Turkish meal. Kebap, Doner, Baklava… I don’t like meat. I am sorry but I love soups, Tarhana soup. I love it. okey. you, what is your favourite Turkish
food? I lived in Konya since 2013. My favorite is ‘Etli ekmek’. I like it. I have tried ‘Etli Ekmek’ in this summer. I don’t know. It is like Lahmacun. So, It didn’t make me more crazy. yeah
because I don’t like Lahmacun. it is more thin shape
you are eating like me on that day. I mixed some vegetables, did yo see it? (laughters)
I made a joke actually. I love you. okey, Ibrahim this question is for you.mmm,
how is your Kazakhitan cuisine ? your foods are salty,sweety or meaty. What kind of food you like to eat in your
country? good question. Our meals or dishes with meat, in all dishes
we have a meat. for example we have ‘besh parmak’. We need to it eat with fingers. because of that is ‘besh parmak’
parmak is a finger. (laughther)
parmak is finger. parmak is finger, yeess. It is a so important information. It is my one of my favorite dish in our counutry.
and also you eat horse meat. yes,
you told us about it on fırst week in New York class. (disgusting)
It is not disgusting. I don’t like horse. (laugther)
I know you don’t like it because you have never eat it no ibrahim look. Horse is valuable and…
horses are very beautiful, how do you cut it? it is magnificient and important for our culture. Because, horses are our friends from histories. they are emotionals animals. we do horse sausages from them in our countury. I understand, it is possible. What do you think? I think Ramen was good, because we did it
every day every time in dormitory
okey, what do you think about rice stick. ıt was good I think. it is bland. It is a boring, not interesting taste. what do you think? I think, it is not spicy. There is any hot taste in it. I think, so do I. And vegetable salads are delicious too. I liked all foods today. I am not a hungry anymore. mee too. okey, we can finish there here. (Ibrahim is playing with his hair)
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