for kids like me with inflammatory bowel diseases or IBD nutrition can be a complex subject figuring out the food drink medication and supplements my body needs is harder than algebra equations in school that's why health care professionals like my doctor and dietician are so important they're like mathematicians for my health good nutrition is especially important for kids with IBD as their bodies are growing and developing it plays a big role in making sure your body is properly absorbing the nutrients it needs for health a nutrient is a substance that promotes growth provides energy and maintains life you achieve good nutrition through diet the food drink and supplements you take in does that mean I can have pizza or ice cream not necessarily what you eat and drink may not cause your symptoms to be active but it could make you feel worse and that's not worth the risk is it eating certain foods may help you manage symptoms and feel better IBD affects people differently and there isn't one solution for everyone your nutritional needs are unique and demand a diet that fits them think of it as a made for you meal plan true what if I eat well and still get symptoms if diet doesn't help you don't get discouraged your doctor may recommend that you take vitamins or minerals to help your body get the nutrients it needs in some cases they may recommend another option called nutritional support therapy the bottom line good nutrition can lead to overall better health now that's an equation I can get behind talk to your health care team about IBD and your nutrition plan to figure out what works best for you

Methew Wade

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  1. I remember going on the liquid diet. That was such an experience which helped repair my relationship with food 🙂

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