(coughs) – Ugh. This challenge is over
before it began for me. (bouncy piano music) – Hey, HealthNuts. Welcome back to my channel. My name is Nikole Goncalves and today we are talkin’ celery juice. So, if you’ve been
following me on Instagram, and if you’re not, you
totally should @urhealthnut, you can follow me here. I basically documented a 30
day celery juice challenge. This was just something
fun that I was doing and this was not like an all-day
juice cleanse or anything. This was just, like, me starting
my day with celery juice. And there’s been so many
rumors about celery juice just like curing everything, but I’ve actually known about celery juice for quite a while. I first discovered it
from the Medical Medium, which is Anthony William,
I believe this is his name, and I’ve been following him for years. I feel like he’s gotten
very popular the last year, but I’ve actually known
about him years ago. I’m gonna find like an old video that I first talked about him, because I am obsessed with his book. I haven’t read it for a while, but I definitely wanna re-read it and he talks about how amazing
celery juice is for the body, for the digestion, and just helping heal certain digestive issues
and things like that, even with skin disorders
and things like that. So anyways, lots of
things about celery juice that you could probably Google and you should totally
read the Medical Medium if you haven’t already. I will link it down below. It is such a good book for an array of different health issues that maybe you’ve been suffering from and you just want some more insight. He kind of has a different approach, so I will warn you a little bit, but it’s a really good
read and I just think what he’s doing is really interesting and I love following him. And, fun fact, I actually
had a consultation with him years ago and apparently
so did Kim Kardashian. So I feel very cool. It was not a cheap consultation but it was really
eye-opening and interesting and maybe I can do a video on that. So let me know. Before we hop into the video,
I want to remind you guys that The HealthNut Cookbook is available for pre-order right now. It’s so good, I love it, I can’t
wait for you guys to get it and it’s also on sale
like everywhere right now so it’s like worth it
to buy it ahead of time ’cause you’re gonna save some money. So, links down below, but yeah, just wanted to give
that a quick shout-out. All right, so, celery juice challenge. I started off really strong
and I kind of documented a few days of the challenge but it was, I started off strong, there
was a couple of mishaps that happened along the
way, which I’ll talk about throughout the video, but you can kinda just watch my journey and see how we did. Matt was gonna do it with me
but you’ll find out pretty soon why he quickly dropped off,
so let’s roll the tape. All right, so today is day one of my 30 days of celery juice. I grabbed a juicer from
my brother last night. I’m gonna borrow his because
we don’t have one yet and I picked up a ton of celery. I don’t know why it was real expensive at the grocery store today but hopefully I can find
it on sale next time. But I grabbed a bunch and we’re gonna make some celery juice. I just got back from the farmer’s market. Normally I’d want to do it
first thing in the morning, but we’re slacking a little
bit on the first day. But it’s okay, Matt says he’s
gonna join the challenge too so I’m gonna make some
extra, put it into jars so I can have it already
ready to go tomorrow first thing in the morning. Let’s get juicin’. So this is the juicer
that my brother lent met. It’s a really good one,
it’s a masticating juicer so what’s good about it is
that it doesn’t actually add any heat to the juice so it doesn’t break it down
or destroy any enzymes. It just crushes it to get the juice out. So we’re gonna use this to make our juice. Next step, the celery. You need a lot of celery if you’re gonna drink it every single day. I should Google how much celery juice you need to have in a day. So I guess we’re making
six cups of celery juice so Matt and I can each have three cups. Mm, delicious. (upbeat electronic music) (celery crunching) All right, just chopped
up a second bundle. Let’s get juicin’. Oh the second one definitely
made more than, whoa. Can we just talk about
how green this looks? Like, this has gotta be good for you. Yep, that’s celery juice. Ooh! Needs like lemon or something. Do you have to drink it all at once? Matt, you’re not gonna like this. – [Matt] No? – No. – That’s a lot. – Go big or go home. I know. (Matt laughs) – Let’s drink it! – I’m not gonna chug it,
I’m just gonna, ugh all day. – Nu-uh, you have to drink
before you eat anything. – Oh my God, that’s awful. People drink that every day? – Mm-hm. – Ugh. – Are you sure you wanna
do this challenge with me? – Maybe not. That’s a lot, like half a cup. Maybe I could do but, yeah, maybe we’ll have to limit
it to half a cup I’ll have. (coughs) Ugh. This challenge is over
before it began for me. Oh, it’s so bad. Oh my God. – He’s such a baby. Even when I make you, like,
those shots you whine about it. – At least it’s just like a quick shot. This is like a whole
glass, it’s like torture. You just sit there and like constantly– – Maybe we could just do one cup a day. – Ugh. It’s probably better ’cause celery is apparently really expensive right now. – Oh my God, it was so expensive. – It’s probably better
that I don’t drink it. (Matt laughs) – At the bottom it’s pulpy. – Cut. – All right, day one completed. (upbeat electronic music) It’s day four of drinking celery juice and it doesn’t taste any better. (upbeat electronic music) Ooh! That’s celery all right. Cheers! Good morning, happy juice day. So this is after the first week so far of my 30 days of celery juice. So a little update, first off, totally broke the juicer this morning. I don’t know what happened,
there was a little piece to it, and it’s my brother’s juicer
that I’ve been borrowing so I feel like, I don’t
know, I’m gonna need to buy another juicer if I wanna
continue this challenge. So I may be looking on Amazon
Prime today, I’m not sure. But I wanted to give you guys an update on what’s been happening. So my skin, which is something
that I really wanted to see, like, do I notice a difference in my skin? I don’t know, let me take my glasses off. Now I’m blind. I feel like my skin has been pretty good. I had like a bit of a, couple
little, like, whiteheads last night that I was popping. I know, don’t pick your skin, but they were, like, ready to go. But my skin feels like
pretty even skin-toned like not really blotchy or too red or anything so I’m liking that. In terms of digestion,
I friggin’, TMI here, I had some loose bowel movements. I think it was like the third day going into this juice challenge, which some of you had actually messaged me and said be prepared to
like, poop your pants. (laughs) That did not happen,
but I did notice my body was like adjusting to the jelly, jelly juice, the celery juice every day. Other than that, I feel like my digestion has been pretty good. I will say, I usually do
have, I’m very regular and since I do drink a lot
of liquids in the morning I don’t think my body’s in shock from doing the celery juice in conjunction with my green smoothie and
herbal coffee and stuff. I feel like I haven’t been
as hungry in the morning. I feel like I drink the celery juice and then I actually have been
having a lighter smoothie, which I just realized now,
while I’m saying this. So, I’ve been drinking a lighter smoothie, almost like a protein
shake, and working out more, and I haven’t been crazy hungry. Like, come lunch, I’m hungry, but not any more than I used to. So I don’t know if it,
like, curbs your appetite by any means, but it is giving you a lot of nutrients in a cup so maybe it’s, you know, filling you up in some way and also extra
liquid in the morning is gonna fill you up. Yeah, I think that’s about it. I don’t have too much to, like I said, my skin’s like really clear right now. I don’t really get major breakouts anymore but like I said, the skin tone evenness is pretty good right now. Looks nice and clear, and yeah. It’s not doing anything
for my hair though. (laughs) So this is legit my
morning hair right now. But I’m gonna finish drinking this. So what I’ve been doing is
every morning when I juice, I make enough for the next day as well. So even though my juicer broke today, I have enough for tomorrow. But I’m gonna finish drinking this. Like, look at the color. Oh another thing I will say, I will only be getting organic celery now for this challenge. The conventional one is so bitter. Like, it was tasting nasty. I was like, why, I don’t
remember celery juice being this bitter ’cause, like,
I used to drink celery juice and I just don’t remember
it tasting like that. So I found cheaper celery at Walmart. It was like $3.48 or something, and I’m gonna pick up some more today, and it was organic. So I’m gonna be getting
my celery at Walmart because other places
have been like $6 or $7 for a bundle for non-organic. So that’s a little hack. Go check out the budget-friendly stores and look for their organic produce because this tastes way better. It doesn’t have that,
like, nasty, bitter taste. I don’t know what was up
with those other celeries, but I ain’t drinking them anymore. Ah, it’s not bad, guys. I’m getting used to it. Getting used to the taste. Maybe I’m just getting used to
the bitterness, I don’t know. (upbeat guitar music) Good morning. So, as you guys know, my
juicer broke the other day, so what I did is, while I
was at the health food store the other day, I bought some celery juice. Also, I’m kind of sick
of juicing every morning. I was just like, I’m gonna take a break and buy a pre-made one. So, thank you, health food store, for pre-juicing the celery. I think this might be
enough for two days worth, ’cause I’m doing like two cups a day, so I’m going to measure it, but I’m gonna drink this today. P.S. how cute do I look right now? I know. Clearly, celery juice is
not helping my morning look. But I’m gonna drink that,
and then, I don’t know, I have to figure out the juicer situation. I do have another juicer at
my mom’s that I could use. It’s not as good as the one that broke, but I also just might wanna buy one. I just don’t know if I’ll get one in time to do this challenge. So I’ll use the other
one that’s at my mom’s but I have to go get it. Also I’m so sore, I
did BodyPump yesterday. I’m going again today. But yeah, just wanted to check in. Okay, bye. (juicer whirring) (upbeat electronic music) Good morning from me and my puffy hair. I’m just, I just finished
making some celery juice and I’m gonna have that to start my day. I’m back on the celery juice wagon. I was off for a little bit,
even though I was trying to do 30 days in a row, but the juicer broke. And I was out of a juicer. But, I got sent this awesome new juicer that’s also a masticating juicer, meaning it crushes the produce instead of like heating it up. And let’s taste to see
what it tastes like. It tastes like celery. (laughs) Ooh! Oh my God, it’s so strong. I forgot how lovely this
tasted in the morning. Also how cool are my lemon pants? I need some celery pants
for this challenge. So, just checking in and I
don’t even know what day this is but I’m on the celery juice
wagon again, like I said. Yay. Matt asked to try some. – I’m just saying, seeing
your facial expressions on, like, how it tasted made
me be like, oh, I gotta try it. It’s– – [Nikole] It’s better
when you use organic. – It’s almost, like,
better than the last time. – [Nikole] Yeah. – I feel like it doesn’t
taste as, like, celery. – [Nikole] Well, last time
we had conventional celery. This is organic and there’s definitely a difference in taste.
– Yeah. Bottoms up. – [Nikole] Yeah, thank you, thank you. (laughs) – [Matt] I feel better already. – All right, so fast forward to now. I actually didn’t finish
the 30 days of celery juice. A lot of you guys were asking me on Instagram how it was going. So I think I got about three
quarters of the way through. But, let me tell you, it was hard. I thought, like, drinking celery juice every day was gonna get easier. It is not the most refreshing thing to have every single day. I really prefer to have it
mixed with other things, like cucumber, a little
bit of lemon juice. But it is hard. Unless you were actually trying
to heal something specific, it is hard to just implement
as a natural daily thing, I find, and I do a lot
of things in my routine. I do, like, lemon water, I
meditate, I love green smoothies, and I find those really easy
because I enjoy doing them. The celery juice, not so much. And what I found, as you
would have saw in the video, is conventional celery tastes
way different than organic. So it’s really interesting to see the flavor differences between the two. But also celery in general is
really expensive right now, probably because of this
trend that’s happening. I know like my older
sister who deals with a lot of skin issues has been on the celery juice kick right now so I would love to kind of
get some updates from her on what’s happening. I personally noticed
differences in my skin. It was, like, less red and
less puffy in the morning. It was very, like, clear, and
my skin tone was very even without any makeup, which
was really interesting. And in terms of like, flushing
out, I talked about this too in the video, I think I
noticed some, like, flushing maybe after day three or four
but it wasn’t anything insane and I said this, that it
was probably because my body is used to drinking a lot
of liquids in the morning. I find starting your
day with mostly liquids is a good way to, like, wake up your body, get your digestive system going. And in an average day I start
my day with a glass of water, lemon water, herbal coffee,
and then a green smoothie. Which seems like a lot of
liquids, but I’m just used to it. And yes, I pee a lot, but I also just feel really hydrated and
replenished in the morning. So the celery juice was
kind of just replacing some of the water, or my lemon juice that I was having in the morning, or lemon water I was
having in the morning. But I did not stick with it,
so I can’t give you, like, a full review but it was hard. It was really hard. I definitely noticed some differences. Nothing life-changing by the end of it, but like I said, I didn’t
do the full 30 days. I do think I felt, you know, just like, lighter and healthier throughout
the day because I think when you start your day with something really good for you and nourishing, it just kind of puts you
on the right path to like, wanting to go work out, wanting
to eat nourishing foods, and that’s the same thing that goes for when I drink my green smoothies. So, if you guys did your
own celery juice challenge at any point or you’re gonna do it, leave me some comments down below. What do you think of this crazy trend? I think there could be
a lot of benefits to it if you are trying to heal something. If you are just looking
for upkeep and stuff, I think having a celery juice
here and there is great, or a green smoothie. I actually have a free
green smoothie guide that I’ll link down below
that you guys can grab on how to make the perfect green smoothie, because I feel like by now I’m an expert. I drink them, like, every morning. So I’m gonna try and find
links to some good juicers that I would recommend down below. The second one that I got in this video was actually gifted to me from a friend of ours that actually just started selling this juicer and I think it’s available on Amazon now. So I’m really excited,
it’s such a good juicer, and it’s really compact
and it fits on the counter or just stores away easily. So I’ll try to find a
link for that down below. And as well as, like, the straws and stuff and any other things I used in this video ’cause you guys always ask me. But, also, don’t forget to subscribe for more healthy recipes,
wellness and lifestyle tips, and weekly Friday vlogs. A link is down below. It’s free, you don’t have to pay anything, I just give you guys
videos every single week for your entertainment. Thank you so much for watching, I hope you guys enjoyed this one, and I will see you in my next one. Bye guys. (upbeat electronic music)

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