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Methew Wade

54 thoughts on “I need your help with my new mental health series! Please watch!”

  1. My donation page: https://www.paypal.me/katnapiorkowska

    Thank you! I will be updating on the amount raised every now and then.
    Anyone who donates more than 40pounds/55dolars/50euro will get a canvas painting (painted by me ;)) as a thank you! If you can’t donate, simply sharing the original video helps. A LOT! 😘
    EMAIL: mentaldisorders.kat[@]gmail[.]com


    1. How do you feel in this present moment?

    2. Which mental disorders do you suffer from? For how long?

    3. Do you think anyone from the outside world would be able to tell what's going on inside your head?

    4. Have you ever done any self-harm? Why? What do you get from it?

    5. Have you ever thought about suicide? If so, why did you choose to live?

    6. Are you lonely? Why? How would you describe that feeling? Tell me as much as you can.

    7. If you could let go of a single burden right now, what would it be?

    8. What's the most important thing in your life right now.

    9. What's the best thing in your life right now?

    10. What are your dreams? Anything.

  2. Why don't you write on quora? You have great speaking and thinking skills, I think you could be a great writer there.

  3. TID was very cool. And I like the way you framed the shot in this video. Ideally, the best way for you to raise money for your productions is to get a producer who takes care of marketing, funding, and organizes shoots. And most importantly…they do it in the most stress/anxiety free way possible. For both you and the audience. All Youtubers needs this so they can focus on their art and the relationship with the audience. MCN's were supposed to do this but instead they grew too big and impersonal and began taking advantage of the creators. But the idea of Youtuber's having a personal MCN they could trust…is a great idea. One would think that some kind of "good MCN" out there. Or at the very least it must be possible to create.

  4. depression is just a personality trait i wish people would accept us, neurodiversity, its just a way of looking at the world

  5. Well spoken!!!. Your channel helps us reduce the stigma. Much love to you and everyone. You are very brave 👍❤

  6. Hi I’m jozeph
    I will answer from 4-10
    4-yes because I want to pay the price of my mistakes.
    I had move on and forgotten it
    5-yes once.because I found my goals in life
    6-yes because everyone I met said I spoiled everything
    I used to live lonely and found out is much better than the community living
    7-the only one time I love someone
    8-my ability to do things “my health”
    9-my different thinking from everyone
    10-to live someday like I want “not like human”

  7. HOW about a cure for depression, how to overcome it. Everyone knows the effects of depression, i want to get rid of it..

  8. I'm just student if i can donate i will absolutely do it i love your youtube channel . you are supportive and kind , keep going

  9. Can u do a video about '' emetophobia '' it's the fear of throwing up this 8s what I have and it kind of make me develop anxiety and fear to go out

  10. Ostatnio oglądałem Twój film o depresji. Mam 28 lat i od prawie 8 lat z nią walczę… Czasami jestem już po prostu zmęczony tym wszystkim. Dziękuję, że mówisz o takich rzeczach.

  11. Hi! I'm going to do my best to support you. I'm kind of broke right now, so donation could be a problem ;). Anyways, I've anwsered most of these questions on Instagram, but I'm going to write about remaining ones. It's so weird that I could open up so much to somebody I don't even know well. I would never think I'm capabme of that. I'm cheering for you, your work is amazing!

  12. I've sent my email! Thank you Kat for giving me the oppurtunity to pour out some feelings by answering these questions! naz x

  13. Can you do a video about difficutly for opening up to people and how to feel comfortable expresing thoughts and emotions. Thanks, love your work!

  14. Am I the only one who thinks this is shady? Like you can make these videos with £0? With what you’ve already got? You have a great quality camera. Just don’t get why you need all this money.

  15. Most you tubers or film makers on YouTube keep putting out content enough to make the money to then make better quality videos…seems strange to ASK for money instead of working for it 🙁

  16. Kat you are too awesome thank you so much for your incredible videos they help with the problems we go through remember you are making a difference in the world.

  17. Of course I'm going to help you!! It could also help you if you monetize the videos since these types of videos have many views even this video. Well thanks for your videos are super creative and interesting 😊👏 It would also be nice if you did some about borderline disorder.

  18. I'll write you tomorrow… thx 4 ur work.
    I'm doing this in German on Instagram and it's so important to speak about this in public.

  19. Sweet, umm im seeing A therapist and she hasn't diagnosed me yet but can I just email you A suggestion on A mental disorder yo can do?

  20. Bardzo się cieszę z twojego planu na ten kanał i uwielbiam twoją otoczkę quality twórczości, czegoś w rodzaju premium contentu na youtubie. Pozdrowionka ^^

  21. I love your mental health videos. Even if you're not a therapist your mental health videos always makes me feel so much better after watching them

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