no that was awful he's good dog as you can see you're in for a treat hey guys welcome back to our channel you guys have been challenging us thoroughly test our marriage and essentially meet put Andrew through a workout this video is husband does my workout I'm the husband she's the workout don't know if I phrase that right but just a little background in this shot and I we're really optimistic when we were dating oh we can work out together everything worked out suppose that work out together stay together they're lying Sean almost puts me in a chokehold every time we do so this is one of her free classes for her fitness line follow your truth fyt you can find it WWF eight life calm or in the link down below and this is a free class she also has a ton of other classes there she has this apparel and so I'm rocking her classes for booty for abs for cardio for core for arms anything you want there about ten minutes long each each class in each class is about three dollars so please go test it test it out try it out yes all the infos in the description below but for this one I'm gonna put my husband through a ten minutes workout full body it's ten movements in ten minutes and I think he's going to die which is good because we got an argument last night probably over nothing we always argue and I don't know why and I really want to get my anger out on him so I think that I think scared scared is the right word they're great the great thing about these workouts the great thing is the great things are like this the great thing about these workouts is that you can do them in your home we're doing in our kitchen right now so you can do it anywhere at the gym at your home outside wherever let's do this all right he's obviously advanced and elite someone put him through the first version of this class also because I'm a that I'm ready three two one jumping jacks go just stir it up the game yeah it's a good warm-up fell in okay hey hey hey sorry goes yeah there anything inside nope I knew this whole thing at the time yep in 20 seconds you're going to transition into plank shoulder tops are gonna be in a plane and touch your shoulders we're gonna keep your hips stable don't want it ready in five after doing my hips four three two one plate is wrong is moving first of all you do down no in what be a rocky go rock yeah telephone ash coming to campus tell em no you tell them but sorry you guys have to stop rocking your head how do you mop so if you're running your left firm up use your right foot to push like is it easier the new line lines or skinnier it's easier to wider you get I'm going wide huh stop breathing so heavy I'm tired guys if you're watching us jump in do with us to windows but if you're doing it you don't see the elite version just do 30 seconds on or take that in I'm not exercising three two one squat jacks I'm not using my hand nice get that drop it like it's hot Oh drop it drop it lower all right squeeze your butt cheeks together at the top squeeze it look nice nice hey hey hey this is my workout video ah 30 more seconds just like what you just up well keep the weight in your heels those 15 what managers and five things you're gonna go to a body weight squat this is the advanced where's our most important 30 seconds on 30 seconds dress in three two one five weight squat shoulder-width apart squat down push your knees out and push it out onto the outside edge of your foot still Chinese all right yep a lot of people short it here I think no you want to push your knees out so that you feel your butt engage squeeze your butt cheeks that tap your belly in chest up reach out not down reach out yeah follow her gonna give you guys the front Thanks you're just first beat this is very hard don't get to see ya four three two go this makes me so happy good alright so yep listen up this is the advanced right no we don't need to see variations this is why she ignores me when I'm working out you better come – what's the number one rule of coaching what don't see now don't see now Wow nice belly in Jewish came on time okay you don't need it anyways Wow oh I'm actually gonna be an interplay musician you're no lower down to your elbows is push back up the planks and there are alternate sorry the other side man yeah can I get a curbs man here this three two one play down play up try to your butt low billion but low billion but look yes belly my core is toast me one minute oh yeah we're at five halfway get the freak out belly envelope like this bitch Iran I'm doing it on it's a joke I'm holding here yo my freakish already did this I can't I know you tell them you tell anybody get out of here and three two one go ultimate Linda stupid thanks next I need this you're the only one it hurts me not jumping yeah tell you right now I'm gonna what kind of coaching is this it's a fiasco come on we need the jump you got this you got this hey oh yeah later I got Thomas you know I got Tom Hilux you breathe in jump jump jump jump this is why you are over halfway there do not give up now get up here you see this way do not give up yeah am I supposed to touch my knee or what coach yes jump you're not doing okay 30 spots pretty out your boys hurt what's the kicker what I do with my knee we need straight forward squat down squeeze that butt down squeeze you guys better be doing this you guys better be doing this at home okay don't ya two minutes please spot for anything you got that squeeze keep that chest up reach out and he goes up come on yes five four three two one purchase what will / P jump back jump up customary what are you mad at your time yeah shut down up Thanks this is a CrossFitters barfi yes got this come on you only have one thing left in your day only one come on keep going I won't trust that for a second it's been 8 minutes and Thursdays you have one more exercise come on follow your truth your truth is couch mama do baby you got it no you're not you have 10 seconds left jewel Robert be real barfi this is it come on guys come on thanks down on your back rice little princess for a minute you're done come on you got this so chest down yep take it slow as you need but you have a minute if you guys want to do this workout by not the elite version the normal version so I'm Sarah Linda everything I've done wrong go to fit like that time check it out download it it's free if you want any other workouts the core the ABS the arms the cardio of the but they're three dollars peace 10 minutes super easy super fun I do all my friends for laughing school friend do it with that's check it out what how does a freakin clock wasn't breaking clock yet what do you say for in the switch she's that poor that's a garbage there's some garbage there's Reggie honestly my heart rates at 130 it got to 150 is brutal would highly recommend you can talk about if you guys gonna see the opposite of this work out and see and you're put me through one of his workouts please comment down below you have any other health fitness nutrition videos you want us to do or cover topics you discover please let us know bestir be sure to check out fit life calm there's talking to more workouts or singers coming we have backpacks coming in some really really cool products the you know you said the end of this year and also next year please check it out we love you see you next time hey guys it's Sean thank you so much for watching I hope you loved it if you want to join the family please press subscribe check out one of these videos I hope you love them as much as we do this we do this for you guys we love you guys we'll see you next time

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