hi everybody I'm Phil Wilson this is chef Lindsay Porter and today we are making a smoked salmon scone so how do we get started making this okay so basically I have our smoked salmon fillet here I'm gonna just chop this up I'm just gonna come do some chunks I like when I eat this dish to have a little bit more meaty flavor and meteor chunks right some texture it's a bulb to it right yeah yeah so I have a little mixture of cream cheese and mayonnaise here two of my favorite things yes so you can add as much or as little as you like the old adage some people think you shouldn't ever have cheese with fish you don't believe that you can add whatever it's using anyone I am love to add some fresh dill I'm gonna just chop up a little bit of green onion we're gonna add that in I'm gonna grab a little bit of lemon here and I am such a fan of using fresh lemon zest so we have our mix here should be good to go it's already pre-seasoned once you cure the salmon I would you see this the way it is I'm just gonna go sit down if you don't mind so here I have it's actually mixed between an English muffin and a scone just gonna top this and you can just bake it in the oven you hurry up hungry I understand we're gonna make something to go with it yeah so I just figured eating at home kind of always want to be healthy it's summertime so wait wait you do sometimes right it's so easy to make your own dressings at home I'm just gonna use a little bit of the grainy Dijon I like to use a little bit of cold-pressed canola as well I did half a cup of apple cider vinegar half a cup of cold pressed canola and then I always like a little bit of a sweeter dressing so I just like to add a little bit of honey yeah a little honey hang all my cooks always say like show us Lindsay show us what a little is like that's not a little please tell me that's ready to come out of the oven should be pretty close I'm starving yeah you know what it's looking pretty good we've made our salad dressing we need to add a little bit of salt and some pepper and again just a little bit of salt 1 cup of salt you're kind of the queen of food competitions you've won a bunch on TV one guy's grocery games you won fire masters recently you basically you compete and you win everything you do pretty much right so yeah even at home there's a little sometimes a little competition we have more so with my boyfriend I usually end up winning so here I'm gonna just start with our salad so at home I mean you can use whatever you want I wanted to use iceberg we have arugula here apples is great thing to like chop up throw in a salad as well Apple I have some fresh grapes peas are fantastic in salads there's a little bit of our dressing a little bit I like to take this out yeah top it with a little bit of fresh cucumber it adds coffees a little bit more freshness how beautifully I plated that no yeah you are not I am hiring what are the hours like all right let's try and tackle this without making big messes in that hmm you also be jealous this is really good thank you no I'm gonna eat the rest you

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